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Strategy & Tactics - Game - 310 - American Civil War

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Strategy & Tactics - Game - 310 - American Civil War

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Title American Civil War
Issue 310
Has Game Yes
Publisher Decision Games
Game Name American Civil War
Edition Game
Solitaire No
Players 2
Complexity Intermediate-High
ISBN 00928103005805
Scale Strategic
Distribution Date 2018-03-01
MSRP $39.99
Counters 280
Editor Kyle Lockwood
Contributor Brendan Whyte, Christopher Perello, Robert W. Lamont, Stefen Styrsky
Artist Joe Youst, Nadir Elfarra
Designer Christopher Perello, James F. Dunnigan
Game Tags American Civil War
Strategy & Tactics - Game - 310 - American Civil War American Civil War

Description: This game is a redesign of the Jim Dunnigan game from issue #43. Chris Perello took this on both as an homage to Jim as well as to give this excellent game a breath of fresh life. This From the S&T Website:

The American Civil War was by far the most destructive conflict in US history. This game gives players a chance to change the outcome. The Confederate player must maintain a viable economic and political core, while the Union player attempts to divide and conquer the southern states. Victory is checked every turn: Union progress can have political consequences or possibly end the game if either player fails to achieve expectations.

During each quarterly turns, players recruit additional forces, then conduct a pair of impulses. During each impulse, each player moves forces and fight battles. Movement rates are high, but enemy forces can react by retreating, blocking further movement, or counterattacking. Battles are decided by a combination of good leaders and relative strength. The Confederacy starts with a decided advantage in leadership. Union leaders appear only after fighting battles: the Union player may have to lose a few battles to get the leaders needed to win the war.

  • American Civil War by Christopher Perello
  • Imperial Overreach, The Athenian Disaster on Sicily by Stefen Styrsky
  • A Merrie Chase, Montrose in Scotland 1644 - 1646 by Brendan Whyte
  • Pillars of Strategic Strength, The Role of the US Merchant Marine in Global War by Robert W. Lamont
  • (FYI) Mosby's Rangers by Arnold Blumberg
  • (FYI) Last of the True Romans: Flavius Aetius by John Walker
  • (FYI) Thrace and the Cold War by John Lockwood

Notes: Components: One 22" x 34" map & 280 counters

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