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Star Wars: X-Wing Checklist

A Space Combat Miniatures Game

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Box Set:
Item Type:
Upgrade Type:
Associated Ship:
Upgrade Slot:
Total items in database: 794. Total items on page 58.

Market Information: C = Classified Ad, H = Historical Data Available, E = Available for purchase Online, I: Collector Valuation Available.

Inventory Check: for user: 0

Item Name Faction Box Set Item Type Upgrade Type Cost Price ID
A-Wing Rebel A-Wing Model H:$12.55 25235
B-Wing Rebel B-Wing Model H:$12.86 25243
TIE Fighter Imperial Core Set Model H:$15.35 25225
X-Wing Rebel Core Set Model H:$27.73 25224
E-Wing Rebel E-Wing Model H:$14.71 25253
Attack Shuttle Rebels Ghost Model H:$31.22 26945
VCX-100 Rebels Ghost Model H:$26.59 26946
X-Wing Rebel Heroes of the Resistance Model H:$28.37 101240
YT-1300 Rebel Heroes of the Resistance Model H:$21.54 101239
YV-666 Freighter Scum Hound's Tooth Model H:$22.50 25281
HWK-290 Rebel HWK-290 Model H:$15.28 25245
Aggressor Scum IG-2000 Model H:$25.16 25279
TIE Interceptor - Royal Guard Imperial Imperial Aces Model H:$14.89 25261
TIE Interceptor - Saber Squadron Imperial Imperial Aces Model H:$15.84 25262
Gozanti-Class Cruiser Imperial Imperial Assault Carrier Model H:$39.75 26952
TIE Fighter Imperial Imperial Assault Carrier Model H:$15.01 26951
Raider-Class Corvette Imperial Imperial Raider Model H:$52.75 25289
TIE Advanced Alternate Imperial Imperial Raider Model H:$26.00 25685
TIE Bomber Imperial Imperial Veterans Model H:$11.74 90554
TIE Defender Imperial Imperial Veterans Model H:$14.45 90555
TIE Advanced Prototype Imperial Inquisitor's TIE Model H:$12.22 26947
K-Wing Rebel K-Wing Model H:$39.43 25285
Kihraxz Fighter Scum Kihraxz Fighter Model H:$13.53 25283
Lambda-Class Shuttle Imperial Lambda-Class Shuttle Model H:$20.26 25249
M3-A Interceptor Scum M3-A Interceptor Model H:$12.65 25277
YT-1300 Rebel Millenium Falcon Model H:$20.94 25237
G-1A Starfighter Scum Mist Hunter Model H:$36.42 26948
Y-Wing - Scum Theme Scum Most Wanted Model 25272
Z-95 Headhunter - Black Sun Scum Most Wanted Model 25273
JumpMaster 5000 Scum Punishing One Model H:$28.63 26949
Quadjumper Scum Quadjumper Model H:$13.06 123676
A-Wing Prototype Rebel Rebel Aces Model H:$6.00 25264
B-Wing - Dagger Squadron Rebel Rebel Aces Model H:$3.25 25265
GR-75 Medium Transport Rebel Rebel Transport Model H:$32.30 25268
X-Wing Rebel Rebel Transport Model H:$32.86 25267
Sabine's TIE Fighter Rebel Sabine's TIE Fighter Model H:$13.30 123702
Firespray-31 Imperial Slave-1 Model H:$19.26 25239
StarViper Scum StarViper Model H:$16.11 25275
T-70 X-Wing Rebel T-70 X-Wing Model H:$14.35 95018
CR-90 Corvette Rebel Tantive IV Model H:$47.24 25270
T-70 X-Wing Rebel The Force Awakens Model H:$14.52 32615
TIE Fighter Imperial The Force Awakens Model H:$13.98 32616
TIE Advanced Imperial TIE Advanced Model H:$17.78 25233
TIE Bomber Imperial TIE Bomber Model H:$11.65 25247
TIE Defender Imperial TIE Defender Model H:$14.89 25554
TIE Fighter Imperial TIE Fighter Model H:$14.89 25231
TIE Interceptor Imperial TIE Interceptor Model H:$14.01 25241
TIE Phantom Imperial TIE Phantom Model H:$19.91 25555
TIE Punisher Imperial TIE Punisher Model H:$14.73 25287
TIE Striker Imperial TIE Striker Model H:$16.50 123691
TIE/fo Fighter Imperial TIE/fo Fighter Model H:$14.92 95017
U-Wing Rebel U-Wing Model H:$19.49 123921
Upsilon-class Shuttle Imperial Upsilon-class Shuttle Model H:$27.16 116478
VT-49 Decimator Imperial VT-49 Decimator Model H:$32.24 25259
X-Wing Rebel X-Wing Model H:$30.17 25227
Y-Wing Rebel Y-Wing Model H:$21.32 25229
YT-2400 Freighter Rebel YT-2400 Freighter Model H:$22.51 25257
Z-95 Headhunter Rebel Z-95 Headhunter Model H:$13.36 25251