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Kingdom Death: Monster

A Role-Playing Game by Adam Poots

The 1.5 Edition of the Core Game weighs 19 pounds!
Kingdom Death is a Fantasy Miniatures RPG. It is cooperative and does not requires a Game Master as the rules system provides for this function. The game is set in a nightmare world of darkness where the characters are forced to go out once per year to hunt a creature for food and resources. The game requires the owner to assemble and paint the miniature figures used in play. The core game comes with a huge variety of unassembled monsters and "survivors". The survivor figures may be assembled in different ways so as to better represent the equipment they have been given to better fight the monsters they encounter. The game is designed such that the characters are meant to age, die and reproduce. Given the huger variety of different ways characters can die, players should expect to be playing many different individual characters during a typical campaign.

The basic campaign lasts 40 game turns called "Lantern Years". Each Lantern Year consists of a settlement development phase followed by a hunt. A Lantern Year is much longer than a conventional year in that newly born "survivors" can go out on a hunt as an adult on the same Lantern Year on which they are born. A Lantern Year typically only has a single monster hunt, but during some years "nemesis" monsters will add a second fight. Play time runs about 4 hours for a Lantern Year for new players, but experienced players can run a Lantern Year in about two hours, making a full campaign last 80 or more hours of play. And this of course does not include the time to assemble and paint the monsters and survivors.

The Game was initially released through a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and then released to backers in late 2013. The campaign was so successful, that a number of expansions were also released and delivered in 2014 and 2015. These expansions were available both to the Kickstarter backers as well as through the online storefront. They quickly sold out. In 2016, the designers released a second Kickstarter Campaign. This one was even more successful and acquired almost 20,000 backers and with $13 million in funding, the largest (by dollars) Kickstarter Game ever. It was also one of the largest Kickstarter funding ventures of any kind to date.

The game and its expansions provides not only the rules, and gaming accessories but also sets of unpainted miniatures to represent both the characters being played as well as the monsters they will fight.
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ImageURL Name Type MSRP Release Year Sold Avg. Price ID
Monster 1.0 Core Game $100.00 2012 H:$208.97 144708
Monster 1.5 Core Game $400.00 2017 E:$14.50 H:$125.70 144718
Classic Death Dice Dice $18.00 2018 E:$24.00 H:$26.67 144724
Fall Death Dice Dice $18.00 2017 E:$35.00 H:$55.94 144725
Spring Death Dice Dice $18.00 2018 E:$49.95 H:$60.82 144723
Dragon Kings Expansion $150.00 2014 E:$36.95 H:$194.06 144709
Dung Beetle Expansion 2014 E:$30.00 H:$128.00 144712
Flower Knight Expansion $60.00 2014 E:$15.99 H:$136.12 144713
Gorm Expansion $75.00 2014 E:$12.00 H:$138.80 144717
Lion God Expansion 2014 E:$49.99 H:$122.92 144711
Lion Knight Expansion $60.00 2014 E:$17.99 H:$100.48 144715
Lonely Tree Expansion $75.00 2016 E:$36.95 H:$120.85 144719
Manhunter Expansion $60.00 2014 E:$25.00 H:$135.75 144714
Slenderman Expansion $60.00 2016 E:$64.00 H:$136.69 144786
Spidicules Expansion $100.00 2014 E:$15.00 H:$154.81 144716
Sunstalker Expansion $100.00 2014 E:$94.99 H:$144.64 144710
Green Knight Armor Minor Expansion $25.00 2017 H:$47.48 144785
Adult Sunstalker Model $150.00 2017 H:$206.66 144732
Aries Model $50.00 2017 E:$39.99 H:$135.00 144737
Armor Kit Bundle Model $200.00 2017 E:$249.75 H:$253.79 144738
Dung Beetle Knight Model $50.00 2014 E:$30.00 H:$127.05 144783
Flower Knight Model $50.00 2014 H:$140.32 144784
Infant Sunstalker Model 2017 E:$110.00 H:$204.97 144787
Alison the Twilight Knight Pinup $25.00 2017 H:$5.32 144733
Architect - Male Pinup $27.00 2014 E:$10.99 H:$45.24 144731
Archivist Pinup $27.00 2017 E:$10.99 H:$43.62 144734
Before the Wall Pinup $25.00 2018 E:$10.99 H:$32.52 144739
Beyond the Wall Pinup $25.00 2018 E:$10.00 H:$30.23 144722
Black Knight Squire - Male Pinup $27.00 2017 E:$16.15 H:$44.89 144740
Chef - Female Pinup $25.00 2017 E:$10.99 H:$48.59 144788
Cleric Pinup $27.00 2018 E:$6.00 H:$63.12 144789
Dark Elf Pinup $27.00 2016 E:$10.99 H:$88.26 144809
Dark Elf Variant Pinup $27.00 2016 E:$9.99 H:$73.74 144810
Detective Twilight Knight Pinup $27.00 2017 E:$10.99 H:$48.49 144811
Disciple of the Witch - Four Pinup $27.00 E:$14.38 H:$44.05 145008
Lioness Pinup 2015 E:$10.99 H:$26.24 144812
Order Knight Pinup $25.00 2018 E:$10.00 H:$49.65 144721
Regeneration Suit Pinup 2017 E:$12.80 H:$22.76 144884
Ringtail Vixen Pinup $27.00 E:$10.99 H:$64.44 145007
Warrior of the Sun Pinup $25.00 2018 E:$10.99 H:$37.12 144729
Wet Nurse Pinup $25.00 2018 E:$10.99 H:$49.35 144730
White Speaker Pinup $25.00 2018 E:$10.99 H:$60.53 144720