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Title: Atlas re-runs of Walthers toolings- Episode V

Collection: N Scale Model Trains
Category: Manufacturer Announcements
Publication Date:
Last Modification Date: 2019-03-16
In its March 2019 All Scales Monthly Catalog, Atlas announced two more Walthers toolings that it will produce under its Atlas Master product line (In June 2018, Atlas purchased all Wm. K. Walthers n-scale locomotive and rolling stock tooling. This included former Life-Like toolings).
This is the fifth month in a row that Atlas is announcing the re-run of former Walthers / Life-Like models. Some of these toolings haven't been run for decades-- excellent news for all N-scale modelers!
Previous announcements of Walthers toolings were in November 2018, December 2018, January 2019 and February 2019.
Read this article for a full overview of Walthers toolings re-run by Atlas.

The following models have a Wednesday April 17th, 2019 pre-order deadline with an estimated release date of Q4 2019.
Atlas Master® N Alco RS-2
Road names for this release will include Chicago Great Western, Delaware & Hudson, Frisco, Lehigh & New England, New-York Central and Spokane, Portland & Seattle either in DC version ($129.95) or DCC version, no sound ($169.95), with 2 or 3 road numbers per road name. The model will also be available undecorated both in DC and DCC.

Life-Like introduced this model in 2007, that was re-run several times under the Walters era; an ultimate re-run was announced in 2012 but cancelled by Walthers due to insufficient interest. Atlas is now offering a full line-up of the early Alco diesels with this RS-2 joining the classic Atlas RS-1 and RS-3. Though the RS-2 and RS-3 differ visually - battery boxes are mounted on the walkway of the short hood on RS-3 and under the frame on RS-2 - they are similar in size and general shapes; so let's hope that Atlas will take advantage of the RS-2 DCC chassis to at last modernize its venerable RS-3 that still does not offer a DCC-ready chassis even in its most recent runs.

Atlas Master® N Alco RS-2 (a former Life-Like/Walthers tooling)

Here is a link to the Life-Like/Walthers N Alco RS-2 on TroveStar.

Atlas Master® N 45' Logging Flat Car
Road names for this release ($27.95) will include Milwaukee Road, St. Maries River, Burlington Northern, Great Northern, Northern Pacific and British Columbia with 3 road numbers each. There is no provision for an undecorated model.

Introduced by Walthers in 1998, this logging flat car was re-run once in 2007.

Atlas Master® N 45' Logging Flat Car (a former Walthers tooling)

Here is a link to the Walthers 45' Logging Flat Car on TroveStar.

Here is a link to the Atlas March 2019 All Scales Monthly Catalog.

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