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Warships Throughout Time

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Warship Class:
Total items in database: 1482. Total items on page 66.

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Image Nationality Name Pennant/Designation Warship Class Type ID
France Aigle Aigle Destroyer 158013
France Albatros Aigle Destroyer 158015
France Algérie Algérie Cruiser 156837
France Alsace Alsace Battleship 156838
France Arromanches Colossus Carrier 169219
France Basque l'Adroit Destroyer 166513
France Bearn Bearn Carrier 156851
France Beveziers Redoutable Submarine 156852
France Bison Guépard Destroyer 167881
France Brestois l'Adroit Destroyer 163077
France Bretagne Bretagne Battleship 156857
France Casabianca Redoutable Submarine 156861
France Cassard Vauquelin Destroyer 166437
France Chacal Chacal Destroyer 167877
France Clemenceau Richelieu Battleship 156867
France Commandant Teste Commandant Teste Auxiliary 156869
France Courbet Courbet Battleship 156872
France Dumont d'Urville Bougainville Destroyer 167874
France Dunkerque Dunkerque Battleship 156877
France Dupleix Suffren (CA) Cruiser 156878
France Duquesne Duquesne Cruiser 156879
France Emile Bertin Émile Bertin Cruiser 156881
France Épervier Aigle Destroyer 158017
France Frondeur l'Adroit Destroyer 166514
France Gascogne Richelieu Battleship 166682
France Gerfaut Aigle Destroyer 158016
France Gloire La Galissonniere Cruiser 156893
France Guépard Guépard Destroyer 167882
France Jaguar Chacal Destroyer 167878
France Jean Bart Richelieu Battleship 157015
France Joffre Joffre Carrier 157017
France Kersaint Vauquelin Destroyer 166436
France L'Adroit l'Adroit Destroyer 166512
France L'Audacieux Le Fantasque Destroyer 157789
France L'Indomptable Le Fantasque Destroyer 157788
France Le Chevalier Paul Vauquelin Destroyer 166440
France Le Fantasque Le Fantasque Destroyer 157034
France Le Malin Le Fantasque Destroyer 157787
France Le Mars l'Adroit Destroyer 166520
France Le Terrible Le Fantasque Destroyer 157035
France Le Triomphant Le Fantasque Destroyer 157790
France Leopard Chacal Destroyer 157037
France Lion Guépard Destroyer 167883
France Lynx Chacal Destroyer 167879
France Maillé Brézé Vauquelin Destroyer 166439
France Milan Aigle Destroyer 157048
France Mogador Mogador Destroyer 159843
France Montcalm La Galissonniere Cruiser 157052
France Painlevé Joffre Carrier 157072
France Panthère Chacal Destroyer 167880
France Paris Courbet Battleship 164394
France Pluton Pluton Cruiser 157076
France Provence Bretagne Battleship 157081
France Richelieu Richelieu Battleship 157088
France Rubis Saphir Submarine 157090
France Strasbourg Dunkerque Battleship 157105
France Suffren Suffren (CA) Cruiser 157106
France Surcouf D621 Surcouf Destroyer 159846
France Surcouf Surcouf Submarine 157108
France Tartu Vauquelin Destroyer 166438
France Valmy Guépard Destroyer 167884
France Valour Aigle Destroyer 158014
France Vauban Guépard Destroyer 167886
France Vauquelin Vauquelin Destroyer 166435
France Verdun Guépard Destroyer 167885
France Volta Mogador Destroyer 159844