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Strategy & Tactics Magazine

A Wargaming Magazine published by Decision Games

Strategy & Tactics got its start in January 1967 under the auspices of its original editor, Chris Wagner, offering what he saw as a better alternative to Avalon Hill's gaming magazine, The General. Strategy & Tactics began life as a wargaming fanzine published by Wagner (then a staff sergeant with the US Air Force in Japan), at first in Japan, then moving to the United States with Wagner.

Graphic designer Redmond Simonsen was hired to improve the quality of the 'zine. When subscribership stagnated, debts began to accrue. Jim Dunnigan created SPI in order to save Strategy & Tactics. Dunnigan had been a contributor to the magazine since Strategy & Tactics #2 (February 1967), and when Wagner was having financial difficulties with the magazine he sold Dunnigan the rights for $1. After SPI's demise publishing passed first to TSR, then later 3W and finally Decision Games, who is still publishing it.

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ImageURL Issue Title Publisher PubDate Game Name MSRP Editor Price ID
112 Patton Goes to War 3W 1987-06-01 Patton Goes to War Keith Poulter E:$139.50 H:$10.54 26199
113 The Battle of Abensberg 3W 1987-08-01 The Battle of Abensberg E:$139.50 H:$9.96 26200
114 The Battle of Eckmuhl 3W 1987-10-01 The Battle of Eckmuhl E:$139.50 H:$8.43 26201
115 Kanev 3W 1987-11-01 Kanev E:$139.50 H:$9.94 26202
116 Manchu 3W 1988-01-01 Manchu E:$139.50 H:$11.50 26203
117 North German Plain 3W 1988-02-01 North German Plain E:$139.50 H:$22.46 26204
118 The Tigers Are Burning 3W 1988-04-01 The Tigers Are Burning E:$139.50 H:$10.31 26205
119 The Horse Soldiers 3W 1988-06-01 The Horse Soldiers E:$139.50 H:$15.21 26206
120 Nicaragua! 3W 1988-08-01 Nicaragua! Keith Poulter E:$139.50 H:$10.49 26207
121 The Indian Mutiny 3W 1988-10-01 The Indian Mutiny Ty Bomba E:$139.50 H:$8.92 26216
122 Pegasus Bridge 3W 1988-11-01 Pegasus Bridge Ty Bomba E:$139.50 H:$20.56 26217
123 Campaigns in the Valley 3W 1988-12-01 Campaigns in the Valley Ty Bomba E:$139.50 H:$9.21 26218
124 Fortress Stalingrad 3W 1988-12-01 Fortress Stalingrad Ty Bomba E:$139.50 H:$11.28 26219
125 Far Seas 3W 1989-03-01 Far Seas Ty Bomba E:$139.50 H:$16.07 26220
126 Beirut '82 3W 1989-05-01 Beirut '82 E:$139.50 H:$11.99 26221
127 Rush for Glory 3W 1989-07-01 Rush for Glory E:$139.50 H:$10.72 26222
128 Africa Orientale 3W 1989-08-01 Africa Orientale E:$139.50 H:$10.89 26223
129 Harvest of Death 3W 1989-10-01 Harvest of Death E:$139.50 H:$13.92 26224
130 Tsushima 3W 1989-11-01 Tsushima E:$139.50 H:$12.96 26225
131 Donau Front 3W 1989-12-01 Donau Front E:$139.50 H:$22.36 26226
132 Iron Cross 3W 1990-02-01 Iron Cross E:$139.50 H:$8.47 26227
133 Baton Rouge 3W 1990-04-01 Baton Rouge E:$139.50 H:$7.37 26228
134 Anzio Beachhead 3W 1990-06-01 Anzio Beachhead Jim Dunnigan E:$139.50 H:$11.60 26229
135 Sideshow 3W 1990-07-01 Sideshow E:$139.50 H:$13.54 26230
136 Doomed Victory 3W 1990-08-01 Doomed Victory E:$139.50 H:$10.01 26231
137 Men at Arms 3W 1990-09-01 Men at Arms E:$139.50 H:$9.69 26232
138 Napoleon at Eylau 3W 1990-10-01 Napoleon at Eylau E:$139.50 H:$10.33 26233
139 Arabian Nightmare 3W 1990-12-01 Arabian Nightmare E:$139.50 H:$8.95 26234