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Warships Throughout Time

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Warship Class:
Total items in database: 1482. Total items on page 62.

Market Information: C = Classified Ad, H = Historical Data Available, E = Available for purchase Online, I: Collector Valuation Available.

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Image Nationality Name Pennant/Designation Warship Class Type ID
Germany Admiral Graf Spee Deutschland Cruiser 156829
Germany Admiral Hipper Admiral Hipper Cruiser 156831
Germany Admiral Scheer Deutschland Cruiser 156832
Germany Bernd von Arniim Z11 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 157220
Germany Bismarck Bismarck Battleship 156853
Germany Blücher Admiral Hipper Cruiser 156854
Germany Cerberus Scharnhorst Scharnhorst Battleship 156862
Germany Deutschland/Lutzow Deutschland Cruiser 156874
Germany Emden Emden Cruiser 156880
Germany Europa Europa Carrier 156883
Germany Friedrich der Grosse H-Class Battleship Battleship 156886
Germany Georg Thiele Z2 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 157223
Germany Gneisenau Scharnhorst Battleship 156894
Germany Goeben Moltke Battleship 159530
Germany Graf Zeppelin Graf Zeppelin Carrier 156896
Germany Hans Ludemann Z18 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 157221
Germany Hermann Kunne Z19 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 157222
Germany Jaguar Type 24 Destroyer 172290
Germany Karl Galster Z20 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 157224
Germany Karlsruhe Königsberg Cruiser 157021
Germany Koln Königsberg Cruiser 157027
Germany Konigsberg Königsberg Cruiser 157029
Germany Kormoran (HSK-8) Kormoran Auxiliary 157030
Germany Leberecht Maass Z1 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 163611
Germany Leipzig Leipzig Cruiser 157036
Germany M1 M-Class Minesweeper (1935) Auxiliary 157043
Germany Max Schultz Z3 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 163612
Germany Moltke P-Class Cruiser 157051
Germany Moltke Moltke Battleship 159529
Germany Nordmark Dithmarschen Auxiliary 157063
Germany Nürnberg Leipzig Cruiser 157064
Germany Peter Strasser Graf Zeppelin Carrier 157074
Germany Prinz Eugen Admiral Hipper Cruiser 157079
Germany Richard Beitzen Z4 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 163613
Germany Scharnhorst Scharnhorst Battleship 157093
Germany Schlesien Deutschland WW1 Battleship 157094
Germany Schleswig-Holstein Deutschland WW1 Battleship 157095
Germany Seydlitz Admiral Hipper Cruiser 159944
Germany T27 Type 39 Destroyer 157111
Germany Tirpitz Bismarck Battleship 157118
Germany U-117 Type XB Submarine 157121
Germany U-20 Type IIB Submarine 157122
Germany U-25 Type IA Submarine 156826
Germany U-25 Type IA Submarine 156827
Germany U-2511 Type XXI Submarine 157123
Germany U-459 Type XIV Submarine 157124
Germany U-47 Type VIIB Submarine 157125
Germany U-48 Type VIIB Submarine 157126
Germany U-505 Type IXC Submarine 157127
Germany U-510 Type IXC Submarine 157129
Germany U-549 Type IXC Submarine 160020
Germany U-552 Type VIIC Submarine 157130
Germany U-66 Type IXC Submarine 157131
Germany U-67 Type IXC Submarine 160021
Germany Von der Tann P-Class Cruiser 157212
Germany Von der Tann (WW1) Von der Tann Battleship 159535
Germany Weser Admiral Hipper Carrier 157214
Germany Z29 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 157225
Germany Z32 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 157226
Germany Z39 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 163610
Germany Z40 Z40 Spahkreuzer Cruiser 157227
Germany ZG3 G-H-I Class Destroyer 157229