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X-Wing Miniatures - Kihraxz Fighter

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X-Wing Miniatures - Kihraxz Fighter
Item Name Kihraxz Fighter
Box Set Kihraxz Fighter
Item Type Model
Faction Scum
Associated Ship Kihraxz Fighter
Year Released 2,015
Expansion Wave 7
ISBN 9781633440708


The Kihraxz assault fighter, also known as the Kihraxz light fighter, was a light starfighter developed specifically for Black Sun during the reign of the Galactic Empire. While intended for the criminal organization, many Kihraxz starfighters found their way into the hands of various independent fringers.

A custom TransGalMeg Industries, Incorporated design, the Kihraxz reflected the popular design of the Incom X-wing starfighter's fuselage. At the nose were a pair of stabilizer fins and two wings sprung from the center of the fuselage. Under each wing was a large sublight engine that provided the main thrust, and a third maneuverability engine was mounted on the stern of the frame.

Outside of those characteristics, few Kihraxz starfighters were the same due to heavy customization and after-market kits, although all variations were light on armor plating and weapons systems but high on speed compared to other TransGalMeg starfighter designs of the same period.

An improved version of this fighter was the Vaksai.

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