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Arts and Crafts Metalwork

Vases, Lamps and More

Metalwork was an important part of the Arts and Crafts movement for several reasons.

Metalwork items are something that the typical family encounters in many aspects of daily life. Vases, bowls and trays are all examples of things we interact with regularly and hence their quality of construction affects us both in our sense of quality (they should be reliable) and aesthetics (they should be pleasing to the eye). Since the Arts and Crafts movement eschewed cheaply made mass produced goods, the small articles of daily life were an excellent opportunity for the designers to show the average consumer that there was a alternative choice to go with a better quality item without paying an excessive price. Furthermore these kinds of items were an excellent canvas to demonstrate the importance of a beautiful, spiritually fulfilling design on our quotidien life. Unlike furniture, these articles are more econimically accessible in that they don’t require such large outlays of cash. They therefore invited the buyer to take a risk with a small amount of money in order to prove that the investment in a higher quality item was worth the extra expense. Arts and Crafts products of all types are more expensive than their mass-produced counterparts, but paying more for a vase is not as painful for the typical consumer as paying two or three times as much for a bed or a desk.

Many of the furniture makers such as Stickley and Roycroft also produced lines of metalwork as a means of introducing new consumers into the world of Arts and Crafts through ‘entry-level ‘ products such as vases, trays, bowls etc. so that the buyer is allowed to acquire a taste for ‘better’ items before trying to convince them to buy a large piece of furniture. Some manufacturers such as Heintz and Sorensen only made metalwork and their work is every bit as important.
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Total items in collection: 928. Total items on page 78

Image Manufacturer Catalog ID Type Description MarketData ID
Heintz 100 Open Bowl Fruit or Nut Bowl H:$12.50 102911
Heintz 101 Open Bowl Wide-Mouthed Bowl 102925
Heintz 102 Open Bowl Bowl E:$64.98 103385
Heintz 103 Open Bowl Bowl 104632
Heintz 104 Open Bowl Bowl 104633
Heintz 105 Open Bowl Bowl 104640
Heintz 106 Open Bowl Fruit Bowl 104711
Heintz 107 Open Bowl Bowl 104716
Heintz 108 Open Bowl Bowl E:$71.98 104819
Heintz 109 Open Bowl Bowl E:$64.98 104837
Heintz 110 Open Bowl Bowl E:$64.98 104854
Heintz 111 Open Bowl Compote E:$850.00 104878
Heintz 112 Open Bowl Bowl E:$64.98 104881
Heintz 113 Open Bowl Compote E:$850.00 104884
Heintz 114 Open Bowl Handled Compote 104999
Heintz 115 Open Bowl Handled Compote 105000
Heintz 116 Open Bowl Bowl E:$71.98 H:$26.05 105030
Heintz 117 Open Bowl Compote E:$850.00 105116
Heintz 118 Open Bowl Bowl E:$64.98 105123
Heintz 119 Open Bowl Bowl E:$71.98 105742
Heintz 120 Open Bowl Bowl 105744
Heintz 121 Open Bowl Compote E:$850.00 105763
Heintz 122 Open Bowl Handled Compote 105795
Heintz 123 Open Bowl Bowl H:$26.05 105799
Roycroft 600 Open Bowl Bowl E:$19.99 103138
Roycroft 601 Open Bowl Nut Bowls 103140
Roycroft 602 Open Bowl Compote 103142
Roycroft 603 Open Bowl Fruit or Nut Bowl 103144
Roycroft 604 Open Bowl Bowl E:$49.99 103145
Roycroft 605 Open Bowl Bowl E:$19.99 103146
Roycroft 606 Open Bowl Bowl E:$19.99 103236
Roycroft 607 Open Bowl Bowl E:$7.00 103237
Roycroft 608 Open Bowl Bowl E:$19.99 103238
Roycroft 609 Open Bowl Shallow Bowl 103239
Roycroft 610 Open Bowl Bowl E:$7.00 103240
Roycroft 611 Open Bowl Bowl E:$19.99 104254
Roycroft 612 Open Bowl Bowl E:$99.99 104255
Roycroft 613 Open Bowl Bowl E:$19.99 104260
Roycroft 614 Open Bowl Bowl 104263
Roycroft 615 Open Bowl Bowl E:$19.99 104265
Roycroft 616 Open Bowl Bowl E:$19.99 104266
Roycroft 617 Open Bowl Bowl E:$19.99 104267
Roycroft 618 Open Bowl Bowl E:$40.00 104268
Roycroft 619 Open Bowl Bowl E:$225.00 104271
Roycroft 620 Open Bowl Bowl 104272
Roycroft 621 Open Bowl Nut Bowl 104273
Roycroft 622 Open Bowl Bowl E:$99.99 104274
Roycroft 623 Open Bowl Bowl E:$99.99 104275
Roycroft 624 Open Bowl Bowl E:$125.00 104276
Roycroft 625 Open Bowl Nut Bowl 104277
Roycroft 626 Open Bowl Bowl E:$40.00 104279
Roycroft 627 Open Bowl Bowl E:$225.00 104280
Roycroft 628 Open Bowl Bowl E:$225.00 104281
Roycroft 629 Open Bowl Bowl E:$225.00 104282
Roycroft 630 Open Bowl Bowl E:$19.99 104283
Roycroft 631 Open Bowl Bowl E:$49.99 104284
Roycroft 632 Open Bowl Bowl E:$49.95 104285
Roycroft 633 Open Bowl Bowl E:$129.99 104286
Roycroft 634 Open Bowl Bowl E:$40.00 104287
Gustav Stickley 700 Open Bowl Nut Bowl 103992
Carl Sorensen 1600 Open Bowl Bowl with Leaf Stem Handles 89584
Carl Sorensen 1601 Open Bowl Bowl with Grain Handles 90389
Carl Sorensen 1602 Open Bowl Bowl with Seedpod Handles 90392
Carl Sorensen 1603 Open Bowl Footed Serving Bowl 90394
Carl Sorensen 1604 Open Bowl Serving Bowl 90393
Carl Sorensen 1605 Open Bowl Fruit Bowl 90535
Carl Sorensen 1606 Open Bowl Pedestal Bowl 90395
Carl Sorensen 1606 Open Bowl Bronze Bowl 90536
Carl Sorensen 1607 Open Bowl Bowl E:$24.95 103553
Carl Sorensen 1608 Open Bowl Bowl E:$24.95 103559
Carl Sorensen 1609 Open Bowl Bowl 103567
Carl Sorensen 1610 Open Bowl Pedestal Bowl 103570
Carl Sorensen 1611 Open Bowl Bowl E:$24.95 103580
Carl Sorensen 1612 Open Bowl Helmet Bowl 103588
Carl Sorensen 1613 Open Bowl Flared Bowl 103589
Carl Sorensen 1614 Open Bowl Flared Bowl 103639
Carl Sorensen 1615 Open Bowl Bowl E:$24.95 103649
Carl Sorensen 1616 Open Bowl Pedestal Bowl 103874