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Warships Throughout Time

A warship or combatant ship is a naval ship that is built and primarily intended for naval warfare. Usually they belong to the armed forces of a state. As well as being armed, warships are designed to withstand damage and are usually faster and more maneuverable than merchant ships. Unlike a merchant ship, which carries cargo, a warship typically carries only weapons, ammunition and supplies for its crew. Warships usually belong to a navy, though they have also been operated by individuals, cooperatives and corporations.

In wartime, the distinction between warships and merchant ships is often blurred. In war, merchant ships are often armed and used as auxiliary warships, such as the Q-ships of the First World War and the armed merchant cruisers of the Second World War. Until the 17th century it was common for merchant ships to be pressed into naval service and not unusual for more than half a fleet to be composed of merchant ships. Until the threat of piracy subsided in the 19th century, it was normal practice to arm larger merchant ships such as galleons. Warships have also often been used as troop carriers or supply ships, such as by the French Navy in the 18th century or the Japanese Navy during the Second World War.

Warship Class:
Total items in collection: 1346. Total items on page 41

Image Nationality Name Pennant/Designation Warship Class Type ID
Italy Adua Adua Submarine 157243
Italy Alberto da Giussano Condottieri Cruiser 159599
Italy Amalfi Pisa Cruiser 158033
Italy Ambra Perla Submarine 156840
Italy Andrea Doria Andrea Doria Battleship 156841
Italy Aquila Aquila Carrier 156844
Italy Ascari Soldati Destroyer 164118
Italy Atropo Foca Submarine 159664
Italy Axum Adua Submarine 156849
Italy Bolzano Bolzano Cruiser 156855
Italy Caio Duilio Andrea Doria Battleship 156858
Italy Comandante Roscana Comandanti Medaglie d'Oro Destroyer 156868
Italy Conte Di Cavour Conte di Cavour Battleship 156870
Italy Duca degli Abruzzi Condottieri Cruiser 156876
Italy Emanuele Filiberto Duca d'Aosta Condottieri Cruiser 156875
Italy Eugenio di Savoia Condottieri Cruiser 156882
Italy Fiume Zara Cruiser 156884
Italy Foca Foca Submarine 159663
Italy Francesco Caracciolo Caracciolo Battleship 156885
Italy Giovanni Delle Bande Nere Condottieri Cruiser 156890
Italy Giulio Cesare Conte di Cavour Battleship 156891
Italy Giuseppe Garibaldi Condottieri Cruiser 156892
Italy Gorizia Zara Cruiser 156895
Italy Impero Littorio Battleship 157011
Italy Leonardo da Vinci Conte di Cavour Battleship 163846
Italy Littorio Littorio Battleship 157039
Italy Luigi Cadorna Condottieri Cruiser 157041
Italy Lupo Spica Destroyer 157042
Italy Oriani Oriani Destroyer 164120
Italy Pietro Orseolo Andrea Gritti Auxiliary 159527
Italy Pisa Pisa Cruiser 157234
Italy Pola Zara Cruiser 157077
Italy Premuda Dubrovnik Destroyer 157078
Italy Raimondo Montecuccoli Condottieri Cruiser 157086
Italy Roma Littorio Battleship 157089
Italy Sparviero Sparviero Carrier 163615
Italy Trento Trento Cruiser 159596
Italy Trieste Trento Cruiser 159597
Italy Vittorio Veneto Littorio Battleship 157211
Italy Zara Zara Cruiser 157228
Italy Zoea Foca Submarine 159665