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Rail - Locomotive - Electric - DB BR 180 / ČSD -ČD 371-372

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Rail - Locomotive - Electric - DB BR 180 / ČSD -ČD 371-372 This item has an image gallery.
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DB class BR180
Name Locomotive, Electric, BR 180
Region Europe
Category Rail
Type Locomotive
SubType Electric
Variety DB BR 180 / ČSD -ČD 371-372
Manufacturer Škoda (Details)
Era Epoch V (1985-2000)
Source of Text Wikipedia
Text Credit URL Link
Year(s) of Production 1988-1991

History: The DR class BR230 / ČSD class 371/372 is a 3260 kW dual-current electrical locomotives developed by the DR (Deutschen Reichbahn, eastern German Railways) and the ČSD (Czechoslovak Railways) for cross-border traffic between Berlin / Dresden (Germany) and Prague (Czech Republic). It is suitable to work with 15 kV 16 2/3 Hz AC in Germany and in 3 kV DC in Czech Republic.
The locomotive was manufactured by Škoda, based on ČSD class ES 499.1, and nicknamed "Knödelpressen" (dumpling press) due to its Czech origins. The prototype was delivered in 1988 and the series delivered in 1991: 20 came to the DR as class BR230 and 15 to the ČSD as class 371 (passenger version 160km/h) and class 372 (freight version 120 km/h).
In 1992, the German BR230 were re-classified by DB as BR 180. They were removed from service by the DB by the end of 2014.
The ČSD class 371 and 372 were all transferred to the ČD (Czech Railways) after the split of Czechoslovak .

Read more on this website (in German)

Škoda Transportation a.s. is a Czech engineering company that continues the legacy of Škoda Works' rolling stock manufacturing that started at the end of 19th century in Pilsen.
Škoda was a Czech industrial conglomerate created in 1859 and that was split in the 1990's.
The current Škoda Transportation is a separate company from Škoda Auto, that is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen-Audi-Group (VAG), though both companies share the same name and logo.
Škoda started to produce rolling stock components by the end of the 19th century and locomotives in the 1920's. Today, Škoda Transportation is one of the world's largest manufacturers of trams and propulsion units for trolleybuses as well as a significant regional producer of locomotives and electric trains.

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