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Graphic Artists

Copyright Emily Michaels
The sole intent of a graphic artist is to create visuals that facilitate an idea or story. Sometimes there is no logic to the creation of the designs, and in other instances, the visuals are the platform for an entire story. Above all, there is no limit to the kind or amount of mediums a graphic artist can use. The design principles are not strict, but that doesn’t mean they should be disregarded. Consequently, graphic artists tend to bend or break some of the design rules, but only if it fits the composition or story being told.

A graphic artist’s portfolio might include: Cartoons Illustrations Graphic Novels Comic Books Movie Illustrations
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Portrait Last Name First Name Artist Name Country of Residence ID
Adams Thomas Garett Thomas Garrett Adams 171190
Aili Miao Miao Aili 167489
Akifumi Yamamoto Yamamoto Akifumi 167440
Albion Randis Randis Albion 167446
Alexander Deruchenko Deruchenko Alexander 167409
Alexander Rob Rob Alexander 167140
Alkerway Evkay Evkay Alkerway 167748
Allen James James Allen 167773
Allsop Dave Dave Allsop 167525
Altmann Scott Scott Altmann 167725
Amano Yoshitaka Yoshitaka Amano 167574
Ameling Ian Ian Edward Ameling 167390
Amundsen Even Even Amundsen 167385
Anderson Chris Chris J. Anderson 167393
Anderson Eric Eric David Anderson 167609
Angus Glen Glen Angus 167279
Appelhans Chris Chris Appelhans 167740
Argyle Steve Steve Argyle 167246
Arnold James James Arnold 167312
Arnold Tommy Tommy Arnold 167398
Asplund-Faith Randy Randy Asplund-Faith 167653
Aulisio Janet Janet Aulisio 167640
Avon John John Avon 167801
Baa Volkan Volkan Baa 167154
Babbey Tom Tom Babbey 167472
Bader Daren Daren Bader 167274
Bailey Scott Scott Bailey 167594
Baker Drew Drew Baker 167415
Baker Naomi Naomi Baker 167549
Balanescu Cristi Cristi Balanescu 167242
Baocheng Qi Qi Baocheng 167608
Barger Ryan Ryan Barger 167568
Baroh Julie Julie Baroh United States 167123
Baxa Thomas Thomas M. Baxa 167755
BD BD 167462
Beall-Smith Lawrence Lawrence Beall-Smith United States 163367
Beard Edward Edward P. Beard, Jr. 167649
Beel Stuart Stuart Beel 167787
Behm Mark Mark Behm 167215
Behnke Jason Jason Alexander Behnke 167652
Belledin Steven Steven Belledin 167107
Benson Melissa Melissa A. Benson 167089
Bernardin James James Bernardin 167783
Berry Berry 167744
Bierek Mike Mike Bierek 167131
Bishop Kristen Kristen Bishop 167809
Biske Joel Joel Biske 167620
Bisley Simon Simon Bisley 167737
Blando Jared Jared Blando 167277
Bliss Robert Robert Bliss 167444
Bodin Johann Johann Bodin 167171
Bollinger Peter Peter Bollinger 167736
Bolton John John Bolton 167616
Bonner Paul Paul Bonner 167465
Booker Brian Brian Booker 171193
Boros Zoltan Zoltan Boros 167164
Boyd Aaron Aaron Boyd 167641
Boyer Colin Colin Boyer United States 167350
Brachna Whit Whit Brachna 167578
Bradley Noah Noah Bradley 167529
Brassell John John Severin Brassell 167551
Bredy Jacques Jacques Bredy 167848
Briclot Aleksi Aleksi Briclot 167206
Brill Mark Mark Brill 167384
Brockschmidt Kev Kev Brockschmidt 167135
Brom Brom 167213
Brown Ron Ron Brown 167566
Brown Sue Sue Ellen Brown United States 167827
Brudi Cornelius Cornelius Brudi 167182
Bruinsma Michael Michael Bruinsma 167528
Brunin Ulrich Ulrich Brunin 167591
Buck Catherine Catherine Buck 167854
Burburan Filip Filip Burburan 167126
Burdett Christopher Christopher Burdett 167377
Burley Sam Sam Burley 167105
Burmak Dmitry Dmitry Burmak 167120
Burmak Ekaterina Ekaterina Burmak 167211
Burns Mike Mike Burns 167268
Burt Wesley Wesley Burt 167071
Busch Jeffrey Jeffrey R. Busch 167691
Cabral Ciruelo Ciruelo Cabral Argentina 167506
Cabrera Jose Jose Cabrera 167447
Caldwell Clyde Clyde Caldwell 167676
Camp Susan Susan Van Camp 167625
Canavan Paul Paul Scott Canavan 167099
Castan Manuel Manuel Castan 167331
Cavotta Matt Matt Cavotta 167161
Cearley Clint Clint Cearley United States 167255
Chadwick Paul Paul Chadwick 167769
Chaffee Doug Doug Chaffee 167431
Chan Jason Jason Chan 167391
Chaturvedi Sidharth Sidharth Chaturvedi 167155
Chen Shinchuen Shinchuen Chen 167379
Chen Zezhou Zezhou Chen 167160
Cherry David David A. Cherry 167629
Chevrier Jedd Jedd Chevrier 167239
Chicken Robot Robot Chicken 167667
Childs Cliff Cliff Childs United States 167098
Chippy Chippy 167256
Chironna Ron Ron Chironna 167814
Choe Heonhwa Heonhwa Choe 167232
Choi Christine Christine Choi 167425
Choi Sung Sung Choi 167202
Choi Yongjae Yongjae Choi 167085
Choo Jehan Jehan Choo 167093
Chou Scott Scott Chou 167222
Christensen Kari Kari Christensen 167371
Chuxiong Wang Wang Chuxiong 167679
Claxton Trevor Trevor Claxton 167524
Cleland-Hura D. D. J. Cleland-Hura 167717
Clover.K Clover.K 167482
Connelly Sam Sam Wolfe Connelly 167614
Cook Bud Bud Cook 167508
Cotie Mitch Mitch Cotie 167480
Coulthart John John Coulthart 167598
Critchlow Carl Carl Critchlow 167247
D-suzuki D-suzuki 167311
Daarken Daarken 167167
Dafu Qiao Qiao Dafu 167710
Danforth Liz Liz Danforth 167555
Danforth Liz Liz Danforth 167836
Daniele Stephen Stephen Daniele 167370
Danner Alayna Alayna Danner 167086
Danza Michael Michael Danza 167322
Darrow Geofrey Geofrey Darrow 167800
Davidson Al Al Davidson 167841
Day David David Day 167582
De Ro Jonas Jonas De Ro 167141
DeCastro Nelson Nelson DeCastro 167601
Deharme Bastien Bastien L. Deharme 167197
Denmark Thomas Thomas Denmark 167628
Deschamps Eric Eric Deschamps 167168
Desheng Ai Ai Desheng 167586
Despain Brian Brian Despain 167321
Detwiller Dennis Dennis Detwiller 167672
DeVries Dave Dave DeVries 167280
Dien Chris Chris Dien 167778
Dillon Julie Julie Dillon 167593
DiTerlizzi Tony Tony DiTerlizzi United States 167315
Dixon Matt Matt Dixon 167334
Dobler Kevin Kevin Dobler 167696
Dom! Dom! 167411
Domingo Dominick Dominick Domingo 167519
Dominic Simon Simon Dominic 167224
Donahue John John Donahue 167537
Donohoe William William Donohoe 167825
Dorman Brandon Brandon Dorman 167434
Dorman Dave Dave Dorman 167538
Dornaus Cris Cris Dornaus 167677
Dringenberg Mike Mike Dringenberg 167269
Dumitrescu Ioan Ioan Dumitrescu 167575
Dura Piotr Piotr Dura 167082
Durfee Brian Brian Durfee 167795
Easley Jeff Jeff Easley 167319
Eastburn Cole Cole Eastburn 167230
Eggleton Bob Bob Eggleton 167413
Ejsing Jesper Jesper Ejsing 167077
Elliott Randy Randy Elliott 167592
Ellis Steve Steve Ellis 167405
Elmasli Emrah Emrah Elmasli 167309
Elmore Larry Larry Elmore 167617
Elwell Tristan Tristan Elwell 167353
Emond Rick Rick Emond 167742
En Qiu Qiu De En 167395
Enecio Jeremy Jeremy Enecio 167317
England Wayne Wayne England 167455
Engle Jason Jason A. Engle United States 167178
Epstein Micah Micah Epstein 167127
eran Milivoj Milivoj eran 167494
Ernest James James Ernest 167833
Evans Mark Mark Evans 167701
Evans Vincent Vincent Evans 167806
Everingham Sandra Sandra Everingham 167175
Fabry Glenn Glenn Fabry 167754
Faricy Patrick Patrick Faricy 167747
Farrell Rick Rick Farrell 167759
Felix Jason Jason Felix 167148
Feng Stanton Stanton Feng 167445
Feng Wang Wang Feng 167658
Ferguson Richard Richard Kane Ferguson 167231
Fernando Cecil Cecil Fernando 167831
Fields Fred Fred Fields 167326
Firchow Steve Steve Firchow 167770
Fischer Scott Scott M. Fischer 167196
Fishman Marc Marc Fishman 167626
Flapdoodle Claymore Claymore J. Flapdoodle 167832
Fleming Tom Tom Fleming 167702
Foglio Kaja Kaja Foglio 167611
Foglio Phil Phil Foglio 167584
Forssberg Alexander Alexander Forssberg 167143
Fortune Eric Eric Fortune 167410
Foster Jon Jon Foster 167325
Foti Tony Tony Foti 167226
Francisco Anthony Anthony Francisco 167481
Frank Carl Carl Frank 167401
Frazier Dan Dan Frazier 167183
Freas Frank Frank Kelly Freas 167813
Frezzato Massimilano Massimilano Frezzato 167588
Fricker Una Una Fricker 167581
Frost J. J. W. Frost 167847
Fuzichoco Fuzichoco 167270
Gaillet David David Gaillet 167236
Galaday Ted Ted Galaday 167637
Gallagher John John Gallagher 167828
Gallegos Randy Randy Gallegos 167208
Garfield Susan Susan Garfield 167838
Garletts Keith Keith Garletts 167579
Gas Toma Toma Feizo Gas 167306
Gaser Matt Matt Gaser 167284
Gassalasca-Jape Erica Erica Gassalasca-Jape 167743
Gelon Daniel Daniel Gelon 167179
Gesincourt Florian Florian de Gesincourt 167354
Giancola Donato Donato Giancola 167142
Gianni Gary Gary Gianni 167803
Gianni Thomas Thomas Gianni 167512
Gillespie Charles Charles Gillespie 167378
Giorello Tomas Tomas Giorello 167531
Gist E. E. M. Gist 167572
Goldhawk Andrew Andrew Goldhawk 167394
Grace Gerry Gerry Grace 167606
Graciano Lucas Lucas Graciano 167249
Granov Adi Adi Granov 167349
Grant-West Lars Lars Grant-West 167192
Gregory D. D. Alexander Gregory United States 167292
Gregory Nicholas Nicholas Gregory 167139
Grenier Johan Johan Grenier 167237
Griffin Stuart Stuart Griffin 167661
Guangmai Yang Yang Guangmai 167680
Guay Rebecca Rebecca Guay 167516
Hagan Brian Brian Hagan 167546
Hagio Kunio Kunio Hagio 167792
Hagler Joshua Joshua Hagler 167690
Hairsine Trevor Trevor Hairsine 167344
Hamm Nils Nils Hamm 167159
Hampton Justin Justin Hampton 167698
Hampton Scott Scott Hampton 167621
Han Yeong-Hao Yeong-Hao Han 167134
Harper Fred Fred Harper 167484
Harrison Lou Lou Harrison 167839
Harrison Mark Mark Harrison 167713
Hass Josh Josh Hass 167248
Hayes Michael Michael C. Hayes 167526
Hazeltine Don Don Hazeltine 167302
Helmigh Suzanne Suzanne Helmigh 167115
Hernaiz Josu Josu Hernaiz 167244
Hertz Nathalie Nathalie Hertz 167791
Heyer Carol Carol Heyer 167811
Higginbotham Henry Henry G. Higginbotham 167539
Hildebrandt Greg Greg Hildebrandt 167291
Hildebrandt Tim Tim Hildebrandt 167450
Himori Yoshino Yoshino Himori 167708
Hitowa Hitowa 167522
Ho David David Ho 167845
Ho Patrick Patrick Ho 167738
Hong Yang Yang Hong 167622
Hooper Craig Craig Hooper 167846
Hooper Fred Fred Hooper 167753
Hoover Quinton Quinton Hoover 167103
Horley-Orlandelli Alex Alex Horley-Orlandelli 167422
Horne Daniel Daniel R. Horne 167810
Horne David David Horne 167821
Horsley Ralph Ralph Horsley 167351
Horton Brian Brian Horton 167723
Howe John John Howe 167662
Hsu Austin Austin Hsu 167356
Hudnut David David Hudnut 167758
Hudson Heather Heather Hudson 167203
Huitong Shang Shang Huitong 167705
Hurwitz Lake Lake Hurwitz 167223
Hyzer Mark Mark Hyzer 167340
Imel Forrest Forrest Imel 167253
Ingvarsson Taylor Taylor Ingvarsson 167336
Ironbrush Ironbrush 167505
Ito Yoichi Yoichi Ito 167266
Ittoku Ittoku 167267
Izawa Hiro Hiro Izawa 167671
Izuka Daisuke Daisuke Izuka 167414
Izzy Izzy 167166
Jaboski Piotr Piotr Jaboski 167451
Jackson Mark Mark Jackson 171199
Jacobson Tyler Tyler Jacobson 167170
Jamieson Hugh Hugh Jamieson 167627
Jarvis Jeremy Jeremy Jarvis 167251
jD jD 167711
Jedruszek Tomasz Tomasz Jedruszek 167619
Jiaming Jiaming 167714
Jiancheng He He Jiancheng 167670
Jianjian Liu Liu Jianjian 167796
Jianzhang Gao Gao Jianzhang 167654
Jiazhen Zhang Zhang Jiazhen 167600
Jin XiaoDi XiaoDi Jin 167345
Jock Jock 167299
Johnson Kari Kari Johnson 167476
Johnston Janine Janine Johnston 167261
Johnston Miles Miles Johnston 167304
Jones Anthony Anthony Jones United States 167648
Jones Fay Fay Jones 167096
Jones Jaime Jaime Jones 167536
Josic Goran Goran Josic 167460
Jun Qin Qin Jun 167659
Junichi Inoue Inoue Junichi 167673
Jurabaev Jama Jama Jurabaev 167298
Kaluta M. M. W. Kaluta 167610
Kaman Kerstin Kerstin Kaman 167722
Kang Jason Jason Kang 167201
Kaoru Hagiya Hagiya Kaoru 167397
Kasper Jakub Jakub Kasper 167137
Katsumi Yokota Yokota Katsumi 167666
Kawade Tsutomu Tsutomu Kawade 167569
Kazama Raita Raita Kazama 167369
Kei James James Kei 167693
Keith Doug Doug Keith 167818
Kellner Michael Michael Kellner 171192
Kendall Dave Dave Kendall 167243
Kendree McLean McLean Kendree 167421
Kerr Mike Mike Kerr 167500
Kieryluk Igor Igor Kieryluk 167111
Kimble Mike Mike Kimble 167646
King Hannibal Hannibal King 167518
Kirschner Scott Scott Kirschner 167507
Kitkouski Brandon Brandon Kitkouski 167352
Klein Nic Nic Klein 167285
Kligerman Yefim Yefim Kligerman 167541
Knutson Dana Dana Knutson 167441
Kochakji Patrick Patrick Kochakji 167802
Koelsch Michael Michael Koelsch 167612
Koji Koji 167557
Kollros Mathias Mathias Kollros 167146
Komarck Michael Michael Komarck 167162
Koniotis Cos Cos Koniotis 167660
Konstad Alex Alex Konstad 167083
Kopinski Karl Karl Kopinski 167084
Koroglu Yigit Yigit Koroglu 167486
Kotaki Kekai Kekai Kotaki 167382
Kovacs Vance Vance Kovacs 167205
Kuciara Maciej Maciej Kuciara 167372
Kukalis Romas Romas Kukalis 167835
Kuo Jonathan Jonathan Kuo 167157
Kwon Yang Yang Jun Kwon 167719
Kyffin Tom Tom Kyffin 167633
Lack Lack 167374
Lago Ray Ray Lago 167603
Langley Clint Clint Langley 167550
Lasahido Lius Lius Lasahido 167169
Laubenstein Jeff Jeff Laubenstein 167599
Law Jennifer Jennifer Law 167805
Law Stephanie Stephanie Law 167823
Lawson Alton Alton Lawson 167655
Le Khang Khang Le 167651
Leach Gary Gary Leach 167643
Lee Alisa Alisa Lee 167503
Lee April April Lee 167583
Lee G-host G-host Lee 167075
Lee Jae Jae Lee 167650
Lee Pat Pat Lee 167530
Lee Paul Paul Lee 167373
Lee Pon Pon Lee 167417
Lee Ryan Ryan Alexander Lee 167510
Lemen Ron Ron Lemen 167785
Leonard Nicola Nicola Leonard 167704
Lewis Pat Pat Lewis 167406
LHQ LHQ 167687
Li Yan Yan Li 167604
Li Yutaka Yutaka Li 167303
Lin Babyson Babyson Chen Uzhen Lin 167254
Liu Xin-Yu Xin-Yu Liu 167478
Ljunggren Daniel Daniel Ljunggren 167145
Lo Kee Kee Lo 167220
Lockwood Todd Todd Lockwood 167119
Look Lindsey Lindsey Look 167212
Lorywn John John Howe Lorywn 167775
Lubov Lubov 167720
Lukacs Chuck Chuck Lukacs 167221
Luke Steve Steve Luke 167635
Lunter Titus Titus Lunter 167112
Lynn Rebekah Rebekah Lynn 167466
Lyon Howard Howard Lyon United States 167091
MacDougall Larry Larry MacDougall 167342
MacNeil Colin Colin MacNeil 167596
Macourek Corey Corey D. Macourek 167624
Maddocks Anson Anson Maddocks 167158
Mahy Warren Warren Mahy 167209
Maier Ben Ben Maier Germany 167229
Majkrzak Adrian Adrian Majkrzak 167403
Malloy John John Malloy 167799
Malloy Mitchell Mitchell Malloy 167172
Maniak Slawomir Slawomir Maniak 167327
Manning Thomas Thomas Manning 167763
Manzanedo Antonio Antonio Jos Manzanedo 167078
Marinski Dimitar Dimitar Marinski 167432
Martens Dylan Dylan Martens 167697
Martin David David Martin 167272
Martiniere Stephan Stephan Martiniere 167347
Matson John John Matson 167469
Mayerik Val Val Mayerik 167281
McCaig Iain Iain McCaig 167448
McCann Kevin Kevin McCann 167492
McConnell Sean Sean McConnell 167817
McFlingers Chengo Chengo McFlingers 167735
McKenna Martin Martin McKenna 167807
McKinnon Seb Seb McKinnon 167185
McNeill Harold Harold McNeill 167669
Meehan Joseph Joseph Meehan 167122
Meignaud Vronique Vronique Meignaud 167259
Menges Jeff Jeff A. Menges 167132
Mercier Efflam Efflam Mercier 167532
Metheney Brynn Brynn Metheney 167501
Meyer Ken Ken Meyer Jr. 167597
Michaels Emily Emily Michaels United States 163356
Mid Mid 167339
Midori Foo Foo Midori 167540
Midorikawa Miho Miho Midorikawa 167449
Mikio Masuda Masuda Mikio 167561
Miller Aaron Aaron Miller 167113
Miller Ian Ian Miller 167488
Minguez Victor Victor Adame Minguez 167074
Mirabal Alejandro Alejandro Mirabal 167632
Miracola Jeff Jeff Miracola 167288
Mitchell Matthew Matthew Mitchell 167437
Mitten Cara Cara Mitten 167780
Miyoshi Norikatsu Norikatsu Miyoshi 167282
Moeller Christopher Christopher Moeller 167207
Mohrbacher Peter Peter Mohrbacher 167459
Momose Hisashi Hisashi Momose 167359
Monette David David Monette 167793
Monteiro Caio Caio Monteiro 167225
Moore Monte Monte Michael Moore 167275
Morishita Naochika Naochika Morishita 167296
Morrissey Pat Pat Morrissey 167692
Mosness Phillip Phillip Mosness 167777
Moyer Lee Lee Moyer 171191
Mullins Craig Craig Mullins 167461
Murai Willian Willian Murai 167366
Murayama Ryota Ryota Murayama 167316
Murphy Kevin Kevin Murphy 167771
Murphy Scott Scott Murphy 167104
Murray Andrew Andrew Murray 167502
Murray Jim Jim Murray 167375
Murray Justin Justin Murray 167752
Murray Sean Sean Murray 167504
Muth Jon Jon J Muth 167276
Myrfors Jesper Jesper Myrfors United States 167079
Nablange Nablange 167520
Naifeh Ted Ted Naifeh 167470
Nan Sun Sun Nan 167595
Nelor Marco Marco Nelor 167467
Nelson Jim Jim Nelson 167173
Nelson Mark Mark A. Nelson 167534
Nelson Winona Winona Nelson 167080
Nentrup Jeff Jeff Nentrup 167772
Nielsen Cliff Cliff Nielsen 167645
Nielsen Terese Terese Nielsen 167435
Nordstrand Torstein Torstein Nordstrand 167577
Norman Justin Justin Norman 167664
Nottsuo Nottsuo 167362
O'Connor David David O'Connor 167850
Okabayashi Kensuke Kensuke Okabayashi 167762
Olivetti Ariel Ariel Olivetti 167590
Opalinski Greg Greg Opalinski 167523
Organ-Kean Margaret Margaret Organ-Kean 167647
Orizio Dany Dany Orizio 167457
Ortiz Hector Hector Ortiz 167547
Ortiz Karla Karla Ortiz 167567
Ostrowski Chris Chris Ostrowski 167392
Ovchinnikova Anastasia Anastasia Ovchinnikova 167241
Page Jen Jen Page 167768
Paick James James Paick 167204
Palacios Efrem Efrem Palacios 167456
Palumbo Anthony Anthony Palumbo 167124
Palumbo David David Palumbo 167116
Pancoast Ryan Ryan Pancoast 167109
Paquette Adam Adam Paquette 167073
Parente Paolo Paolo Parente 167475
Parente Paolo Paolo Parente 167521
Park Jung Jung Park 167293
Parkinson Keith Keith Parkinson 167496
Parrillo Lucio Lucio Parrillo 167630
Pavelec Jim Jim Pavelec 167428
Percival Nick Nick Percival 167287
Pesic Mila Mila Pesic 167360
Peterson Eric Eric Peterson 167264
Petillo Bob Bob Petillo 167364
Phillippi Michael Michael Phillippi 167271
Pilcerova Martina Martina Pilcerova 167198
Pindurski Pindurski 167227
Ploog Mike Mike Ploog 167716
Plucinski Zak Zak Plucinski 167797
Plucinski Zak Zak Plucinski 167829
Podedworna Anna Anna Podedworna 167095
Polak Eric Eric Polak 167746
Pollack Alan Alan Pollack 167337
Poole Mark Mark Poole 167136
post rk rk post 167554
Power Dermot Dermot Power 167286
Pratt George George Pratt 167804
Prescott Steve Steve Prescott 167216
Prez Omaha Omaha Prez 167849
Prima Livia Livia Prima 167100
Proce Vincent Vincent Proce 167235
Puddnhead Puddnhead 167324