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N Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

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N-Scale Model Trains

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N-Scale Train Modeling is a hobby concerned with the recreation, display and operation of railway equipment in miniature. N-Scale is sometimes also referred to as N-Gauge.

N-Scale is a group of similar dimensional relationships including (but not limited to) 1/160, 1/150 and 1/148. All share in common a railroad gauge of 9mm (0.354 in). The earliest model trains to use this scale were made by Lone Star in the United Kingdom in their OOO (Treble-O) line. Interestingly, the Lone Star models use a dimensional relationship of 1/152. The first models to use a 1/160 scale were made by Arnold of Germany in the 1960s. The most common dimensional relationship in the United States and Europe is 1/160. Japanese manufacturers make a mix of 1/150 and 1/160 products but for the most part use 1/150. Model manufacturers in the United Kingdom prefer 1/148.

When it comes to track, N Scale always uses a standard 9mm distance between the two rails. The track height, however, can vary. Common heights are 0.08 inches high (Code 80) and 0.055 inches (Code 55). For narrow gauge modelers, track is 6.5mm between the rails (Z-Scale), but the dimensional ratio of the models is still typically 1/160, 1/150 or 1/148.

Worldwide, N Scale is the second most popular model railroading Scale after HO, but in certain geographical regions (Japan in particular) it exceeds even HO in popularity.
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Total items in collection: 66408. Total items on page 137

First Image Brand Stock Number Road or Company Name Reporting Marks Road or Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
Oxford Diecast N105008 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Ford, Anglia $7.95 2019-09-01 164369
Oxford Diecast NAEC010 Royal Navy Truck, AEC Matador £11.95 H:$10.32 2016-09-01 114098
Oxford Diecast NAEC014 Southdown Motor Services Truck, AEC Matador £6.95 H:$12.14 2016-09-01 141017
Oxford Diecast NAEC017 British Army Truck, AEC Matador £11.95 H:$10.88 2016-09-01 114099
Oxford Diecast NAP003 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Austin, Princess £4.35 H:$7.85 2018-01-01 141018
Oxford Diecast NAP004 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Austin, Mini Cooper 2018-08-01 146269
Oxford Diecast NBED003 Ambulance Truck, Van, Bedford, J1 £5.45 H:$10.86 2017-07-01 132106
Oxford Diecast NBED006 Ambulance Truck, Van, Bedford, J1 £5.45 H:$10.73 2017-12-01 139365
Oxford Diecast NBP005 Slumberland Beds Truck, Van, Bedford Pantechnicon £9.75 H:$9.97 2016-10-01 115282
Oxford Diecast NBSA008 Royal Air Force Motorcycle £3.95 2018-06-01 145285
Oxford Diecast NCA021 N/A Mr. Softee Truck, Mercedes, Sprinter $9.95 E:$9.45 2019-09-01 164373
Oxford Diecast NCHT001 British Army Tank, Churchill £6.95 E:$11.95 H:$12.32 2017-02-01 142510
Oxford Diecast NCHT002 Canadian Army Calgary F2 Tank, Churchill 2019-01-01 152206
Oxford Diecast NCMP001 Canadian Army Truck, Van, Bedford CMP H:$11.34 2017-09-01 134713
Oxford Diecast NCMP007 Southdown Motor Services Truck, Van, Bedford CMP £6.55 H:$11.46 2018-01-01 141019
Oxford Diecast NCOR3001 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Ford, Cortina £4.35 H:$8.85 2018-01-01 141021
Oxford Diecast NCT001 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Citroën, 2CV £3.95 H:$7.24 105299
Oxford Diecast NCT002 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Citroën, 2CV £3.95 105298
Oxford Diecast NCT003 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Citroën, 2CV £3.95 105297
Oxford Diecast NCT004 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Citroën, 2CV £3.75 H:$9.16 105296
Oxford Diecast NCT005 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Citroën, 2CV £4.35 E:$8.95 H:$7.48 2018-01-01 141022
Oxford Diecast NCT006 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Citroën, 2CV £7.95 E:$7.85 2018-09-01 147657
Oxford Diecast NCV001 Trailer, Recreational, Caravan, Travel £3.95 H:$6.28 105293
Oxford Diecast NCV002 Trailer, Recreational, Caravan, Travel £3.95 H:$8.29 105294
Oxford Diecast NCV003 Trailer, Recreational, Caravan, Travel £3.75 H:$7.05 105295
Oxford Diecast NDEF002 Royal Mail N949 GSG Automobile, Land Rover, Defender £4.35 149040
Oxford Diecast NDEF003 British Army 64-KJ–56 Automobile, Land Rover, Defender £4.35 132230
Oxford Diecast NDEF007 British Rail E751 ANU Automobile, Land Rover, Defender £4.35 132231
Oxford Diecast NDEF008 Network Rail WG07 XKP Automobile, Land Rover, Defender £4.35 132232
Oxford Diecast NDEF009 AA AK53 TXJ Automobile, Land Rover, Defender £4.35 132229
Oxford Diecast NDSC001 British Army Truck, Daimler, Dingo £4.65 H:$8.04 2017-12-01 139366
Oxford Diecast NDSC002 British Army Truck, Daimler, Dingo 2018-08-01 146270
Oxford Diecast NFARM001 Agricultural Vehicles Livestock Trailer Trailer H:$7.84 2017-09-01 134714
Oxford Diecast NFARM002 Agricultural Vehicles General Purpose Trailer 2017-09-01 134715
Oxford Diecast NFARM003 Agricultural Vehicles Baler Trailer, Baler H:$8.38 2017-09-01 134716
Oxford Diecast NFDE001 British Rail NVY 385
FW 1125 N
Automobile, Ford, Thames 400E Van £5.25 H:$10.45 2018-03-01 143524
Oxford Diecast NFDE008 Southdown Motor Services Automobile, Ford, Thames 400E Van 2019-01-01 152205
Oxford Diecast NFT001 Painted/Unlettered Truck, Van, Ford Transit £5.25 2017-07-01 132107
Oxford Diecast NFT012 Stobart Truck, Van, Ford Transit 2019-01-01 152204
Oxford Diecast NFT021 Eddie Stobart Fleet Maintenance Truck, Van, Ford Transit £6.89 2019-04-01 159240
Oxford Diecast NFT022 Fire and Rescue Response Unit Truck, Van, Ford Transit £5.25 2017-07-01 145284
Oxford Diecast NFT023 Network Rail Truck, Van, Ford Transit $8.95 2019-07-01 162245
Oxford Diecast NH1001 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Hillman 2018-01-01 144497
Oxford Diecast NIRZ005 Painted/Unlettered Bus, Scania, Irizar PB £9.45 H:$15.18 2017-07-01 132108
Oxford Diecast NLAN188001 Civil Defense Civil Defence Corps Automobile, Land Rover, Series I, SWB £3.95 H:$9.35 132214
Oxford Diecast NLAN188002 British Army H Automobile, Land Rover, Series I, SWB £4.35 H:$6.15 132215
Oxford Diecast NLAN188003 Automobile, Land Rover, Series I, SWB £3.95 132217
Oxford Diecast NLAN188004 Royal Mail Royal Mail Automobile, Land Rover, Series I, SWB £3.95 132216
Oxford Diecast NLAN188006 Post Office Post Office Telephones Automobile, Land Rover, Series I, SWB £3.95 H:$6.95 132225
Oxford Diecast NLAN188008 Civil Defense Civil Defence Corps SFX 582 Automobile, Land Rover, Series I, SWB £4.35 132226
Oxford Diecast NLAN188009 Automobile, Land Rover, Series I, SWB £4.35 H:$8.97 132227
Oxford Diecast NLAN188010 Fire and Rescue Automobile, Land Rover, Series I, SWB £4.35 H:$7.34 2017-07-01 132110
Oxford Diecast NLAN188019 AA PYU 15 Automobile, Land Rover, Series I, SWB £4.35 132228
Oxford Diecast NLAN188020 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Land Rover, Series I, SWB £4.35 145283
Oxford Diecast NLRL001 United Nations Automobile, Land Rover, 1/2 Ton £4.35 E:$7.95 H:$7.74 2017-02-01 142507
Oxford Diecast NLRL002 British Army Automobile, Land Rover, Series I, SWB £4.35 2018-08-01 146271
Oxford Diecast NLRT003 Municipal Structures Bus, Leyland, Royal Tiger £8.75 H:$13.18 2017-04-01 126786
Oxford Diecast NMA001 Ambulance Truck, Mercedes, Sprinter H:$10.87 2017-09-01 134717
Oxford Diecast NMA002 Ambulance Truck, Mercedes, Sprinter £6.75 E:$6.95 2018-08-01 146272
Oxford Diecast NMB002 Pollock Tractor Trailer £13.95 H:19.32€ 2017-12-01 139371
Oxford Diecast NMB004 Samskip Tractor Trailer £13.95 2018-10-01 148806
Oxford Diecast NMB006 Company Sparks Transport Tractor Trailer 2019-01-01 152203
Oxford Diecast NMB007 McGawn Bros Tractor Trailer £21.51 2019-04-01 159242
Oxford Diecast NMGB001 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, MG, MGB £4.35 H:$10.10 2017-12-01 139369
Oxford Diecast NMGB002 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, MG, MGB £4.35 2017-12-01 162203
Oxford Diecast NMGB003 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, MG, MGB £6.26 E:$8.62 2019-06-01 161853
Oxford Diecast NMMT001 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Morris Minor 164400
Oxford Diecast NMMT008 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Morris Minor $7.95 2019-09-01 164370
Oxford Diecast NMN001 Automobile, Austin, Mini Cooper £3.95 H:$7.78 105284
Oxford Diecast NMN002 Automobile, Austin, Mini Cooper £3.95 105285
Oxford Diecast NMN003 Automobile, Austin, Mini Cooper £3.95 105286
Oxford Diecast NMN004 Automobile, Austin, Mini Cooper £3.95 105287
Oxford Diecast NMN005 Automobile, Austin, Mini Cooper £3.95 H:$10.99 105288
Oxford Diecast NMN005 N/A Automobile, Austin, Mini Cooper £6.12 2019-04-01 159245
Oxford Diecast NMN006 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Austin, Mini Cooper £4.35 H:$8.05 2018-01-01 141023
Oxford Diecast NMN007 Royal Air Force Automobile, Austin, Mini Cooper £6.12 159243
Oxford Diecast NMN008 N/A Automobile, Austin, Mini Cooper £6.12 2019-04-01 159244
Oxford Diecast NMOS001 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Morris Minor £4.65 164399
Oxford Diecast NMOS002 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Morris Minor 164398
Oxford Diecast NMOS003 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Morris Minor £4.65 164397
Oxford Diecast NMOS004 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Morris Minor £4.35 H:$7.72 126787
Oxford Diecast NMOS005 Police Dept Automobile, Morris Minor £4.35 H:$8.17 2017-12-01 139367
Oxford Diecast NNMN001 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Austin, Mini Cooper £4.65 H:$8.12 2017-12-01 139368
Oxford Diecast NNR001 City of London London General Bus, Routemaster £14.95 H:$12.85 2016-10-01 115281
Oxford Diecast NNR002 City of London London Central Bus, Routemaster £8.75 2017-04-01 126788
Oxford Diecast NNR006 City of London London General Bus, Routemaster £14.95 2019-04-01 159253
Oxford Diecast NPB005 Fire and Rescue Truck, Commer, PB £4.95 H:$9.91 2018-01-01 141024
Oxford Diecast NPB008 Royal Mail Truck, Commer, PB £5.25 2018-08-01 146273
Oxford Diecast NPP001 National Express Bus, Plaxton, Panorama £3.95 H:$8.27 105289
Oxford Diecast NPP002 Southdown Motor Services Bus, Plaxton, Panorama £6.95 H:$10.52 105290
Oxford Diecast NPP003 Neath & Cardiff Bus, Plaxton, Panorama £7.55 H:$11.91 105291
Oxford Diecast NPP004 Midland Red Bus, Plaxton, Panorama £7.55 H:$13.14 105292
Oxford Diecast NPP005 Sheffield United Tours Bus, Plaxton, Panorama £7.55 H:$12.88 2017-07-01 132109
Oxford Diecast NSDF001 British Rail Truck, Forklift, SD Freightlifter 2019-09-01 164480
Oxford Diecast NSEA001 Wallace Arnold Bus, Burlingham, Seagull £8.75 H:$12.76 2017-02-01 142505
Oxford Diecast NSEA002 Stratford Blue Bus, Burlingham, Seagull $15.95 154419
Oxford Diecast NSET003 Southdown Motor Services Southdown Bus Set £32.95 E:$59.99 H:$36.88 2018-01-01 141025
Oxford Diecast NSET004 City of London Bus, Double Decker £32.95 E:$29.99 2016-10-01 126789
Oxford Diecast NSFE007 Fire and Rescue Truck, Scania, Tractor-Trailer £7.45 2018-08-01 146275
Oxford Diecast NSHL01CT Stobart Truck, Scania, Tractor-Trailer £13.95 H:$20.00 2018-01-01 141026
Oxford Diecast NSHL02WF Stobart Truck, Scania, Tractor-Trailer £13.95 H:$28.41 2018-01-01 141028
Oxford Diecast NTCAB005 Tinnelly Transport Ltd Truck, Scania, Tractor-Trailer £13.95 E:$24.95 2018-01-01 147659
Oxford Diecast NTEA001 Tractor, Agricultural, Ferguson £3.95 E:$7.85 H:$9.63 104895
Oxford Diecast NTEA002 Tractor, Agricultural, Ferguson £3.95 E:$7.95 H:$6.95 104896
Oxford Diecast NTIL003 British Army African Division Sudan Truck, Austin, Tilly $7.95 2016-09-01 114100
Oxford Diecast NTIL004 British Army Light AA Brigade Truck, Austin, Tilly 2016-09-01 152202
Oxford Diecast NTIL005 City of London Fire Brigade Truck, Austin, Tilly $7.95 2016-10-01 115280
Oxford Diecast NTRAC001 Tractor, Agricultural, Fordson £3.95 E:$9.95 H:$8.61 104897
Oxford Diecast NTRAC002 Tractor, Agricultural, Fordson £3.95 H:$11.65 104898
Oxford Diecast NTRAC004 Painted/Unlettered Tractor, Agricultural, Ferguson £4.35 2017-02-01 142504
Oxford Diecast NTRAIL001 Bob's Hot Dogs Trailer, Concession, Food, Hot Dogs £4.25 E:$16.89 H:$7.95 104899
Oxford Diecast NTRAIL004 Company Walls Ice Cream Trailer, Concession, Food 2019-01-01 152201
Oxford Diecast NTRAIL006 Company Buns on Wheels Trailer, Concession, Food, Hot Dogs H:$9.61 144496
Oxford Diecast NUT005 Guy Motors Wolverhampton Bus, Guy Arab Utility £11.95 H:$12.92 2016-10-01 115283
Oxford Diecast NUT006 Guy Motors Preston Bus, Guy Arab Utility £11.95 2018-10-01 148807
Oxford Diecast NVOL4003 Company Knowles Tractor Trailer 2019-01-01 152200
Oxford Diecast NVOL4006 Painted/Unlettered Tractor Trailer £12.95 H:$18.73 2017-12-01 139370
Oxford Diecast NVW001 Truck, Panel Van, Volkswagen, Type 2 £3.95 H:$6.05 104900
Oxford Diecast NVW002 Truck, Pickup, Volkswagen, Type 2 £3.95 E:$9.95 H:$8.29 104901
Oxford Diecast NVW003 Truck, Microbus, Volkswagen, Type 2, Kombi £3.95 E:$9.95 H:$9.53 104902
Oxford Diecast NVW004 Truck, Camper, Volkswagen, Type 2 £3.95 H:$12.32 104903
Oxford Diecast NVW005 Truck, Panel Van, Volkswagen, Type 2 £3.95 H:$7.75 104904
Oxford Diecast NVW006 Truck, Pickup, Volkswagen, Type 2 $3.95 104905
Oxford Diecast NVW007 Truck, Microbus, Volkswagen, Type 2, Kombi £3.95 H:$10.30 104906
Oxford Diecast NVW008 Truck, Camper, Volkswagen, Type 2 £3.95 H:$10.86 104907
Oxford Diecast NVW009 Truck, Panel Van, Volkswagen, Type 2 $3.95 H:$7.95 104908
Oxford Diecast NVW010 Truck, Pickup, Volkswagen, Type 2 £3.95 H:$7.95 104909
Oxford Diecast NVW012 Truck, Camper, Volkswagen, Type 2 £3.95 104910
Oxford Diecast NVW015 Truck, Microbus, Volkswagen, Type 2, Kombi £3.95 104911
Oxford Diecast NVWB001 Herbie The Love Bug 53 Automobile, Volkswagen, Beetle £3.95 H:$8.32 104912
Oxford Diecast NVWB002 Automobile, Volkswagen, Beetle £3.95 E:$7.95 H:$7.06 104913
Oxford Diecast NVWB003 Automobile, Volkswagen, Beetle £3.95 104914
Oxford Diecast NVWB004 Painted/Unlettered Automobile, Volkswagen, Beetle $7.95 H:$6.95 2017-04-01 126790
Oxford Diecast NWFA001 South Wales Transport Bus, Weymann, Fanfare £7.45 H:$12.63 2018-01-01 141029
Oxford Diecast NWFL001 Southdown Motor Services Bus, Plaxton, Panorama £7.45 2018-08-01 146276
Oxford Diecast NWM001 Walls Ice Cream Truck, Mercedes, Sprinter £4.75 E:$10.95 H:$9.04 104915
Oxford Diecast NWM002 Dimascios Ice Cream Truck, Mercedes, Sprinter £4.45 H:$9.41 104916