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N Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

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N-Scale Model Trains

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N-Scale Train Modeling is a hobby concerned with the recreation, display and operation of railway equipment in miniature. N-Scale is sometimes also referred to as N-Gauge.

N-Scale is a group of similar dimensional relationships including (but not limited to) 1/160, 1/150 and 1/148. All share in common a railroad gauge of 9mm (0.354 in). The earliest model trains to use this scale were made by Lone Star in the United Kingdom in their OOO (Treble-O) line. Interestingly, the Lone Star models use a dimensional relationship of 1/152. The first models to use a 1/160 scale were made by Arnold of Germany in the 1960s. The most common dimensional relationship in the United States and Europe is 1/160. Japanese manufacturers make a mix of 1/150 and 1/160 products but for the most part use 1/150. Model manufacturers in the United Kingdom prefer 1/148.

When it comes to track, N Scale always uses a standard 9mm distance between the two rails. The track height, however, can vary. Common heights are 0.08 inches high (Code 80) and 0.055 inches (Code 55). For narrow gauge modelers, track is 6.5mm between the rails (Z-Scale), but the dimensional ratio of the models is still typically 1/160, 1/150 or 1/148.

Worldwide, N Scale is the second most popular model railroading Scale after HO, but in certain geographical regions (Japan in particular) it exceeds even HO in popularity.
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First Image Brand Stock Number Road or Company Name Reporting Marks Road or Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
Showcase Miniatures 100 Undecorated Truck $25.95 H:$14.83 2017-02-01 123492
Showcase Miniatures 101 Undecorated R-190 $17.75 E:$19.95 H:$18.30 2017-02-01 123490
Showcase Miniatures 102 Undecorated R-190 Stake Truck $17.75 E:$17.75 H:$20.85 2017-02-01 123483
Showcase Miniatures 103 Undecorated R-190 Tractor $17.95 E:$19.95 H:$17.95 2017-02-01 123485
Showcase Miniatures 104 Undecorated R-190 Tractor $13.95 E:$13.95 H:$20.37 2017-02-01 123484
Showcase Miniatures 104 Commercial Structures Wally's Filling Station Commercial Structure $19.95 1995-01-01 148539
Showcase Miniatures 105 Undecorated R-190 $15.95 E:$15.95 2017-02-01 123486
Showcase Miniatures 106 Undecorated R-190 $15.95 E:$15.95 2017-02-01 123491
Showcase Miniatures 1100 Commercial Structures LEE KING RADIATOR & MUFFLER REPAIR SHOP Commercial Structure $36.95 1995-01-01 148761
Showcase Miniatures 1101 Commercial Structures Val-U Fuels & Oils Commercial Structure $59.95 1995-01-01 148549
Showcase Miniatures 113 Commercial Structures Ft. Davis Railroad Depot $29.95 1995-01-01 148760
Showcase Miniatures 114 Commercial Structures Phillip's Feed & Seed $53.95 1995-01-01 166384
Showcase Miniatures 115 Agricultural Structures DeLoney's Barn $29.99 E:$67.99 1995-01-01 166385
Showcase Miniatures 123 Route 66 Depot at Frijole Flats Structure, Small $39.95 E:$45.95 2016-09-01 114095
Showcase Miniatures 124 Route 66 Bud's Red Hots Structure, Small $29.95 E:$29.95 2016-09-01 166386
Showcase Miniatures 126 Route 66 Desert Cafe Structure, Small $34.95 2016-09-01 114094
Showcase Miniatures 127 Route 66 Indian Trading Post Structure, Small $34.95 2016-09-01 114096
Showcase Miniatures 128 Route 66 Two Guns Gas N Go Commercial Structure $36.95 E:$36.95 2016-09-01 114097
Showcase Miniatures 133 Fire and Rescue Vehicle, Truck, International Fire $17.75 E:$19.95 H:$18.85 2017-06-01 131148
Showcase Miniatures 134 Undecorated Vehicle, Pickup $12.95 E:$12.95 H:$14.45 2017-02-01 131149
Showcase Miniatures 135 Painted/Unlettered Vehicle, Truck, Rotary Dump $22.95 E:$22.95 2018-04-01 144464
Showcase Miniatures 136 Fire and Rescue City Fire Vehicle, Truck, International Fire $49.95 2019-04-01 159393
Showcase Miniatures 138 Undecorated Grumman LLV Delivery Truck kit Grumann LLV Postal Office Delivery Truck $14.75 E:$18.00 169201
No Image Showcase Miniatures 18 Truck, Cab Over Engine, COE, Beverage, GMC, Circa 1950s E:$9.11 H:$14.10 98282
Showcase Miniatures 20 Undecorated Truck, Tractor Cab, KW, T600 Tandem Axle Tractor with Sleeper $16.95 E:$11.20 H:$13.30 130635
No Image Showcase Miniatures 21 Loader, Containerr, Kalmar E:$34.99 H:$18.32 1998-01-01 97893
Showcase Miniatures 22 Undecorated Truck, Tractor Cab, Cab Over Engine, COE, Dual Axle, Ford $13.75 E:$19.95 H:$15.48 130633
Showcase Miniatures 23 Truck, Tractor Cab, KW, T600 2 Axle $16.95 E:$12.95 H:$10.94 130634
Showcase Miniatures 31 Company R-190 Tractor $10.95 E:$12.74 H:$13.45 130636
Showcase Miniatures 32 Company R-190 Tractor $10.95 E:$15.95 H:$11.95 130637
Showcase Miniatures 34 Undecorated Vehicle, Truck, International Fire $16.15 E:$10.95 H:$15.99 117611
No Image Showcase Miniatures 38 Truck, Flatbed, I-Type 98382
No Image Showcase Miniatures 39 Truck, Flatbed, I-Type E:$16.95 H:$13.24 98388
No Image Showcase Miniatures 40 Truck, Tractor Cab, Bi-Axle, I-Type E:$12.98 H:$47.79 98392
Showcase Miniatures 41 Truck, Maintenance Of Way, MOW, I-Type E:$24.95 H:$19.21 98419
No Image Showcase Miniatures 42 Truck, Tractor Cab, Cab Over Engine, COE, Dual Axle, Ford E:$18.95 H:$18.95 98489
No Image Showcase Miniatures 43 Truck, Tractor Cab, Cab Over Engine, COE, Dual Axle, Ford H:$18.95 98490
No Image Showcase Miniatures 44 Truck, Cab and Chassis, Bi-Axle, I-Type E:$23.95 H:$23.95 98393
No Image Showcase Miniatures 46 Truck, Cab and Chassis, I-Type E:$22.95 98397
No Image Showcase Miniatures 48 Truck, Maintenance Of Way, MOW, Crew Cab, I-Type E:$25.95 H:$25.95 98409
No Image Showcase Miniatures 49 Truck, Maintenance Of Way, MOW, I-Type E:$24.95 98410
No Image Showcase Miniatures 50 Truck, Cab and Chassis, Crew Cab, I-Type E:$10.95 H:$15.56 98400
Showcase Miniatures 5010 Pacific Electric Trolley $74.95 E:$77.95 H:$77.95 2017-06-01 131150
Showcase Miniatures 513 Undecorated Dwarf Signals (Qty.3) Signal Single head drawf searchlight signal $11.95 2017-02-01 149174
Showcase Miniatures 514 Undecorated Pole Mount Searchlight Signal Signal Dual head searchlight signal $12.95 2017-02-01 149132
Showcase Miniatures 515 Undecorated Single Cabinet Mount Searchlight Signal Signal Dual head searchlight signal $15.95 E:$15.95 2017-02-01 149133
Showcase Miniatures 516 Undecorated Double Cabinet Mount Searchlight Signal Signal Dual head searchlight signal $15.95 2017-02-01 149134
No Image Showcase Miniatures 53 Truck, Equipment Service, I-Type E:$10.95 H:$12.11 98411
No Image Showcase Miniatures 531 Trailer, Utility E:$12.95 H:$12.95 98487
No Image Showcase Miniatures 532 Trailer, Utility E:$8.95 H:$11.95 98488
No Image Showcase Miniatures 537 Trailer, Utility E:$13.20 H:$12.95 98486
No Image Showcase Miniatures 538 Trailer, Equipment 98466
No Image Showcase Miniatures 54 Truck, Equipment Service, Crew Cab, I-Type E:$22.95 H:$19.97 98413
Showcase Miniatures 546 Undecorated Fuel Tank Small Oil Tanks $15.95 E:$16.95 H:$15.45 2017-02-01 123397
No Image Showcase Miniatures 55 Truck, Dump, I-Type E:$11.00 H:$11.89 98415
Showcase Miniatures 557 Undecorated Mailbox Set Mailbox, Postal Deposit Box $10.75 170594
No Image Showcase Miniatures 56 Truck, Tractor Cab, I-Type E:$13.95 98370
Showcase Miniatures 58 Maintenance of Way, Track Maintenance, Ballast Regulator $47.95 E:$45.95 H:$26.61 2014-04-01 106180
No Image Showcase Miniatures 59 Truck, Flatbed, KW, Tri-Axle, Hi Rail, Grapple E:$26.95 H:$5.99 98322
No Image Showcase Miniatures 60 Truck, Tractor Cab, KW, Tri-Axle E:$18.95 H:$16.47 98306
No Image Showcase Miniatures 65 Truck, Flatbed, KW, Tri-Axle, Boom Crane E:$12.99 H:$24.95 98299
No Image Showcase Miniatures 66 Truck, Box Van, FL, M2 E:$10.95 H:$10.77 98421
Showcase Miniatures 68 Maintenance of Way, Track Maintenance, Tie Crane, Kershaw $41.95 E:$45.95 106181
No Image Showcase Miniatures 70 Trailer, Lowboy E:$15.95 H:$20.53 98460
No Image Showcase Miniatures 71 Truck, Box Van, I-Type E:$24.95 H:$24.95 98422
No Image Showcase Miniatures 72 Truck, Hydraulic Service, FL, M2 98455
No Image Showcase Miniatures 73 Truck, Hydraulic Service, Dual Axle, FL, M2 98458
No Image Showcase Miniatures 75 Truck, Utility Bucket Service, Dual Axle, FL, M2 H:$33.97 98459
No Image Showcase Miniatures 76 Truck, Dump, KW, Tri-Axle E:$21.95 H:$24.95 98295
No Image Showcase Miniatures 77 Truck, Tractor Cab, KW, Tri-Axle E:$19.95 H:$19.95 98298
No Image Showcase Miniatures 79 Truck, Cab Over Engine, COE, Flatbed, GMC, Circa 1950s H:$13.70 98280
No Image Showcase Miniatures 80 Truck, Cab Over Engine, COE, Wrecker, GMC, Circa 1950s E:$16.95 H:$16.95 98277
No Image Showcase Miniatures 81 Truck, Cab Over Engine, COE, Box Van, GMC, Circa 1950s E:$15.95 H:$15.95 98281
No Image Showcase Miniatures 82 Truck, Flatbed, I-Type 98442
No Image Showcase Miniatures 83 Truck, Flatbed, Dual Axle, FL, M2 98420
No Image Showcase Miniatures 84 Truck, Flatbed, KW, Tri-Axle 98290
No Image Showcase Miniatures 85 Truck, Forklift, Donkey E:$15.95 H:$15.95 98436
No Image Showcase Miniatures 86 Truck, Tractor Cab, GMC, 9500, Circa 1970s E:$7.99 H:$18.95 98262
No Image Showcase Miniatures 87 Truck, Tractor Cab, GMC, 9500, Circa 1970s E:$14.99 H:$18.95 98263
No Image Showcase Miniatures 88 Truck, Wrecker, I Type, 1960s H:$11.97 98264
No Image Showcase Miniatures 89 Truck, Wrecker, I Type, 1960s E:$18.95 H:$17.95 98266
Showcase Miniatures 90 Truck, Tank, Liquid Propane Gas, FL, M2 19.95 E:$12.99 H:$14.75 2016-07-01 104123
Showcase Miniatures 91 Truck, Wrecker, GMC, Circa 1970s 18.95 H:$15.47 2016-07-01 104122
Showcase Miniatures 92 Truck, Wrecker, GMC, Circa 1970s 18.95 H:$20.95 2016-07-01 104121
Showcase Miniatures 93 Undecorated Vehicle, Truck, Dump Truck Brigadier $16.95 E:$18.95 H:$18.95 117610
Showcase Miniatures 94 Undecorated Vehicle, Truck, Chevy 3100 Flat Bed $14.95 E:$17.95 H:$14.95 117612
Showcase Miniatures 95 Undecorated Vehicle, Truck, Chevy 3800 Flat Bed $14.95 E:$14.95 H:$14.95 117613
Showcase Miniatures 96 Undecorated Truck $25.95 H:$19.80 2017-02-01 123493
Showcase Miniatures 97 Undecorated Truck $25.95 E:$27.95 H:$20.98 2017-02-01 123494
Showcase Miniatures 98 Undecorated Truck $25.95 E:$27.95 H:$27.95 2017-02-01 123495
Showcase Miniatures 99 Undecorated Truck $25.95 2017-02-01 123496