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Can you imagine living in a society without money? While it might be a cool verse for a certain John Lennon song, it’s hard to imagine an advanced modern society being able to function without the existence of the concept of money. This section of TroveStar focuses on the evolution of one of human civilizations most important inventions, money.

Whatever coin one desires to hold in the palm of their hand, one this is always constant… all coins are unique historical objects that give us fascinating insight into the political, economic, religious and artistic conditions of the civilizations that minted them. Every coin has a story to tell and the purpose of the Coins Section of TroveStar is to tell at least a few of those stories while providing a public internet forum for other coin collectors in the global numismatic community to submit images and showcase their own coins while giving them a chance to tell the stories behind their own coins.

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ImageGallery Subject Denomination Material Reverse Type Primary ID Type Primary ID Period Culture ID
Antoninus Pius Denarius Silver Aequitas RIC 061 Imperial Rome 108971
Caligula Denarius Silver Agrippina RIC 008 Imperial Rome 108873
Caracalla Denarius Silver Emperor RIC 226v Imperial Rome 108790
Caracalla Denarius Silver Sol RIC 281b IV 1 Imperial Rome 108868
Claudius Denarius Silver Emperor RIC 083 Imperial Rome 108956
Cleopatra Denarius Silver Marcus Antonius RSC 1 Imperatorial Rome 111018
Diadumenian Denarius Silver Emperor RIC 107.1a(S) IV Imperial Rome 108955
Didius Julianus Denarius Silver Emperor RIC 003 Imperial Rome 108975
Galba Denarius Silver Livia RIC 014 Imperial Rome 108869
Julius Caesar Denarius Silver Venus Sydenham 1071 Imperatorial Rome 108789
Matidia Denarius Silver Pietas RIC 759 (Trajan) Imperial Rome 108871
Nero Claudius Drusus Denarius Silver Triumphal Arch RIC 072 (Claudius) Imperial Rome 108874
Otho Denarius Silver Ceres RIC 001 Imperial Rome 108946
Otho Denarius Silver Securitas RIC 008 (R2) Imperial Rome 108879
Titus Denarius Silver Throne RIC 119 Imperial Rome 108875
Vespasian Denarius Silver Victory RIC 074 Imperial Rome 108870
Vitellius Denarius Silver Tripod RIC 109 Imperial Rome 108636