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Warships Throughout Time

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Warship Class:
Total items in database: 1482. Total items on page 106.

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Image Nationality Name Pennant/Designation Warship Class Type ID
United States USS Alabama (BB-60) South Dakota Battleship 157133
United States USS Arizona (BB-39) BB-39 Pennsylvania Battleship 157137
United States USS Arkansas (BB-33) Wyoming Battleship 163128
United States USS California (BB-44) Tennessee Battleship 157144
United States USS Colorado (BB-45) BB-45 Colorado Battleship 165999
United States USS Idaho (BB-24) Mississippi Battleship 157236
United States USS Iowa (BB-61) BB-61 Iowa Battleship 157161
United States USS Maryland (BB-46) BB-46 Colorado Battleship 157170
United States USS Massachusetts (BB-59) South Dakota Battleship 157171
United States USS Mississippi (BB-23) Mississippi Battleship 157235
United States USS Mississippi (BB-41) New Mexico Battleship 157173
United States USS Missouri (BB-63) Iowa Battleship 157174
United States USS Montana (BB-67) BB-67 Montana Battleship 157176
United States USS Nevada (BB-36) Nevada Battleship 157179
United States USS New Jersey (BB-62) Iowa Battleship 157180
United States USS New York (BB-34) BB-34 New York Battleship 166369
United States USS North Carolina (BB-55) North Carolina Battleship 157182
United States USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) BB-38 Pennsylvania Battleship 157184
United States USS South Dakota (BB-57) BB-57 South Dakota Battleship 157196
United States USS Tennessee (BB-43) BB-43 Tennessee Battleship 157199
United States USS Texas (BB-35) BB-35 New York Battleship 166368
United States USS Washington (BB-56) BB-56 North Carolina Battleship 157204
United States USS West Virginia (BB-48) BB-48 Colorado Battleship 157206
United States USS Wisconsin (BB 64) Iowa Battleship 157207
Germany Bismarck Bismarck Battleship 156853
Germany Cerberus Scharnhorst Scharnhorst Battleship 156862
Germany Friedrich der Grosse H-Class Battleship Battleship 156886
Germany Gneisenau Scharnhorst Battleship 156894
Germany Goeben Moltke Battleship 159530
Germany Moltke Moltke Battleship 159529
Germany Scharnhorst Scharnhorst Battleship 157093
Germany Schlesien Deutschland WW1 Battleship 157094
Germany Schleswig-Holstein Deutschland WW1 Battleship 157095
Germany Tirpitz Bismarck Battleship 157118
Germany Von der Tann (WW1) Von der Tann Battleship 159535
France Alsace Alsace Battleship 156838
France Bretagne Bretagne Battleship 156857
France Clemenceau Richelieu Battleship 156867
France Courbet Courbet Battleship 156872
France Dunkerque Dunkerque Battleship 156877
France Gascogne Richelieu Battleship 166682
France Jean Bart Richelieu Battleship 157015
France Paris Courbet Battleship 164394
France Provence Bretagne Battleship 157081
France Richelieu Richelieu Battleship 157088
France Strasbourg Dunkerque Battleship 157105
Japan Amagi Amagi Battleship 156839
Japan Fuso Fusō Battleship 156888
Japan Haruna Kongō Battleship 156900
Japan Hiei Kongō Battleship 156903
Japan Hyūga Ise Battleship 157003
Japan Ise Ise Battleship 157013
Japan Kirishima Kongō Battleship 157025
Japan Kongō Kongō Battleship 157028
Japan Musashi Yamato Battleship 157055
Japan Mutsu Nagato Battleship 157056
Japan Nagato Nagato Battleship 157061
Japan Tanigawa Type B-65 Battleship Battleship 157114
Japan Tosa Kaga Battleship 157120
Japan Yamashiro Fusō Battleship 157216
Japan Yamato Yamato Battleship 157217
The Netherlands Hr. Ms. Gouden Leeuw Gouden Leeuw Battleship 156993
The Netherlands Hr. Ms. Soerabaia De Zeven Provencien Battleship 156997
United Kingdom HMS Anson 79 King George V Battleship 160455
United Kingdom HMS Barham Queen Elizabeth Battleship 156931
United Kingdom HMS Duke of York 17 King George V Battleship 156937
United Kingdom HMS Hood 51 Admiral Battleship 156949
United Kingdom HMS Howe 32 King George V Battleship 160456
United Kingdom HMS King George V 41 King George V Battleship 156956
United Kingdom HMS Lion Lion Battleship 156959
United Kingdom HMS Nelson 28 Nelson Battleship 156962
United Kingdom HMS Prince of Wales 53 King George V Battleship 156964
United Kingdom HMS Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth Battleship 156965
United Kingdom HMS Ramillies 07 Revenge Battleship 156966
United Kingdom HMS Renown 72 Renown Battleship 156967
United Kingdom HMS Repulse Renown Battleship 156968
United Kingdom HMS Resolution Revenge Battleship 158008
United Kingdom HMS Revenge 06 Revenge Battleship 158007
United Kingdom HMS Rodney Nelson Battleship 156969
United Kingdom HMS Royal Oak Revenge Battleship 156970
United Kingdom HMS Royal Sovereign 05 Revenge Battleship 158009
United Kingdom HMS Temeraire Lion Battleship 156978
United Kingdom HMS Valiant Queen Elizabeth Battleship 156985
United Kingdom HMS Vanguard 23 Vanguard Battleship 160457
United Kingdom HMS Warspite Queen Elizabeth Battleship 156987
Greece Kilkis Mississippi Battleship 157022
Greece Lemnos Mississippi Battleship 157237
Italy Andrea Doria Andrea Doria Battleship 156841
Italy Caio Duilio Andrea Doria Battleship 156858
Italy Conte Di Cavour Conte di Cavour Battleship 156870
Italy Francesco Caracciolo Caracciolo Battleship 156885
Italy Giulio Cesare Conte di Cavour Battleship 156891
Italy Impero Littorio Battleship 157011
Italy Leonardo da Vinci Conte di Cavour Battleship 163846
Italy Littorio Littorio Battleship 157039
Italy Roma Littorio Battleship 157089
Italy Vittorio Veneto Littorio Battleship 157211
Soviet Union Arkhangelsk Revenge Battleship 156846
Soviet Union Marat Gangut Battleship 157045
Soviet Union Oktyabrskaya Revolutsia Gangut Battleship 157066
Soviet Union Parizhkaya Kommuna Gangut Battleship 157073
Soviet Union Sovyetskaya Ukraina Sovyetskiy Soyuz Battleship 159536
Soviet Union Sovyetskiy Soyuz Sovyetskiy Soyuz Battleship 157104
Turkey Yavuz Moltke Battleship 159531
Brazil Minas Geraes Minas Geraes Battleship 165265
Brazil Sao Paolo Minas Geraes Battleship 165266