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Arts and Crafts Metalwork

Vases, Lamps and More

Metalwork was an important part of the Arts and Crafts movement for several reasons.

Metalwork items are something that the typical family encounters in many aspects of daily life. Vases, bowls and trays are all examples of things we interact with regularly and hence their quality of construction affects us both in our sense of quality (they should be reliable) and aesthetics (they should be pleasing to the eye). Since the Arts and Crafts movement eschewed cheaply made mass produced goods, the small articles of daily life were an excellent opportunity for the designers to show the average consumer that there was a alternative choice to go with a better quality item without paying an excessive price. Furthermore these kinds of items were an excellent canvas to demonstrate the importance of a beautiful, spiritually fulfilling design on our quotidien life. Unlike furniture, these articles are more econimically accessible in that they don’t require such large outlays of cash. They therefore invited the buyer to take a risk with a small amount of money in order to prove that the investment in a higher quality item was worth the extra expense. Arts and Crafts products of all types are more expensive than their mass-produced counterparts, but paying more for a vase is not as painful for the typical consumer as paying two or three times as much for a bed or a desk.

Many of the furniture makers such as Stickley and Roycroft also produced lines of metalwork as a means of introducing new consumers into the world of Arts and Crafts through ‘entry-level ‘ products such as vases, trays, bowls etc. so that the buyer is allowed to acquire a taste for ‘better’ items before trying to convince them to buy a large piece of furniture. Some manufacturers such as Heintz and Sorensen only made metalwork and their work is every bit as important.
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Total items in collection: 928. Total items on page 101

Image Manufacturer Catalog ID Type Description MarketData ID
Carl Sorensen 51 Bookends Vase 104666
Carl Sorensen 1100 Vase 3+3 Flaring Vase 89577
Carl Sorensen 1101 Vase 2+2 Flaring Vase 89576
Carl Sorensen 1102 Vase Alternating Rings Flaring Vase 89587
Carl Sorensen 1103 Vase 4+4 Flaring Vase 89617
Carl Sorensen 1104 Vase Egg Vase 90398
Carl Sorensen 1105 Vase Oblong Vase 90399
Carl Sorensen 1106 Vase Flower Vase 90400
Carl Sorensen 1107 Vase Scaled Vase 90401
Carl Sorensen 1108 Vase Fluted Vase 90402
Carl Sorensen 1109 Vase Vase E:$49.00 103556
Carl Sorensen 1110 Vase Vase E:$19.99 103558
Carl Sorensen 1111 Vase Vase E:$70.00 103560
Carl Sorensen 1112 Vase Vase 103562
Carl Sorensen 1113 Vase Vase E:$75.00 103563
Carl Sorensen 1114 Vase Vase E:$49.00 103564
Carl Sorensen 1115 Vase Vase E:$40.00 103565
Carl Sorensen 1116 Vase Vase E:$70.00 103568
Carl Sorensen 1117 Vase Vase E:$40.00 103573
Carl Sorensen 1118 Vase Vase E:$56.00 103577
Carl Sorensen 1119 Vase Vase E:$40.00 103579
Carl Sorensen 1120 Vase Vase E:$9.99 103582
Carl Sorensen 1121 Vase Bud Vase 103587
Carl Sorensen 1122 Vase Vase E:$7.50 103590
Carl Sorensen 1123 Vase Vase 103591
Carl Sorensen 1124 Vase Vase 103647
Carl Sorensen 1125 Vase Vase 103648
Carl Sorensen 1126 Vase Vase 103680
Carl Sorensen 1127 Vase Vase E:$40.00 103685
Carl Sorensen 1128 Vase Vase E:$56.00 103875
Carl Sorensen 1200 Tray Cocktail Tray 89580
Carl Sorensen 1201 Tray Serving Tray 90397
Carl Sorensen 1202 Tray Serving Tray 103554
Carl Sorensen 1203 Tray Serving Tray 103555
Carl Sorensen 1204 Tray Serving Tray 103557
Carl Sorensen 1205 Tray Serving Tray 103561
Carl Sorensen 1206 Tray Serving Tray 103569
Carl Sorensen 1207 Tray Serving Tray 103572
Carl Sorensen 1208 Tray Serving Tray 103578
Carl Sorensen 1209 Tray Serving Tray 103594
Carl Sorensen 1210 Tray Serving Tray 103697
Carl Sorensen 1211 Tray Serving Tray 103872
Carl Sorensen 1300 Bookends Hammered Bookends 89610
Carl Sorensen 1301 Bookends Bear Bookends 89575
Carl Sorensen 1302 Bookends Landscape Bookends 103616
Carl Sorensen 1303 Bookends Geometric Bookends 103657
Carl Sorensen 1304 Bookends Peacock Bookends 103660
Carl Sorensen 1305 Bookends Fox Bookends 103663
Carl Sorensen 1306 Bookends Ram Bookends 103665
Carl Sorensen 1307 Bookends Butterfly Bookends 103671
Carl Sorensen 1400 Misc Floral Compote 89578
Carl Sorensen 1401 Misc Duck Inkwell 90404
Carl Sorensen 1402 Misc Compote 103576
Carl Sorensen 1501 Sculpture Boar 89613
Carl Sorensen 1502 Sculpture Panther E:$11,999.00 89614
Carl Sorensen 1503 Sculpture Figure 90403
Carl Sorensen 1504 Sculpture Figure 103691
Carl Sorensen 1600 Open Bowl Bowl with Leaf Stem Handles 89584
Carl Sorensen 1601 Open Bowl Bowl with Grain Handles 90389
Carl Sorensen 1602 Open Bowl Bowl with Seedpod Handles 90392
Carl Sorensen 1603 Open Bowl Footed Serving Bowl 90394
Carl Sorensen 1604 Open Bowl Serving Bowl 90393
Carl Sorensen 1605 Open Bowl Fruit Bowl 90535
Carl Sorensen 1606 Open Bowl Bronze Bowl 90536
Carl Sorensen 1606 Open Bowl Pedestal Bowl 90395
Carl Sorensen 1607 Open Bowl Bowl E:$24.95 103553
Carl Sorensen 1608 Open Bowl Bowl E:$22.95 103559
Carl Sorensen 1609 Open Bowl Bowl 103567
Carl Sorensen 1610 Open Bowl Pedestal Bowl 103570
Carl Sorensen 1611 Open Bowl Bowl E:$64.99 103580
Carl Sorensen 1612 Open Bowl Helmet Bowl 103588
Carl Sorensen 1613 Open Bowl Flared Bowl 103589
Carl Sorensen 1614 Open Bowl Flared Bowl 103639
Carl Sorensen 1615 Open Bowl Bowl E:$33.33 103649
Carl Sorensen 1616 Open Bowl Pedestal Bowl 103874
Carl Sorensen 1700 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl with Arched Seedpod Finial 90396
Carl Sorensen 1701 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl with Bird of Paradise 89581
Carl Sorensen 1702 Covered Bowl Duck Bowl 89579
Carl Sorensen 1703 Covered Bowl Double Duck Bowl 89583
Carl Sorensen 1704 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl with Scrollwork Finial 89582
Carl Sorensen 1705 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl with Pineapple Finial 89585
Carl Sorensen 1706 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl with Bookshelf Finial 89586
Carl Sorensen 1707 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl with Acorn Finial 89611
Carl Sorensen 1708 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl with Grapes Relief 89612
Carl Sorensen 1709 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl with Seedpod Finial 90388
Carl Sorensen 1710 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl with Discs Finial 90390
Carl Sorensen 1711 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl with Flower Finial 90537
Carl Sorensen 1712 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl with Flower Finial 103566
Carl Sorensen 1713 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl with Blossom Finial 103571
Carl Sorensen 1714 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl E:$138.00 103581
Carl Sorensen 1715 Covered Bowl Covered Bowl 103584
Carl Sorensen 1716 Covered Bowl Duck Bowl 103585
Carl Sorensen 1717 Covered Bowl Duck Bowl 103586
Carl Sorensen 1718 Covered Bowl Bowl 103592
Carl Sorensen 1719 Covered Bowl Duck Bowl 103603
Carl Sorensen 1720 Covered Bowl Bowl 103646
Carl Sorensen 1800 Lamp Ringed Lamp 89615
Carl Sorensen 1801 Lamp Arc Lamp 89616
Carl Sorensen 1900 Smoking Accessories Cat Pedestal Ashtray 103574
Carl Sorensen 1901 Smoking Accessories Smoking Set 103583
Carl Sorensen 2000 Desk Accessory Desk Set 103873