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Z Scale - Micro-Trains - NSC MTL Z07-13 - Boxcar, 40 Foot, PS-1 - United States Treasury Department - 1988

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Z Scale - Micro-Trains - NSC MTL Z07-13 - Boxcar, 40 Foot, PS-1 - United States Treasury Department - 1988 Copyright held by TroveStar

Z Scale - Micro-Trains - NSC MTL Z07-13 - Boxcar, 40 Foot, PS-1 - United States Treasury Department - 1988 Copyright Held by TroveStar

Brand Micro-Trains
Manufacturer Micro-Trains
Stock Number NSC MTL Z07-13
Road or Company Name United States Treasury Department (Details)
Body Style Micro-Trains Boxcar 40 Foot PS-1
Prototype Boxcar, 40 Foot, PS-1 (Details)
Reporting Marks WPNY
Road or Reporting Number 1988
Additional Markings/Slogan West Point Mint
Production Type Special Run
Release Date 2007-08-01
Paint Color(s) Clear Acrylic
Print Color(s) Blue and White
Item Category Rolling Stock (Freight)
Model Type Boxcar
Model Subtype 40 foot
Model Variety Steel, PS-1
Region North America
Era Era III: Transition (1939 - 1957)

Item Specific Notes: Z Scale Model. Only 150 made.

Review: This is the Z-Scale version of the popular 020-series boxcar from the MTL N Scale line.

The 40' Boxcar is widely known as one of the most popular freight cars used by railroads as they transitioned from steam to diesel. In particular the Pullman Standard or PS-1 design was one of the most popular and was widely used by North American railroads. These boxcars were built beginning in 1947 and share the same basic design, with certain elements such as door size, door style or roof type varying among the different railroads and production years. When production of these cars ceased in 1963, over 100,000 had been produced.

So just what is a PS-1? Well the simple answer is it is any boxcar built by Pullman Standard from 1947 on. The design changed over the years – sometimes subtly, sometimes for customer request, and sometimes in a larger way. In general, most PS-1’s built from 1947 to 1961 share the same dimensions and basic construction techniques. These cars all had a length of 40′, a height of 10’5″ or 10’6″, welded sides and ends and roof of Pullman’s own design. The greatest variation was in the size and style of doors used. Pullman Standard also offered 50′ and later 60′ boxcars – also with the PS-1 designation.

The Department of the Treasury is an executive department and the treasury of the United States federal government. Established by an Act of Congress in 1789 to manage government revenue, its responsibilities include producing currency and coinage, collecting taxes and paying bills of the US government, managing the federal finances, supervising banks and thrifts, and advising on fiscal policy. The Department is administered by the Secretary of the Treasury, who is a member of the Cabinet.

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Micro-Trains Line split off from Kadee Quality Products in 1990. Kadee Quality Products originally got involved in N-Scale by producing a scaled-down version of their successful HO Magne-Matic knuckle coupler system. This coupler was superior to the ubiquitous 'Rapido' style coupler due to two primary factors: superior realistic appearance and the ability to automatically uncouple when stopped over a magnet embedded in a section of track. The success of these couplers in N-Scale quickly translated to the production of trucks, wheels and in 1972 a release of ready-to-run box cars.

Micro-Trains Line Co. split off from Kadee in 1990 to form a completely independent company. For this reason, products from this company can appear with labels from both enterprises. Due to the nature of production idiosyncrasies and various random factors, the rolling stock from Micro-Trains can have all sorts of interesting variations in both their packaging as well as the products themselves. When acquiring an MTL product it is very important to understand these important production variations that can greatly enhance (or decrease) the value of your purchase.

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