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American Art Lamps

Bronze, Wood and Leaded Glass

At the close of the 19th century, L.C. Tiffany made Art Nouveau style lamps a must have for the American Household. Tiffany Studios and their competitors did for electric lighting what Stickley was doing for American furniture. They brought beauty and functionality together to help bring some much needed harmony into a world overrun with the inhumanity of industrialization. These lamps demonstrate a unique twist on the Art Nouveau form (usually titled “Arts and Crafts” in England and America). The colors and shapes of these exquisite functional artifacts pull their viewers back into a kindler, simpler magical world.

Although Tiffany was the most well known of the manufacturers, there were several other high-end producers of excellent metal, glass and wood lamps. This collection demonstrates the range and quality of these beautiful works.

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Sample Image Manufacturer Product Code Short Description TS Catalog ID Category ID
Handel 4 Globe Shade Chandelier 2104 Ceiling Fixture 110067
Handel 7091 Bird Shade 2101 Ceiling Fixture 109666
Handel 6997 Bird Shade 2100 Ceiling Fixture 109639
Handel Blue Parrot Globe 2102 Ceiling Fixture 109667
Handel 6885 Landscape Globe 2103 Ceiling Fixture 110066
Handel Landscape Shade 2105 Ceiling Fixture 110069
Tiffany Daffodil Shade 1212 Ceiling Fixture 108625
Tiffany Easter Egg 1205 Ceiling Fixture 108402
Tiffany Golden Ball Chandelier 1204 Ceiling Fixture 108400
Tiffany 608-10 Grape Shade 1217 Ceiling Fixture 108630
Tiffany Hanging Butterfly Shade 1220 Ceiling Fixture 109044
Tiffany Hanging Dogwood in Tree Shape 1221 Ceiling Fixture 109048
Tiffany Hanging Flower Basket 1209 Ceiling Fixture 108545
Tiffany Haveymeyer Fixture 1208 Ceiling Fixture 108539
Tiffany 625-5 Hollyhock in Blue-Gray 1215 Ceiling Fixture 108628
Tiffany Hydrangea Shade 1211 Ceiling Fixture 108624
Tiffany Moorish Chandelier 1202 Ceiling Fixture 108398
Tiffany 433 Multiple Dragonflies Shade 1218 Ceiling Fixture 109027
Tiffany 602-3 Nasturtium Shade 1216 Ceiling Fixture 108629
Tiffany Open-End Orb 1200 Ceiling Fixture 108393
Tiffany Peacock Mosaic 1207 Ceiling Fixture 108454
Tiffany Pear Shade 1201 Ceiling Fixture 108394
Tiffany Pink-Purple Bouquet 1214 Ceiling Fixture 108627
Tiffany 1915 Rose Bush 1219 Ceiling Fixture 109035
Tiffany Turtleback Chandelier 1203 Ceiling Fixture 108399
Tiffany Turtleback Lantern 1206 Ceiling Fixture 108404
Tiffany Water Lily Orb 1210 Ceiling Fixture 108546
Tiffany White Dogwood Shade 1213 Ceiling Fixture 108626