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Title: How to Delete your TroveStar Account

Database: TroveStar News
Category: General
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Last Modification Date: 2021-02-19

Over the years, we have received requests from users to delete their TroveStar accounts. This is likely because so many websites assume that when a user registers, that this becomes a license to flood the user's email address with spam. We don't do that.

TroveStar does not ever send people email unless another user sends you a message or you buy or sell something in the classified section or you specifically ask something like a new permit. In all these cases, it is user instigated communication. TroveStar itself never initiates communication. It is against all of our policies. However, we understand that this still is not good enough for some people who have been battered by unsolicited communication from all the not-so-nice denizens of the interweb.

It is important to understand that there is no TroveStar account, as we fully rely on Google for account management. We do not record any of your credentials, Google does it for us. If you received a registration confirmation from us, you actually have logged in your Google account from TroveStar, hence having created a registration link between TroveStar and your Google account. This can only have been initiated by you.

So, since there is no such thing as a TroveStar account, there is nothing to delete. If you registered your Google account with TroveStar, there is a mechanism by which you can de-register TroveStar from your Google account. This is something you do through Google (go to Google help pages for that). This doesn't delete any account, but instead removes the registration link between your Google account and TroveStar.
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