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Arts and Crafts Pottery

from Flemington New Jersey

The company that became Fulper Pottery was begun in 1814 in Flemington, New Jersey by a Samuel Hill, a potter originally from New Brunswick, New Jersey. The name changed when the company was purchased by Abram Fulper, one of Hill's potters. Abram's grandson, William H. Fulper II was the moving force behind Fulper Pottery's becoming a prominent manufacturer of art pottery. William saw great profit potential for the the introduction of Art Pottery into the company's catalog. At the turn of the century, pottery collecting was enjoying great popularity, especially fine examples of antique classical and Chinese pottery. Collectors and museums were scrambling for decorative pottery.

By Word War I, the popularity of Vasekraft shapes was fading. The line was renamed "Fulper Pottery Artware" with newly designed shapes based on English and Spanish Revival styles. Despite these changes, in 1935, Fulper Pottery Artware production was ceased at the Flemington location.

Fulper Form:
Prime Color:
Total items in collection: 199. Total items on page 8

Image Catalog ID Type Description Fulper Form Prime Color ID
6006 Lamp Dragonfly Lamp Green, Dark 89780
6001 Lamp Geometric Lamp Green, Mint 89761
6003 Lamp Kiss Lamp Brown, Chocolate 89778
6008 Lamp Kiss Lamp Green, Mint 89782
6007 Lamp Kiss Lamp Green, Pea 89781
6000 Lamp Mushroom Lamp Green, Pea 89759
6004 Lamp Mushroom Lamp Mustard 89776
6002 Lamp Table Lamp Green, Flemington 89775