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Companies and other entities involved in Transportation

A typical Company HQ
A List of Companies and other Entities involved in the Transportation Sector. This list includes companies whose primary business is transportation such as airlines, railroads and shipping. It also includes manufacturers of equipment for these industries. Lastly, companies who have an involvement in transportation as a secondary line of business are also listed. This would include businesses involved in food distribution or power production that own or lease fleets of vehicles.
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Company Logo Company Name Country Category ID
.A.S.A. Austria Waste Management 165509
1982 World's Fair United States Event 136368
1984 Louisiana World Expo United States Event 142364
3M United States Chemicals 163719
A&W Root Beer United States Food Products 166265
A.E. Staley United States Food Products 135255
AA United Kingdom Automobiles 168602
ABB Group Sweden Railroad Equipment 163790
Abbott Laboratories Pharmaceuticals 135256
Abbotts 137872
Abe's Split Rail Root Beer United States Food Products 143875
Abengoa Bioenergy Energy 135258
Aberdeen & Briar Patch United States Railroad 150209
Aberdeen & Rockfish United States Railroad 136610
Aberdeen Carolina & Western United States Railroad 150208
Abraham Bros Packing Food Products 136611
Abukuma Express Ltd. Japan Railroad 152255
AC Transit Trucking 135260
Acadian Lines Canada Bus 154239
Acadiana United States Railroad 151326
ACL EU Shipping 147184
ACME Machinery 135262
ACTS The Netherlands Container Logistics 135263
Adams & Son Food Products 135264
Adrian & Blissfield United States Railroad 151142
Adtranz Germany Railroad Equipment 160612
Advance 137873
Aermacchi Italy Aircraft Manufacturer 159462
AG Processing United States Food Products 136434
Agar Packing Food Products 135266
Agmart United States Container Logistics 147558
AGRICO Chemical Co Chemicals 137874
Agricultural Structures Neutral Generic 135267
Agricultural Vehicles Generic 135268
Agrium Canada Chemicals 149691
Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers Chemicals 136612
Agway Food Products 136613
Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn Switzerland Container Logistics 159150
Ahnapee & Western United States Railroad 135269
Aichi Kokuki Japan Aircraft Manufacturer 161499
AIG Rail Services Railroad Equipment 135270
Aiken United States Railroad 164122
Air Liquide France Chemicals 150952
Air Products United States Chemicals 150956
Airco Industrial Gases United States Chemicals 141514
Airport Transport Service Japan Bus 135271
Ajax United States Consumer Products 142501
AJCL Japan Container Logistics 144194
AK Steel Construction Materials 136614
Akiem France Railroad Equipment 135272
Akron & Barbeton Belt United States Railroad 151052
Akron Barbeton Cluster United States Railroad 151376
Akron Canton & Youngstown United States Railroad 135273
Aksarben United States Model Railroad Mfg 135275
AL France Railroad 138699
Alabama United States Railroad 151403
Alabama & Florida United States Railroad 150669
Alabama & Gulf Coast United States Railroad 136615
Alabama & Tennessee River United States Railroad 155930
Alabama Great Southern United States Railroad 137875
Alabama Southern United States Railroad 151440
Alameda Belt Line United States Railroad 151053
Alamo Trucking 135276
Alamo Gulf Coast United States Railroad 151456
Alaska Marine United States Container Logistics 149261
Alaska Railroad United States Railroad 135277
Albany & Eastern United States Railroad 136616
Albany Port United States Railroad 151522
Albert Brothers Inc. United States Waste Management 169267
Albert City Farmers Food Products 136617
Alberta Government Canada Government 135278
Alberta Railnet Canada Government 151579
Alcan Canada Chemicals 152677
Alco United States Railroad Equipment 136618
Alderney Dairy Food Products 136619
Alexander United States Railroad 151616
Alfred Packer United States Food Products 153303
Alfred Talke Germany Logistics 147096
Algoma Central Canada Railroad 135279
Algoma Central Corp Canada Shipping 165979
Algoma Tankers Ltd Canada Shipping 165980
Alianca Brazil Container Logistics 149259
Aliquippa & Southern United States Railroad 151638
Alkem Scale Models United States Model Railroad Mfg 150976
Allegheny United States Railroad 151939
Allegheny Midland United States Railroad (Fictional) 138186
Allegheny Refining United States Energy 141634
Allegheny Valley United States Railroad 151681
Allen Packing Food Products 135280
Allgäu-Express Germany Railroad 164124
Alliance Shippers Trucking 135281
Alliant Energy United States Energy 135282
Allied Chemical Chemicals 136620
Allied Mills United States Food Products 135283
Allied Van Lines United States Trucking 135284
Allied Waste Waste Management 135285
Allis-Chalmers United States Heavy Industry 160169
Almanor United States Railroad 168688
Aloha Shake 136622
Alpha Beta United States Trucking 136623
Alstom France Railroad Equipment 144524
Altamont Commuter Express United States Railroad 152490
Alton & Southern United States Railroad 135287
Alton Railroad United States Railroad 135288
Altoona & Logan Valley Electric United States Railroad 168362
Alturas & Lone Pine Railroad (Fictional) 136624
Alumax 137876
Aluminum Company of America 137877
Amador Central United States Railroad 136625
Amador Foothills United States Railroad 151904
Amaizo United States Food Products 135290
Amber Milling Food Products 135291
Ambulance Generic 135292
Ameren United States Energy 159785
America's Roadside Assistance Trucking 136626
American Aggregates 136627
American Beef Packers Inc. United States Food Products 136435
American Bicentennial Event 135294
American Borate Company Chemicals 136628
American Car & Foundry United States Railroad Equipment 135295
American Civil War Event 136629
American Colloid United States Chemicals 136436
American Cranberry Exchange United States Food Products 136385
American Dressed Beef and Provision Co 137878
American Electric Power United States Energy 136630
American Freedom Train United States Railroad 145695
American Mail Line United States Container Logistics 147189
American Maize Products United States Food Products 137266
American Motors Corporation United States Automobiles 149915
American Pacific Whaling United States Energy 136437
American Potash & Chemical United States Chemicals 149471
American President Lines United States Container Logistics 135298
American Railway Association United States Railroad Equipment 140422
American Red Cross United States Non-Profit 145826
American Refrigerator Transit United States Railroad Equipment 135299
American Ship Building Company United States Ship Builder 165863
American Steamship Company United States Shipping 165985
American Stores 136633
Americas Styrenics United States Chemicals 166871
AMG Resources 136634
Amherst Belt Lines United States Model Railroad Club 135300
Amherst Refinery Services United States Railroad (Fictional) 143190
Amicale Jean Baptiste Salis 135301
Amoco Oil Energy 135302
AMT (Agence Métropolitaine de Transport) Canada Railroad 157274
Amtrak United States Railroad 136367
Amtrak California United States Railroad 163540
Amway Corp United States Consumer Products 167036
Anaconda Street United States Railroad 168680
ANCAF Mexico Railroad Equipment 152694
Anchor Petroleum Energy 136635
Anchor Steam Beer United States Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 135304
Anderson-Prichard Oil 136438
Angel City Brewing United States Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 135392
Angelina & Neches River Railroad United States Railroad 136439
Anglo-American Clays Chemicals 136636
Anhalt Germany Trucking 147395
Anheuser Busch Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 135306
Animals Generic 135308
ANL Australia Trucking 147181
Ann Arbor United States Railroad 135309
Ansett Pioneer Australia Bus 154407
Antonio & Cleopatra 135311
AOK Freight United States Container Logistics 136637
Aomori City Bus Japan Bus 135312
Apache United States Railroad 135313
Apache Powder United States Mining 148473
Apalachicola Northern United States Railroad 135314
APC Intermodal United States Container Logistics 135315
APL Logistics United States Container Logistics 135316
Appalachian & Ohio United States Railroad 136638
Appanoose County Community United States Railroad 151902
Applachian Railcar Services United States Railroad Equipment 169275
Aral Germany Energy 135317
Arcade & Attica United States Railroad 136440
Arcata & Mad River United States Railroad 136441
ArcelorMittal Luxembourg Shipping 165988
Archer Daniels Midland Food Products 135319
ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company) United States Energy 149934
Arco Polymers Chemicals 136639
Arctic Brewing Company United States Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 161984
Arctic Oil Works Energy 136640
Aretz Germany Railroad Equipment 163965
Argentine Central United States Railroad 136641
Arizona & California United States Railroad 135320
Arizona Central United States Railroad 151984
Arizona Eastern United States Railroad 135321
Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri United States Railroad 150241
Arkansas & Midland United States Railroad 151378
Arkansas & Missouri United States Railroad 135322
Arkansas Louisiana & Mississippi United States Railroad 152037
Arkansas-Oklahoma United States Railroad 135323
No Image Armco Steel Construction Materials 136642
Armour and Company Food Products 135324
Armour Refrigerator Line Railroad 135325
Armour Shortening 136643
Armour Transportation Trucking 135326
Armstrong United States Construction Materials 135327
Arnaud Canada Railroad 152060
Arnold Transportation Services United States Trucking 148956
Aroostook Valley United States Railroad 152133
Arriva United Kingdom Transit 151454
Arthur Farmers Elev. Co United States Food Products 159498
Asbestos & Danville Canada Railroad 152198
Asco Milk Food Products 135329
Ashland United States Railroad 152199
Ashley Drew & Northern United States Railroad 135330
Associated Cooperatives 136644
Associated Electric Cooperative United States Energy 137879
Associated Truck Lines United States Trucking 138930
Association of American Railroads United States Railroad Equipment 141831
Ast Birrer Switzerland Trucking 147454
Astoria Plywood Lumber & Forestry 135331
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe United States 165799
Atel 135332
Athearn United States 137880
Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay United States Railroad 135333
Atlanta & West Point United States Railroad 136442
Atlanta Stone Mountain & Lithonia United States Railroad 152244
Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic 137881
Atlantic & Danville Railroad 135334
Atlantic & Gulf United States Railroad 152259
Atlantic & Pacific United States Food Products 135335
Atlantic & Western United States Railroad 135336
Atlantic Coast Line United States Railroad 135337
Atlantic Sugar 137882
Atlas Beer Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 136645
Atlas Cements Construction Materials 136646
Atlas Chemical Chemicals 136647
Atlas Model Railroad United States Model Railroad Mfg 135339
Atlas Van Lines Trucking 135341
Atomic Energy Commission United States Government 135342
ATS Anderson Trucking Service United States Logistics 150648
Audi Germany Automobiles 148996
Augustin Network Austria Logistics 147425
Aurora Cooperative United States Food Products 154227
Aurora Elgin & Fox River United States Railroad 151145
Austin United Kingdom Automobiles 168593
Austin & Northwestern United States Railroad 152268
Austin Area Terminal United States Railroad 152258
Austin Todd & Ladd United States Railroad 152306
Austin Western United States Railroad 152293
Austin-Healey United Kingdom Automobiles 160638
Austrian Airlines Austria Airline 135343
Autauga Northern United States Railroad 152361
Auto Train United States Railroad 136648
Auto-Max 137883
Averitt Express United States Trucking 150647
Avery Brewing Company United States Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 163005
Avisun 135345
Avro United Kingdom Aircraft Manufacturer 160146
Axsun Canada Container Logistics 136649
AZ-Kempen Germany Food Products 147077
Baby Ruth United States Food Products 136650
BAC United Kingdom Aircraft Manufacturer 160189
Bachmann Trains United States Model Railroad Mfg 135346
Bad Frog Brewery United States Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 161542
Baden State Railway Germany Railroad 141663
Badger Bus Lines United States Bus 154288
Baker's Chocolate United States Food Products 136369
Bakersfield Buttonwillow & Weed Patch United States Railroad (Fictional) 136651
Baldwin Locomotive Works United States Railroad Equipment 141620
Ballantine United States Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 138927
Ballard Terminal United States Railroad 152795
Baltimore & Annapolis United States Railroad 154324
Baltimore & Ohio United States Railroad 135348
Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal United States Railroad 152738
Baltimore Belt Line United States Railroad 136652
Baltimore Brewing United States Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 144871
Baltimore Transit Co. Bus 136653
Baltz Beer Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 136654
Bamberger United States Railroad 152852
Bangor and Aroostook United States Railroad 135349
Barf Beer Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 135350
Barnum & Bailey United States Circus 142375
Barr-Nunn United States Trucking 150633
Barrie Collingwood United States Railroad 153052
BASF Chemicals 135352
Bath & Hammondsport United States Railroad 136443
Batten Kill United States Railroad 154066
Bauxite & Northern United States Railroad 155726
Bay Coast United States Railroad 153045
Bay Colony United States Railroad 136655
Bay Line United States Railroad 137899
Bay State Milling United States Food Products 136656
Bayer Corporation 136657
Bayou City and Gulf 135354
Bazooka 135355
BBC News United Kingdom Media 161171
BC Hydro Canada Railroad 135356
Beacon Intermodal United States Container Logistics 145827
Beacon Petroleum Energy 135357
Beacon Petroleum Corporation Energy 136370
Bear Creek Vineyard Association United States Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 140594
Beaufort & Morehead United States Railroad 154453
Becco 137884
Beech Mountain United States Railroad 153565
Bekins 137885
Belcher Oil Energy 136444
Belfast & Moosehead Lake United States Railroad 152642
Belgian Armed Forces Belgium Government 136658
Bell Aircraft United States Aircraft Manufacturer 169143
Bell System United States Utility 149157
Belle Wringer 136659
Bellefonte Central United States Railroad 153664
Bellows Falls Creamery Food Products 136371
Belmont Shore Electric Railroad (Fictional) 136660
Belmont Shore Lines Railroad (Fictional) 136661
Belt Railway of Chicago Railroad 135358
Belton United States Railroad 165334
Belvidere & Delaware River United States Railroad 168365
Bend Millwork Construction Materials 135359
Bennett Lumber Lumber & Forestry 135361
Bent Spaghetti Lines Railroad (Fictional) 136662
Berlin Mills United States Railroad 136663
Bermes Germany Logistics 147410
Bertrand Coop Exchange United States Food Products 143035
Bertschi Switzerland Logistics 147387
Berwick Forge and Fabrication United States Railroad Equipment 142600
Berwind Railroad Equipment 136445
Bessemer & Lake Erie United States Railroad 135364
Best Foods Food Products 136664
Bethlehem Steel Construction Materials 136665
Bethpage NY 137886
Bev-Bel United States Model Railroad Mfg 136666
Bevier & Southern United States Railroad 152770
Bevo 135365
BF Goodrich United States Machinery 135366
BHP Billiton Australia Mining 136667
Big Eagle United States Railroad 154068
Big Red Line 136668
Big Rock Brewing Co Canada Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 161671
No Image Big Sky Canada Railroad 165461
Big Three United States Chemicals 150958
Bighorn Divide & Wyoming United States Railroad 153487
Bildgewater Bourbon Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 135368
Billboard Generic 135369
Birmingham Electric United States Railroad 168684
Birmingham Southern United States Railroad 136669
Birmingham Terminal United States Railroad 168364
Birmingham Transit United States Railroad 168685
Bison Canada Trucking 142795
Bitburger Germany Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 147336
BJ Titan 136670
Black and Red 136671
Black Hills & Fort Pierre 136672
Black Hills Packing Food Products 135370
Black Mesa and Lake Powell United States Railroad 135372
Black River & Western United States Railroad 135373
Blackwell Northern Gateway United States Railroad 163661
Blatz Beer Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 135374
Blitz Weinhard 135376
Bloedel Stewart & Welch Ltd. 136673
Bloomer Line United States Railroad 154661
Bloomfields United Kingdom Consumer Products 168841
BLS (Bern–Lötschberg–Simplon) Switzerland Railroad 135363
Blue and White 136674
Blue Circle Industries United Kingdom Construction Materials 135378
Blue Circle Williams 136446
Blue Flame Energy Energy 135380
Blue Goose Food Products 135381
Blue Mountain United States Railroad 136675
Blue Ridge Southern United States Railroad 164987
Blue Star Line United Kingdom Shipping 168187
BMW Germany Automobiles 168592
Bob's Hot Dogs 136676
No Image BOC United Kingdom Chemicals 150954
Boeing United States Aircraft Manufacturer 144707
Bogie’s Brew United States Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 162996
Boise Cascade United States Lumber & Forestry 135382
Boise Valley United States Railroad 154452
Bombardier Canada Railroad Equipment 143498
Bonanza Beer Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 135383
Bonhomie & Hattiesburg Southern United States Railroad 152631
Bookey Packing Co United States Food Products 166689
Boone Valley Coop United States Food Products 158865
Boote's Hatcheries United States Food Products 136447
Booville & Beyond 136677
Boraxo United States Chemicals 136678
Borden's Farm Products United States Food Products 135384
Border Pacific United States Railroad 154663
BorgWarner 135385
Boston & Albany 136679
Boston & Maine United States Railroad 136373
Boston Concord & Montreal 136680
Boston Fire Dept. United States Government 137888
Bottled Gas Energy 135386
Bountiful Grain & Craig Mountain United States Railroad 154662
Bourk-Donaldson 136681
Bowman Dairy Company Food Products 135387
Boyne City United States Railroad 157275
Brach's Candy United States Food Products 136682
Brandon United States Railroad 154933
Brandywine Valley RR 136683
BRB (Bayerische Regiobahn) Germany Railroad 163998
Brea Chemical Chemicals 136684
Brewster Aeronautical United States Aircraft Manufacturer 163355
Bridgehead United Kingdom Container Logistics 149254
Bridges and Piers Generic 149119
Bright's Wines Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 136448
Brillion & Forest Junction United States Railroad 155721
Brinks & Sons 136685
Bristol Aeroplane United Kingdom Aircraft Manufacturer 160187
Bristol Brewing United States Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 139418
Bristol Commercial Vehicles United Kingdom Automobiles 166475
British Army United Kingdom Government 136686
British Columbia Canada Railroad 135388
British Leyland United Kingdom Automobiles 147612
British Motor United Kingdom Automobiles 162204
British Petroleum United Kingdom Energy 135389
British Rail United Kingdom Railroad 135390
Brohltalbahn Germany Railroad 165283
Brooklyn and Queens Transit United States Bus 136687
Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal United States Railroad 155722
Brooklyn Locomotive Works United States Model Railroad Mfg 136688
Brooklyn NTRAK Model Railroad Club 136689
Brooks Scanlon 136690
Brown Company 137889
Brownhoist United States Railroad Equipment 143176
Brownsville & Rio Grande United States Railroad 155723
Brownwood Lometa and Temple Railroad (Fictional) 135391
Brunner Kühltransporte Germany Logistics 147199
Buckingham Branch United States Railroad 153274
Bud of California 136691
Budd Railroad Equipment 135393
Buffalo & Pittsburgh United States Railroad 135395
Buffalo & Susquehanna 136692
Buffalo Creek United States Railroad 136374
Buffalo Creek & Gauley United States Railroad 137890
Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh United States Railroad 137891
Buffalo Southern United States Railroad 136693
Bühler-Hof Germany Food Products 163601
Buick City United States Railroad 155724
Builders Supply Company United States Construction Materials 149407
Bunge Corp 136694
Burbank Power & Light United States Railroad (Fictional) 136695
Burlington Junction United States Railroad 154067
Burlington Motor Carriers United States 136696
Burlington Northern United States Railroad 135396
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad 135397
Burlington Refrigerator Express United States Railroad 162793
Burlington Route United States Railroad 136375
Burp-Oh Beer Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 136697
Bush Terminal United States Railroad 155725
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific United States Railroad 137892
Byrne Vineyards Australia Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 144544
C.F. Simonin United States Food Products 141635
C.R. England United States Container Logistics 136699
Cabot United States Chemicals 140316
Cadillac United States Automobiles 136700
Cadillac & Lake City United States Railroad 158066
Cadiz Railroad United States Railroad 136449
Cadzow Heavy Haulage United Kingdom Heavy Industry 168761
CAFCO 136701
CAI United States Shipping 150360
Cairo Terminal United States Railroad 158646
Cajon Electric Power United States Energy 156144
Cal Gas Energy 136702
Calaveras Cement United States Construction Materials 138355
California Dispatch Line 136703
California Fruit Express 137893
California Northern United States Railroad 136704
California Rail Car 136705
California Seismic Retrofit. 136706
California Sparkling Water 137894
California Steel Industries Construction Materials 135402
California Western United States Railroad 163537
Caltrain United States Railroad 135403
Calumet & Hecla United States Railroad 158649
Camas Prairie United States Railroad 158653
Camas Prairie Railnet United States Railroad 163353
Cambria & Indiana United States Railroad 135404
Camel Cigarettes United States Consumer Products 151667
Camellia Line Japan Shipping 149008
Camino, Placerville and Lake Tahoe United States Railroad 136707
Camp Chase Industrial United States Railroad 159593
Campaign Express 135405
Campbell 66 Express United States Trucking 136708
Canada Canada Government 135406
Canada & Gulf Terminal Canada Railroad 158927
Canada Dry Canada Food Products 136709
Canada Malting Canada Food Products 155068
Canada Maritime Canada Container Logistics 139605
Canada Southern Canada Railroad 135407
Canada Steamship Line Canada Shipping 165984
Canadian American United States Railroad 159787
Canadian and North Western 135409
Canadian Army Canada Government 135410
Canadian Car & Foundry Canada Railroad Equipment 144957
Canadian Coast Guard Canada Government 165982
Canadian Doughnut Food Products 135411
Canadian Forest Products Canada Lumber & Forestry 135412
Canadian General Transit Railroad Equipment 136710
Canadian General Transportation Canada Railroad Equipment 136711
Canadian Industrial Alcohol Chemicals 136450
Canadian Industries Canada Railroad Equipment 148479
Canadian Liquid Air Canada Chemicals 135413
Canadian Locomotive Company Canada Railroad Equipment 145641
Canadian National Canada Railroad 135414
Canadian Northern 135415