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HO Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

At the 1935 Leipzig Spring Fair, an electric tabletop railway, Trix Express, was displayed to a gauge described as "half nought gauge", which was then abbreviated as gauge 00 ("nought-nought"). Märklin, another German firm, followed suit with its 00 gauge railway for the 1935 Leipzig Autumn Fair. The Märklin 00 gauge track that appeared more than ten years after Bing's tabletop railway had a very similar appearance to the previous Bing track. On the Märklin version, however, the rails were fixed to the tin 'ballast' as in the prototype, whilst the Bing tracks were simply stamped into the ballast, so that track and ballast were made of single sheet of metal.

According to the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) standard S-1.2 predominantly used in North America, in HO scale, 3.5 mm (0.1378 in) represents 1 real foot (304.8 mm); this ratio works out to 1:87.0857142, usually rounded to 1:87.1. According to the MOROP standard NEM 010 predominantly used in Europe, the scale is exactly 1:87. In HO, rails are spaced 16.5 mm (0.64961 in) apart which models the standard railroad gauge of 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 in).

The name HO comes from 1:87 scale being half that of O scale, which was previously the smallest of the series of older and larger 0, 1, 2 and 3 gauges introduced by Märklin around 1900. In most English-speaking markets it is pronounced "aitch-oh" and written with the letters HO today, but in other markets remains written with the letter H and number 0 (zero), so in German it is pronounced as "hah-null".
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Total items in collection: 626. Total items on page 47

First or Primary Gallery Image Brand/Importer Stock Number Road/Company Name Road Letters/Reporting Mark Road/Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Release Date ID
Busch 1000 $71.99 118834
Busch 1002 $51.99 118833
Busch 1025 Glass Enclosed Indoor Swimming Pool $43.99 118831
Faller 140312 Ferris Wheel Ride Kit $109.99 118846
Faller 140315 Chairoplane Swinger Ride Kit with Motor $99.99 118856
Faller 140316 Children's Merry-Go-Round Ride Kit with Motor $79.99 118857
Faller 140318 Swing Boats Ride Kit with Motor $79.99 118859
Faller 140325 Power Tower Ride Kit with Motor $239.99 118860
Faller 140329 Space Train Children's Merry-Go-Round Ride Kit with Motor $47.99 118861
Faller 140330 Pit & Esther Inferno Der Motoren Kamikaze Pit Traveling Motorcycle Stunt Show $149.99 120069
Faller 140331 Circus World Children's Vehicle Ride Kit with Motor $151.99 119351
Faller 140333 Paris-Dakar Go-Kart Race Track Kit with Electronic Controller $299.99 119386
Faller 140340 Fun Fair Ferris Wheel, Bounce House, Strength Booth, and Bratwurst Stand $149.99 120083
Faller 140341 Polyp Ride Kit with County Fair Accessories and Motor $47.99 118864
Faller 140344 Super Wave Swinger Roundabout Ride with Two Motors $279.99 118865
Faller 140420 Das Fun Schiff Ride Kit with Motor and LED Lighting $289.99 118902
Faller 140422 Star Drive Dodgem Cars Ride Kit with Motor $209.99 119036
Faller 140423 Mouse Town Fun House Kit $69.99 119093
Faller 140424 Crazy Clown Trabant Style Hully Gully Ride Kit with Motor $169.99 119121
Faller 140425 Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Ride Kit with Motor $239.99 119097
Faller 140426 Octopussy Ride Kit with Motor $199.99 119098
Faller 140427 Ghost Temple Roller Coaster Fun House Ride Kit with Motor $259.99 119099
Faller 140428 $369.99 119100
Faller 140429 Rainbow Millennium Ride Kit with Motor and LEDs $139.99 119101
Faller 140430 Pirate's Island Wildwater Canoeing Ride Kit with Motors and Water Pumps $269.99 118915
Faller 140431 Top Spin Ride Kit with Two Motors $189.99 119112
Faller 140432 Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Ride Kit with Motor $199.99 119531
Faller 140433 Jungle Train Music Express Ride Kit with Motor $119.99 119096
Faller 140434 Insider Ride Kit with Motor $129.99 119341
Faller 140435 Top In Dodgem Cars Ride Kit with Motor $189.99 119122
Faller 140436 Rainbow Millennium Ride Kit with Motor and Lighting $114.99 119348
Faller 140438 Indiago Ride Kit with Two Motors $154.99 119223
Faller 140439 Flipper Trabant Style Hully Gully Ride Kit with Motor $119.99 119123
Faller 140440 Break Dancer Ride Kit with Motor $93.99 119350
Faller 140447 Witch's Seesaw Ride Kit with Motor $59.99 119555
Faller 140451 Big Dipper Roller Coaster Ride Kit with Motor $239.99 119222
Faller 140461 Break Dance Number One Ride Kit with Motor $109.99 119224
Faller 140470 Jupiter Ferris Wheel Ride Kit with Motor $289.99 119226
Faller 141000 Go-Kart Race Track Circuit Kit with Electronic Controller $302.99 119400
Faller 141070 Go-Kart Race Track Circuit Conti Tower with Garages $37.99 119504
Faller 141071 Go-Kart Race Track Circuit Start and Finish Tower and Grandstand Kit $44.99 119503
Faller 141072 Go-Kart Race Track Circuit Rotunda Cafe Kit $31.99 119502
Faller 194326 Coffee Cups Ride Kit with Motor $92.99 119228
Faller 434 Insider Ride Kit with Motor $109.99 119339
Faller 436 Rainbow Millennium Ride Kit with Motor and Lighting $99.99 119347
Faller 438 Indiago Ride Kit with Two Motors $129.99 119221
Faller 440 Break Dancer Ride Kit with Motor $65.99 119349