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Strategy & Tactics - Game - 22 - The Renaissance of Infantry

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Strategy & Tactics - Game - 22 - The Renaissance of Infantry
Title The Renaissance of Infantry
Subtitle Tactical Game 3 (Panzerblitz) Rules
Issue 22
Has Game Yes
Publisher Strategic Publications Inc.
Game Name Renaissance of Infantry
Edition Game
Circulation 1,428
Solitaire No
Scale Tactical
Editor Jim Dunnigan
Contributor Albert A. Nofi, David C. Isby, James F. Dunnigan, Redmond Simonsen, Rodney C. Walker, Stephen B. Patrick
Artist Redmond A. Simonsen
Designer Albert A. Nofi, James F. Dunnigan
Game Tags Europe
Strategy & Tactics - Game - 22 - The Renaissance of Infantry

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Description: Re-fight the battles of Bannockburn, Crecy, Bicocca, Agincourt and many more. Renaissance of Infantry marks the beginning of a whole new line of games. The units in the game are composed of no more than 500 men. Each hex represents 100 meters and each turn represents approximately 20 minutes.

During this historical period, the mounted "man-at-arms" (or "knight in shining armor") fell prey to the better organized and disciplined infantry. After eight hundred years of dominance, the armored horseman again became a second class warrior. The game shows how, and why, infantry lost their traditional dominance -- and how they regained it. There are 20 different games. Each is a historical battle with its own order of battle, set-up and victory conditions. Some of the units included in the game are: militia pikemen, crossbowmen, pikemen, arquebusiers, swordsmen, longbowmen and heavy cavalry.

Notes: Renaissance of Infantry is also known as 'Tactical Game 14', This issue also includes rules for a second game, 'Tactical Game 3', which was later published by Avalon Hill as "PanzerBlitz"

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