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Title: British Railway Eras

Database: Transportation Companies
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Last Modification Date: 2016-10-26
The evolution of railways in the United Kingdom followed a distinctly different timeline than either the United States or Continental Europe. Similar to the NEM system for continental Europe, Bachmann Europe published this list of "Eras" for Great Britain.

1 1804 - 1875 Pioneering
2 1875 - 1922 Pre-Grouping
3 1923 - 1947 The Big four - LMS, GWR, LNER and SR
4 1948 - 1956 British Railways Early Crest
5 1957 - 1966 British Railways Late Crest
6 1967 - 1971 British Railways Blue Pre Tops
7 1971 - 1982 British Railways Blue Tops era
8 1982 - 1994 British Railways Sectorisation
9 1995 onwards - Post Privatisation

Bachmann provide era information merely as a guide for those people who may be new to the hobby and wish to purchase models from a similar period in time. It should not dissuade anyone from purchasing and enjoying any item that they simply find attractive or interesting.

In reality, many items of rolling stock remained painted in the liveries from previous era's for the duration of the following era. Those wishing to obtain more detailed information on specific running periods should consult either their local stockist or contact one of the many model railway clubs in your area listed under events and clubs.

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