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Strategy & Tactics - Game - 40 - PanzerArmee Afrika

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Strategy & Tactics - Game - 40 - PanzerArmee Afrika
Title PanzerArmee Afrika
Subtitle War in the Desert: June 1940 - December 1942
Issue 40
Has Game Yes
Publisher Strategic Publications Inc.
Game Name PanzerArmee Afrika
Circulation 26,100
Edition Game
Solitaire No
ISBN 0049-2310
Page Count 48
Counters 200
Editor Jim Dunnigan
Contributor Albert A. Nofi, Frank Davis, Sid Sackson
Artist Redmond A. Simonsen
Designer James F. Dunnigan
Game Tags North Africa, World War II
Strategy & Tactics - Game - 40 - PanzerArmee Afrika

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Description: PanzerArmee Afrika: Rommel in the Desert, April 1941 - November 1942, is a simulation of the North African Campaign between April 1941 and November 1942. Battalion, Regiment and Brigade-sized units represent the actual forces which took part in the fighting. Included in the game is a Variable Orders-of-Battle Chart that offers variations in forces to demonstrate how history might have been different.

The game spans the entire 20-month campaign, allowing players to recreate the famous battles of the period between the British-led Commonwealth forces and the Axis forces of Germany and Italy, to include Rommel's Panzer Army Africa. Set at an operational level, players must manage their military forces and precious supplies better than their opponent to achieve victory. The Axis aims at capturing Alexandria, the key to the Suez Canal. The British player has to prevent all this.

Notes: When originally published by SPI (Simulations Publications, Inc.) in Strategy & Tactics magazine #40 (Sep/Oct 1973), it was meant to be a very different treatment of a subject made familiar to wargamers in Afrika Korps (1964) by The Avalon Hill Game Co . Different it indeed was, introducing a number of novel twists to what seemed to otherwise be a very traditional-style hex-and-counter wargame. It became a classic in its own right alongside Afrika Korps.

Game Scale: Turn: 1 month, Hex: 12 miles / 19 Km, Units: Battalion to Brigade.

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