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Star Wars: X-Wing Checklist

A Space Combat Miniatures Game

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Box Set:
Item Type:
Upgrade Type:
Associated Ship:
Upgrade Slot:
Total items in database: 794. Total items on page 18.

Market Information: C = Classified Ad, H = Historical Data Available, E = Available for purchase Online, I: Collector Valuation Available.

Inventory Check: for user: 0

Item Name Faction Box Set Item Type Upgrade Type Cost Price ID
Boba Fett Imperial Slave-1 Card-Pilot Pilot 39 H:$15.87 25332
Bounty Hunter Imperial Slave-1 Card-Pilot Pilot 33 H:$30.75 25335
Kath Scarlet Imperial Slave-1 Card-Pilot Pilot 38 H:$30.30 25333
Krassis Trelix Imperial Slave-1 Card-Pilot Pilot 36 25334
Assault Missiles Any Slave-1 Card-Upgrade Missile 5 H:$2.90 25496
Expose Any Slave-1 Card-Upgrade Elite 4 H:$2.55 25500
Gunner Any Slave-1 Card-Upgrade Crew 5 H:$4.74 25503
Heavy Laser Cannon Any Slave-1 Card-Upgrade Cannon 7 H:$3.10 25498
Homing Missiles Any Slave-1 Card-Upgrade Missile 5 H:$2.58 25495
Ion Cannon Any Slave-1 Card-Upgrade Cannon 3 H:$3.07 25497
Mercenary Copilot Any Slave-1 Card-Upgrade Crew 2 H:$1.41 25504
Proximity Mines Any Slave-1 Card-Upgrade Bomb 3 H:$8.88 25502
Seismic Charges Any Slave-1 Card-Upgrade Bomb 2 H:$6.48 25501
Slave-1 Any Slave-1 Card-Upgrade Title 0 H:$25.12 25506
Stealth Device Any Slave-1 Card-Upgrade Modification 3 H:$3.73 25505
Veteran Instincts Any Slave-1 Card-Upgrade Elite 1 H:$4.50 25499
Firespray-31 Imperial Slave-1 Model H:$19.26 25239
Slave-1 Imperial Slave-1 Set H:$26.32 25238