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Chippendale Style Furniture Database

English and American Designs

Chippendale Style Furniture refers to furniture in the style espoused by Thomas Chippendale who published a book of designs in 1754. Many of these designs were created by Chippendale himself. The identity of some of the other designers in the book is up for debate.

This book defined the style popular in the latter half of the 18th century and is still common today. It was the first furniture style in England to be named after a designer and not a monarch. Chippendale became the most famous name in furniture design at a time when this kind craftsmanship was at its pinnacle.

The design also became popular in the United States though the American craftsman typically took a more conservative approach and their carpentry and upholstry was less ornate than the English counterparts. Chippendale Style furniture appears in three major subtypes: Gothic, Chinese and Rococo (or Modern). Our modern term “Chippendale” typically refers to what Chippendale himself referred to as the Rococo design style. Rococo Chippendale was in large part a reaction to the overbearing formality of the earlier Baroque furniture design exemplified by the work of William Kent and others.

This collection comprises both English and American designs made in the 18th and 19th centuries by the most well known of the manufacturers on both sides of the ocean.

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Country of Origin:
Total items in collection: 173. Total items on page 99

Image Maker Catalog ID Type Description Country of Origin ID
Chippendale 0 Dresser Chest-on-Chest England 169056
Chippendale 1001 Desk Pedestal Desk England 105860
Chippendale 1015 Desk Pedestal Desk England 107606
Chippendale 1016 Desk Writing Desk England 107607
Chippendale 1108 Table Candle Stand England 106410
Chippendale 1109 Table Hot Water Urn Stand England 106416
Chippendale 1110 Table Candle Stand England 106422
Chippendale 1111 Table Candle Stand England 106429
Chippendale 1112 Table Tilt Top Table England 106430
Chippendale 1113 Table Tilt Top Table England 106432
Chippendale 1114 Table Tilt Top Table England 106433
Chippendale 1116 Table Urn Stand England 106440
Chippendale 1117 Table Table England 106447
Chippendale 1118 Table Card Table England 106451
Chippendale 1119 Table Table England 106474
Chippendale 1120 Table Table England 106476
Chippendale 1121 Table Candle Stand England 106477
Chippendale 1145 Table Pembroke Table England 107375
Chippendale 1147 Table Card Table England 107412
Chippendale 1215 Chair Window Seat England 106431
Chippendale 1216 Chair Window Seat England 106435
Chippendale 1217 Chair Side Chair England 106439
Chippendale 1218 Chair Side Chair England 106455
Chippendale 1219 Chair Side Chair England 106483
Chippendale 1220 Chair Side Chair England 106494
Chippendale 1223 Chair Side Chair England 107087
Chippendale 1307 Arm Chair Ladder-Back Arm Chair England 106459
Chippendale 1308 Arm Chair Arm Chair England 106467
Chippendale 1309 Arm Chair Arm Chair England 106481
Chippendale 1313 Arm Chair Arm Chair England 107605
Chippendale 1405 Mirror Wall Mirror England 106510
Chippendale 1510 Misc Triple Chair Settee England 106495
Chippendale 1511 Misc Triple Chair Settee England 106500
Chippendale 1608 Dresser Tall Dresser England 106589
Chippendale 1609 Dresser Highboy Dresser England 106674
Chippendale 1610 Dresser Highboy Dresser England 106711
Chippendale 1706 Cabinet Bookcase England 106595
Chippendale 1707 Cabinet China Cabinet England 106644
Chippendale 1711 Cabinet Cabinet England 107378
Chippendale 1712 Cabinet Cabinet England 107410
Unknown 1000 Desk Partner Desk England 105889
Unknown 1002 Desk Slant Front Desk England 105897
Unknown 1003 Desk Slant Front Desk England 106212
Unknown 1100 Table Tea Table England 105861
Unknown 1101 Table Tea Table England 105884
Unknown 1102 Table Table England 105890
Unknown 1103 Table Tilt Top Table England 105892
Unknown 1115 Table Card Table England 106434
Unknown 1122 Table Card Table England 106825
Unknown 1124 Table Card Table England 106919
Unknown 1125 Table Tea Table England 106935
Unknown 1130 Table Two-Tier Dumbwaiter England 106932
Unknown 1133 Table Tilt Top Table England 106964
Unknown 1135 Table Card Table England 106972
Unknown 1138 Table Pembroke Table England 106998
Unknown 1139 Table Tilt Top Table England 107002
Unknown 1200 Chair Side Chair England 105862
Unknown 1201 Chair Side Chair England 105883
Unknown 1202 Chair Side Chair England 105886
Unknown 1203 Chair Corner Chair England 105887
Unknown 1204 Chair Corner Chair England 105891
Unknown 1205 Chair Side Chair England 105898
Unknown 1206 Chair Side Chair England 105900
Unknown 1207 Chair Curveback Chair England 106185
Unknown 1208 Chair Side Chair England 106186
Unknown 1210 Chair Side Chair England 106230
Unknown 1211 Chair Wing Chair England 106274
Unknown 1300 Arm Chair Arm Chair England 105863
Unknown 1301 Arm Chair Arm Chair England 105896
Unknown 1304 Arm Chair Arm Chair England 106276
Unknown 1305 Arm Chair Arm Chair England 106436
Unknown 1306 Arm Chair Arm Chair England 106437
Unknown 1310 Arm Chair Arm Chair England 106963
Unknown 1400 Mirror Italian Giltwood Mirror England 105876
Unknown 1401 Mirror Wall Mirror England 105894
Unknown 1402 Mirror Wall Mirror England 105885
Unknown 1403 Mirror Wall Mirror England 106210
Unknown 1404 Mirror Wall Mirror England 106248
Unknown 1406 Mirror Shaving Mirror England 106732
Unknown 1500 Misc Easel England 105877
Unknown 1501 Misc Tea Caddy England 105899
Unknown 1502 Misc Andirons England 106224
Unknown 1504 Misc Stool England 106288
Unknown 1505 Misc Carved Pediment England 106398
Unknown 1506 Misc Plate Stand England 106401
Unknown 1507 Misc Stool England 106406
Unknown 1508 Misc Stool England 106425
Unknown 1509 Misc Pedestal England 106469
Unknown 1512 Misc Camelback Sofa England 106817
Unknown 1513 Misc Clock England 106971
Unknown 1600 Dresser Dresser England 105882
Unknown 1611 Dresser Dresser England 106733
Unknown 1613 Dresser Secretary Bureau England 106827
Unknown 1619 Dresser Bureau England 106997
Unknown 1700 Cabinet Glass Cabinet England 105888
Unknown 1701 Cabinet Cabinet England 105893
Unknown 1703 Cabinet Breakfront England 106191
Unknown 1705 Cabinet Cabinet England 106249
Unknown 1713 Cabinet Cabinet England 107608