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Mythos Collectible Card Game

A CCG published by Chaosium

Mythos is a Collectile Card Game (CCG) published by Chaosium. Based on the stories of H. P. Lovecraft, players try to solve mysteries before their oponents can drive them insane with nightmare creatures summoned from alternate universes.

Each player assumes the role of a different investigator. Each investigator has unique skills and attributes which will help and hinder them in heir quest to solve a paranormal mystery. Each mystery solved will gain the player a certain number of points. When one player has acquired enough points, they win.

In addition to racing to be the first one to solve enough mysteries, the players may also summon nightmarish creatures from the Lovecraft Universe to attach their opponents. A successful attack will reduce the player's sanity, and should they lose enough sanity, they will go mad, and lose the game.

Total items in collection: 925. Total items on page 19

Card ID ImageURL Card Name Expansion Type Rarity MktData ID
1 Adventurous Dilettante/Proud Prussian Submariner Mythos Investigator Starter 27170
2 Brilliant Egyptian Archaeologist/Hardened Chicago Gangster Mythos Investigator Starter 27171
3 Capable Graduate Student/Haunted French Sculptor Mythos Investigator Starter 27172
4 Cleric of Fading Faith/Grizzled Boston Detective Mythos Investigator Starter 27173
5 Controversial French Mystic/The Unfortunate Nephew Mythos Investigator Starter 27174
6 Earnest Reporter/ Staid University Professor Mythos Investigator Starter 27175
7 Exuberant Boston Flapper/ Mad German Inventor Mythos Investigator Starter 27176
8 Inquisitive Chinese Intellectual/Morose Veteran of the Great War Mythos Investigator Starter 27177
9 Pragmatic Hobo/Respected New England Doctor Mythos Investigator Starter 27178
1 Diabolic Cultist/Obsequious Televangelist New Aeon Investigator Starter $12.99 27380
2 Obsessed Federal Agent/Obsessed Agent in Mi-Go Braincase New Aeon Investigator Starter 27381
3 Pallid Programmer/Deep-One Hybrid New Aeon Investigator Starter $12.99 27382
4 Skeptical Pathologist/Grinning Ghoul New Aeon Investigator Starter $12.99 27383
5 Trigger-Happy Mercenary/Sardonic Serpentman New Aeon Investigator Starter $12.99 27384
1 Bored Housewife/Exploited Coal Miner The Dreamlands Investigator Starter 27689
2 Falsely Imprisoned Convict/Overworked Telephone Operator The Dreamlands Investigator Starter 27690
3 Enthusiastic Chorus Girl/Unacknowledged Author The Dreamlands Investigator Starter 27691
4 Homeless Waif/Utopian Socialist The Dreamlands Investigator Starter 27692
5 Lyric Poet/Widowed Seamstress The Dreamlands Investigator Starter 27693