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N Scale - Con-Cor - 1051H - Boxcar, 40 Foot, Steel Plug Door - Cardox

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N Scale - Con-Cor - 1051H - Boxcar, 40 Foot, Steel Plug Door - Cardox Copyright held by TroveStar

Brand Con-Cor
Stock Number 1051H
Tertiary Stock Number 001-1051H
Original Retail Price $2.25
Manufacturer Kato
Body Style Con-Cor Boxcar 40 Foot Steel Plug Door
Prototype Boxcar, 40 Foot, Steel Plug Door (Details)
Road or Company Name Cardox (Details)
Coupler Type Rapido Hook
Wheel Type Nickel-Silver Plated Metal
Wheel Profile Standard
Release Date 1979-01-01
Item Category Rolling Stock (Freight)
Model Type Boxcar
Model Subtype 40 Foot
Model Variety Steel, Plug Door
Prototype Region North America
Prototype Era Era III: Transition (1939 - 1957)
Scale 1/160

Model Information: This model was originally produced by Kato for Con-Cor. Since Con-Cor owned the tooling, they were later able to move the tooling to Chicago for later runs. It has been marketed as a "40' Steel Box Car[sic]" as well as "40' Steel Reefer". We believe current runs are being made in China. Pictures of this model were available as of May 2017 on the Con-Cor website being sold with two options for couplers: Rigid-Face and Micro-Trains.

Prototype History:
Plug-Door boxcars are usually insulated and typically carry products such as canned goods that require protection from extremes of temperature but do not require refrigeration. Plug-style doors were normally used to ensure a tight seal in the insulation. Designed for transport of both perishables and large loads, plug doors allowed box cars to be sealed from outside dust and dirt. Cars like these were manufactured during the 50s and 60s.

Whether you consider this a reefer or a boxcar is a matter for angel-pinhead-counters. There seems to be a bit of a blurry line during the transition era between the idea of a steel ice reefer and an insulated boxcar. I guess an ice reefer was meant to hold ice for cooling but I doubt this is a cut-and-dry distinction. Modern "mechanical" reefers are a different breed as they contain a refrigeration unit which quite distinctly sets them apart from "boxcars".

Brand/Importer Information:
Con-Cor has been in business since 1962. Many things have changed over time as originally they were a complete manufacturing operation in the USA and at one time had upwards of 45 employees. They not only designed the models,but they also built their own molds, did injection molding, painting, printing and packaging on their models.

Currently, most of their manufacturing has been moved overseas and now they import 90% of their products as totally finished goods, or in finished components. They only do some incidental manufacturing today within the USA.

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