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Axis & Allies Miniatures

War at Sea Checklist

The Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures game lets you build your own fleet and send it into battle. You'll need to combine Ships, Aircraft, Submarines, and aggressive tactics to win. You can learn to play with just the "Starter" set or collect playing pieces from the "Base" set or any of the 5 expansions. Each collectible playing unit consists of an amazing, hand-painted miniature replica of a plane or ship that served in the Second World War as well as a "Stats" card to describe the unit's abilities in the game.

There are also four "Officially Supported" fan-based expansion sets with a fifth on the way. These expansions consist of "stat" cards only, but unpainted miniatures are available through Shapeways 3D Printing Service as well as other sources. For more information on the fan-based expansions, please visit Forumini: Axis & Allies: Miniatures Gaming Forum. Sample pictures of hand-painted miniatures have been uploaded to the detail pages for many of the ships from these expansions.

We now keep a copy of the War at Sea Class Limit rules on TroveStar.

Game Class Limits:
Unit Type:
Model Artist:
Total items in collection: 598. Total items on page 13

Set ID Set Name Country Unit Type Cost Available Card Image Avg Price ID
18 Base SBD Dauntless United States Dive Bomber 13 1941 E:$11.00 H:$7.80 10456
37 Base Ju 87B Stuka Germany Dive Bomber 7 1939 E:$3.20 H:$6.94 10475
52 Base D3A Val Japan Dive Bomber 10 1941 E:$7.00 H:$8.03 10490
39 Battle Line Pe-2 Soviet Union Dive Bomber 9 1941 10904
59 Battle Line D4Y-3 Judy Japan Dive Bomber 13 1944 10924
6 Condition Zebra V-156F Vindicator France Dive Bomber 7 1939 E:$2.95 H:$3.50 10608
10 Flank Speed SB2C Helldiver United States Dive Bomber 14 1943 E:$7.20 H:$7.60 10572
27 Infamy SBD-3 Dauntless United States Dive Bomber 10 1941 10820
58 Infamy Ki-57 Sonia Japan Dive Bomber 6 1941 10851
15 Set V Il-2m Sturmovik Soviet Union Dive Bomber 11 1943 E:$4.80 H:$4.49 10657
9 Task Force Barracuda Mk. II United Kingdom Dive Bomber 12 1943 H:$6.33 10511
44 Task Force Ju-87 R2 Picchiatelli Italy Dive Bomber 8 1940 E:$4.00 H:$4.35 10546
51 Task Force D4YI Judy Japan Dive Bomber 12 1942 E:$9.60 H:$7.88 10553