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N Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

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N-Scale Model Trains

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N-Scale Train Modeling is a hobby concerned with the recreation, display and operation of railway equipment in miniature. N-Scale is sometimes also referred to as N-Gauge.

N-Scale is a group of similar dimensional relationships including (but not limited to) 1/160, 1/150 and 1/148. All share in common a railroad gauge of 9mm (0.354 in). The earliest model trains to use this scale were made by Lone Star in the United Kingdom in their OOO (Treble-O) line. Interestingly, the Lone Star models use a dimensional relationship of 1/152. The first models to use a 1/160 scale were made by Arnold of Germany in the 1960s. The most common dimensional relationship in the United States and Europe is 1/160. Japanese manufacturers make a mix of 1/150 and 1/160 products but for the most part use 1/150. Model manufacturers in the United Kingdom prefer 1/148.

When it comes to track, N Scale always uses a standard 9mm distance between the two rails. The track height, however, can vary. Common heights are 0.08 inches high (Code 80) and 0.055 inches (Code 55). For narrow gauge modelers, track is 6.5mm between the rails (Z-Scale), but the dimensional ratio of the models is still typically 1/160, 1/150 or 1/148.

Worldwide, N Scale is the second most popular model railroading Scale after HO, but in certain geographical regions (Japan in particular) it exceeds even HO in popularity.
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First Image Brand Stock Number Road or Company Name Reporting Marks Road or Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
Micro Engineering 10-122 Track, N Scale Flex Track, code 70, non-weathered Track, Wooden ties, Single $34.60 E:$30.00 H:$34.60 1995-01-01 139625
Micro Engineering 10-124 Track, N Scale Flex Track, code 55, non-weathered Track, Wooden ties, Single $32.50 E:$30.85 H:$29.62 1995-01-01 139626
Micro Engineering 10-125 Track, N Scale Flex Track, code 55, concrete ties, non-weathered Track, Concrete ties, Single $32.50 H:$32.11 1995-01-01 139627
Micro Engineering 10-126 Track, N Scale Flex Track, code 40, non-weathered Track, Wooden ties, Single $32.50 E:$30.85 1995-01-01 139628
Micro Engineering 11-110 Track, N Scale Bridge Flex Track, code 70, non-weathered Track, Wooden ties, Single $11.55 H:$10.96 1995-01-01 139633
Micro Engineering 11-112 Track, N Scale Bridge Flex Track, code 55, non-weathered Track, Wooden ties, Single $11.55 H:$11.55 1995-01-01 139634
Micro Engineering 12-122 Track, N Scale Flex Track, code 70, weathered Track, Wooden ties, Single $36.20 E:$33.95 H:$36.20 1995-01-01 139621
Micro Engineering 12-124 Track, N Scale Flex Track, code 55, weathered Track, Wooden ties, Single $33.90 H:$35.51 1995-01-01 139622
Micro Engineering 12-125 Track, N Scale Flex Track, code 55, concrete ties, weathered Track, Concrete ties, Single $33.90 H:$30.85 1995-01-01 139623
Micro Engineering 12-126 Track, N Scale Flex Track, code 40, weathered Track, Wooden ties, Single $33.90 E:$31.95 1995-01-01 139624
Micro Engineering 55-001 Undecorated Murphy Manufacturing Small Factory $18.50 E:$15.95 H:$12.60 1995-01-01 135183
Micro Engineering 55-002 Undecorated Transworld Truck Terminal Trucking Terminal $19.95 E:$17.19 H:$15.94 1995-01-01 135184
Micro Engineering 55-003 Undecorated Petroff Plumbing Supply Plumbing Supply Dealer $19.95 E:$17.95 H:$20.00 1995-01-01 135185
Micro Engineering 55-007 Undecorated Doyle Distribution Center Warehouse $19.95 E:$14.95 H:$13.96 1995-01-01 135186
Micro Engineering 60-001 Undecorated Modern Engine House 2 stall engine house $18.65 E:$17.72 H:$15.26 1995-01-01 135194
Micro Engineering 60-002 Undecorated Poor Boy Mine Small Mine Head $18.65 E:$16.08 H:$13.86 1995-01-01 135193
Micro Engineering 60-149 Railroad Structures Section House Section House & Speeder Shed $21.95 E:$15.99 H:$12.47 1995-01-01 135192
Micro Engineering 65-139 Undecorated Gas Station Gas Station $21.55 H:$19.25 1995-01-01 135195
Micro Engineering 75-150 Undecorated Deck Girder, 80' open deck Open deck grider bridge section $12.05 E:$54.00 H:$12.47 1995-01-01 138623
Micro Engineering 75-151 Undecorated Deck Girder, 40' open deck Open deck grider bridge section $10.95 E:$15.99 H:$6.72 1995-01-01 138622
Micro Engineering 75-152 Undecorated Deck Girder, 80' ballasted deck Ballasted deck grider bridge section $12.60 E:$11.69 H:$9.48 1995-01-01 138620
Micro Engineering 75-153 Undecorated Deck Girder, 40' ballasted deck Ballasted deck grider bridge section $11.50 E:$9.79 H:$5.46 1995-01-01 138621
Micro Engineering 75-518 Undecorated Tall Steel Viaduct, 200' Standard Bridge 200 ft deck bridge with tall steel viaduct $38.65 E:$33.32 H:$32.88 1995-01-01 138667
Micro Engineering 75-519 Undecorated Tall Steel Viaduct, 320' Standard Bridge 320 ft deck bridge with tall steel viaduct $42.30 E:$1.50 H:$53.24 1995-01-01 138668
Micro Engineering 75-542 Undecorated Tall Steel Viaduct, 120' Length Extension Tall steel viaduct and 120 ft deck bridge $21.75 E:$18.74 H:$115.32 1995-01-01 138669
Micro Engineering 75-543 Undecorated Tall Steel Viaduct, 80' Length Extension Tall steel viaduct and 80 ft deck bridge $19.30 E:$16.63 1995-01-01 164902
Micro Engineering 80-041 Undecorated 80' Concrete Bridge Deck (2) 80 ft concrete deck bridge $3.95 E:$3.80 1995-01-01 138624
Micro Engineering 80-140 Undecorated Stacked Tires Stacked Tires E:$2.71 168630
Micro Engineering 80-141 Undecorated Gas Pumps (2) Gasoline Pumps $3.85 172493
Micro Engineering 80-142 Undecorated Acetylene Carts (2) Acetylene Carts $3.85 E:$3.19 172490
Micro Engineering 80-143 Undecorated Air Compressors (2) Air Compressor $3.85 E:$4.39 172487
Micro Engineering 80-144 Undecorated Pallets (24) Pallet $4.35 E:$34.99 172486
Micro Engineering 80-145 Undecorated Old Board Fence Wood Privacy Fence E:$3.83 168631
Micro Engineering 80-146 Undecorated Oil Drum Oil Drum E:$2.95 168628
Micro Engineering 80-151 Undecorated Outhouse Outhouse E:$3.90 168626
Micro Engineering 80-152 Undecorated Telephone Box Telephone Box E:$3.47 168970
Micro Engineering 80-154 Undecorated Push Cart Push Cart E:$3.45 168972
Micro Engineering 80-155 Undecorated Coal Box Coal Box 168971
Micro Engineering 80-156 Undecorated Oil Drum Platform Oil Drum Platform E:$2.56 168627
Micro Engineering 80-157 Undecorated Mine Car Mine Car E:$3.40 168629
Micro Engineering 80-170 Undecorated Plate Girder, 80' Plate girder bridge section $6.35 E:$6.35 H:$6.35 1995-01-01 140760
Micro Engineering 80-171 Undecorated Plate Girder, 40' Plate girder bridge section $6.00 E:$5.75 H:$5.50 1995-01-01 140759
Micro Engineering 80-176 Undecorated Tall Steel Viaduct, Tower or Two Bents $12.05 1995-01-01 165443
Micro Engineering 80-177 Undecorated Barrel Platform with Barrel Barrel Platform with Barrel $3.90 E:$2.74 1995-01-01 164901
Micro Engineering 80-178 Undecorated Bridge Shoes Bridge Shoes $4.95 E:$4.93 1995-01-01 164899