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Title: TroveStar Expands eBay Search Results to Include Countries around the World

Collection: TroveStar News
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Last Modification Date: 2017-09-19
The TroveStar N-scale Model Trains Database continues to grow and evolve.

Each day our Rewards Participants and staff add more items. Our current tally is 44,698.

Over the summer, we launched the N Scale Enthusiast – TroveStar Classifieds, a peer-to-peer, fixed price marketplace to facilitate buying and selling of N Scale items.

We constantly add new search capabilities. Most recently, we added functionality so users can now select which e-bay site (US, Germany, France, etc) they would like to search when shopping for an item.

To give credit where credit is due, we have to thank Alain, our France-based Rewards Participant (who has entered more than 3,100 items to the database and earned close to a dozen items worth more than $500) for suggesting this new functionality. He specifically wanted to be able to access the eBay Germany site. Before we added this new shopping feature, TroveStar (by default) searched only the U.S. eBay site.

How to Choose Your Preferred eBay Site
It is easy to limit or expand which eBay sites you would like TroveStar to search when shopping for an item.
  1. You must be a registered TroveStar user.
  2. Go to your Profile page.
  3. At the bottom of the Profile page, go to “List of eBay Site” and simply type in your preference. For example, “EBAY-DE” = Germany. You can list several eBay sites*. You just need to separate each site by a comma.
  4. Hit “enter” or click the Update button.
  5. When you “Shop for an Item” on any individual item page, TroveStar will now show results for the eBay marketplace you have specified.

*As of the writing of this blog, eBay Japan yields 0 search results, even for items available on that particular site. We are not sure why this site is not included as an option on eBay's developer global-id list. We will continue to research this.

Please use this list to expand and / or limit your eBay country site searches.
  1. eBay Austria = EBAY-AT
  2. eBay Australia= EBAY-AU
  3. eBay Switzerland= EBAY-CH
  4. eBay Germany= EBAY-DE
  5. eBay Canada (English) = EBAY-ENCA
  6. eBay Spain= EBAY-ES
  7. eBay France= EBAY-FR
  8. eBay Belgium (French) = EBAY-FRBE
  9. eBay Canada (French) = EBAY-FRCA
  10. eBay UK= EBAY-GB
  11. eBay Hong Kong= EBAY-HK
  12. eBay Ireland= EBAY-IE
  13. eBay India= EBAY-IN
  14. eBay Italy= EBAY-IT
  15. eBay Motors= EBAY-MOTOR
  16. eBay Malaysia= EBAY-MY
  17. eBay Netherlands= EBAY-NL
  18. eBay Belgium (Dutch) = EBAY-NLBE
  19. eBay Philippines= EBAY-PH
  20. eBay Poland= EBAY-PL
  21. eBay Singapore= EBAY-SG
  22. eBay United States= EBAY-US

Alan, thanks so much for suggesting this new functionality!

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