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Plastic Model Vehicle Database

If it is plastic model vehicle, it belongs here

A plastic model is a plastic scale model manufactured as a kit, primarily assembled by hobbyists, and intended for static display. A plastic model kit depicts various subjects, with a majority depicting military and civilian vehicles. A kit varies in difficulty, ranging from a "snap-together" model that assemble straight from the box, to a kit that requires special tools, paints, and cements.

The most popular subjects of plastic models by far are vehicles such as aircraft, ships, automobiles, and armored vehicles such as tanks. The majority of models depict military vehicles,[citation needed] due to the wider variety of form and historical context compared to civilian vehicles. Other subjects include science fiction vehicles and robots (most famously from Gundam series), real spacecraft, buildings, animals, human figures, and characters from motion pictures. While military, ship, and aircraft modelers prize accuracy above all, modelers of automobiles and science-fiction themes may attempt to duplicate an existing subject, or may depict a completely imaginary subject. The creation of custom automobile models is related to the creation of actual custom cars and often an individual may have an interest in both, although the cost of customizing a real car is obviously enormously greater than that of customizing a model.
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Brand Name Stock Number Scale Category Image ID
Tamiya US Marine AAVP7A1 w/UGWS 135159 1/35 Armored Fighting Vehicles 166714
Tamiya Aircraft Carrier Shokaku 31213 1/700 Warships 163215
Tamiya Aircraft Carrier Zuikaku 31214 1/700 Warships 163214
Tamiya Aircraft Carrier Zuikaku 31223 1/700 Warships 163216
Tamiya Light Cruiser Agano 31314 1/700 Warships 163094
Tamiya Light Cruiser Abukuma 31349 1/700 Warships 163092
Tamiya Light Cruiser Mogami 31359 1/700 Warships 163093
Tamiya Destroyer Fubuki 31491 1/700 Warships 163166
Tamiya B 25 Mitchell Bomber 31515 1/700 Aircraft 163123
Tamiya Battleship Yamato 31544 1/700 Warships 163090
Tamiya Battleship Prince of Wales 31615 1/700 Warships 163096
Tamiya Battle Cruiser Repulse 31617 1/700 Warships 163095
Tamiya British E Class Destroyer 31909 1/700 Warships 163097
Tamiya Battleship King George V 77525 1/700 Warships 163098