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Mexican Silver

Jewelry and Metalwork from Taxco, Mexico

Taxco, Mexico
Silversmithing has been practiced for centuries in Mexico. Historically speaking, the Navajo of the Southwestern United States learned their trade from Mexicans. Interestingly enough, an American named William Spratling took the craft to entirely new level. He did this in 1931, when he established a retail outlet for Mexican jewelry near the silver-mining center of Taxco.

Spratling and his contemporaries borrowed liberally from pre-Columbian imagery for their designs. They found some designs on Mexico’s pyramids and lifted others from the 14th-century symbols that fill the Codex Zouche-Nuttal. Essentially, this made it "open-source material." It shouldn’t be too surprising that these shops succeeded and borrowed liberally from one-another.

Some competitors were actively encouraged. The Taxco School, as it is known today, was formed largely from former Spratling employees such as the Castillo brothers, Héctor Aguilar, Antonio Pineda, and Valentin Viadurreta, who brought a Mexican eye to Art Deco. Naturally, these artisans and their shops became incubators for still more generations of silversmiths.
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Secondary Material:
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Image Item Secondary Material Maker Type Primary Material Catalog ID MarketData ID
Jaguar Brooch Amethyst Spratling Brooch Silver (925) Sterling 1001 E:$101.50 H:$271.21 25794
Sterling Silver Box Spratling Box Silver (925) Sterling 1002 E:$70.00 H:$190.00 25795
Condiment Salts Rosewood Spratling Tableware Silver (925) Sterling 1003 25796
Artesanos Flatware Rosewood Spratling Flatware Silver (925) Sterling 1004 H:$253.30 25797
Hands Necklace Azure Malachite Spratling Necklace Silver (925) Sterling 1005 E:$399.99 H:$826.53 25804
Halo of the Virgin Necklace Spratling Necklace Silver (925) Sterling 1006 E:$359.99 H:$826.53 25803
Pillows Bracelet Spratling Bracelet Silver (980) 1007 E:$149.99 H:$324.17 25811
Vindobonensis Bracelet (Type 1) Spratling Bracelet Silver (980) 1008 E:$149.99 H:$316.32 25809
Double Bamboo Bracelet Spratling Bracelet Silver (980) 1009 E:$149.99 H:$317.71 25810
Silver Amethyst Pill Box Necklace Amethyst Spratling Necklace Silver (925) Sterling 1010 E:$359.99 H:$826.53 25812
Petate Bracelet Spratling Bracelet Silver (925) Sterling 1011 E:$149.99 H:$317.95 25805
Rosewood Moon Necklace Rosewood Spratling Necklace Silver (925) Sterling 1012 E:$359.99 H:$826.53 26402
Silver and Rosewood Bead Necklace Rosewood Spratling Necklace Silver (925) Sterling 1013 E:$359.99 H:$826.53 26403
Dome Ring Spratling Ring Silver (980) 1014 E:$90.00 H:$198.61 26405
Teardrop Necklace Spratling Necklace Silver (980) 1015 H:$826.53 31293
Feathered Eagle Pendant Spratling Necklace Silver (980) 1016 H:$826.53 31305
X and O Bracelet Spratling Bracelet Silver (980) 1017 E:$149.99 H:$330.90 31316
Twin Birds Necklace Spratling Necklace Silver (980) 1018 E:$359.99 H:$726.46 31317
Conch Brooch Spratling Brooch Silver (980) 1019 E:$101.50 H:$271.21 31318
Mermaid Brooch Amethyst Spratling Brooch Silver (925) Sterling 1020 E:$5.50 H:$274.02 32592
Mayan Cross Necklace Spratling Necklace Silver (925) Sterling 1021 H:$826.53 32593
Hands Buckle Tortoise Shell Spratling Buckle Silver (925) Sterling 1022 H:$280.50 32594
Mask Pin Spratling Brooch Silver (980) 1023 H:$273.37 32595
Eyes Buckle Malachite Spratling Buckle Silver (980) 1024 E:$495.00 H:$280.50 32596
Birds Brooch Amethyst Spratling Brooch Silver (980) 1026 H:$270.10 32597
Monkey Brooch Spratling Brooch Silver (980) 1027 E:$116.00 H:$271.21 32598
Guitar Brooch Amethyst Spratling Brooch Silver (980) 1028 E:$63.00 H:$270.10 32599
Star Necklace Abalone Spratling Necklace Silver (980) 1029 E:$359.99 H:$826.53 32600
Caviar Bracelet Turquoise Spratling Necklace Silver (980) 1030 E:$359.99 H:$826.53 32601
Cholula Bracelet Spratling Necklace Silver (980) 1031 E:$399.99 H:$826.53 32602
Ribbon and Bead Earrings Spratling Earrings Silver (980) 1032 E:$125.00 H:$130.67 32603
Arrow Brooch Amethyst Spratling Brooch Silver (980) 1033 E:$116.00 H:$270.10 32604
Fish Earrings Spratling Earrings Silver (925) Sterling 1033 E:$95.00 H:$130.67 80206
River of Life Bracelet Spratling Bracelet Silver (980) 1034 E:$225.00 H:$312.82 32605
Pyramids Bracelet Rosewood Spratling Bracelet Silver (980) 1035 E:$149.99 H:$317.86 32606
Fish Earrings Abalone Spratling Earrings Silver (925) Sterling 1036 H:$139.42 80207
Abalone Waves Necklace Abalone Spratling Necklace Silver (980) 1037 E:$359.99 H:$826.53 80208
Fish Pin Abalone Spratling Brooch Silver (980) 1038 E:$101.50 H:$271.21 80209
Jade Star Necklace Jade Spratling Necklace Gold 1039 E:$359.99 H:$826.53 80210
Jade Block Earrings Jade Spratling Earrings Gold 1040 E:$125.00 H:$130.67 80211
Jasper and Gilt Necklace Jasper Spratling Necklace Silver (925) Sterling 1041 E:$399.99 H:$826.53 80213
Jade Swirl Pin Jade Spratling Brooch Silver (980) 1042 H:$271.21 80212
Agate Swirl Pin Agate Spratling Brooch Silver (980) 1043 E:$99.99 H:$271.21 80214
Owl Bracelet Spratling Bracelet Silver (980) 1044 E:$149.99 H:$394.72 80215
Amethyst Owl Bracelet Amethyst Spratling Bracelet Silver (980) 1045 H:$327.57 80216
Amethyst Rope Bracelet Amethyst Spratling Bracelet Silver (980) 1046 E:$149.99 H:$326.21 80217
Amethyst Bee Pin Amethyst Spratling Brooch Silver (925) Sterling 1047 E:$145.00 H:$271.21 80219
Amethyst Bee Earrings Amethyst Spratling Earrings Silver (925) Sterling 1048 E:$95.00 H:$128.73 80218
Turquoise Crossover Ring Turquoise Spratling Ring Silver (925) Sterling 1049 H:$198.61 80232
Amethyst Cabochon Ring Amethyst Spratling Ring Silver (925) Sterling 1050 H:$198.61 80233
Green Mask Ring Jade Spratling Ring Gold 1051 E:$100.00 H:$201.52 94507
Green Band Ring Jade Spratling Ring Gold 1052 E:$90.00 H:$198.61 94509