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Axis & Allies War at Sea - HMS Temeraire

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Bad Item ID
General Type Ship
Unit Type Battleship
Cost 60
Set Deck V
Manufacturer Forumini
Country United Kingdom (Details)
Available 1943
Set ID 22
Rarity X
Class Name Lion
Class Size 2
Class Limit 2
Armor 9
Vital 15
Hull Points 5
Speed 2
Primary 17/16/15/14
Secondary 5/5/4
AA 8/-/-/-
ASW -/-/-/-
Special Ability Extended Range 4
Special Ability Bristling with Guns
Special Ability Torpedo Defense 1
Special Ability Steadfast
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Notes: HMS Temeraire was the second ship of the Lion class to be laid down at the start of WWII. The ships were intended for Pacific service. It wasn't long before the Royal Navy realized they needed escort ships and carriers a lot more than they needed more battleships. The ships were canceled on the ways. The "battleship crowd" was able to push through HMS Vanguard as an alternative by designing it to use the existing 15" guns pulled off of the battlecruisers Glorious and Courageous when they were converted to aircraft carriers. We know a lot of people wanted the Lions to be "Friederich der Grosse" killers. Unfortunately for gamers, the Royal Navy never planned to build 45,000 ton or larger battleships. They didn't have the budget or the desire. Instead, the British spent their efforts in the 30's trying to talk the other nations out of building the behemoths through the naval treaty process - to no avail.

After a lot of "energetic" back-and-forth with the public play testers we settled on a souped-up version of Stalwart that removes all effects of being "crippled" on the last hull point. In the typical BB vs BB "dice attrition game" this at least keeps her at full strength on that last hull point. It's not a sixth hull point, but improves the odds considerably without creating an "Xtreme Hull 5" that would unbalance the rest of the Hull 5 BB category. She is still a beast!

Also, as a "what-if" ship with her sister HMS Lion both having unique named cards, the class limit for this ship (and Lion) will now be two.

Class/Manufacturer History: The Lion-class battleships were a class of six fast battleships designed for the Royal Navy in the late 1930s. They were a larger, improved version of the King George V class with 16-inch (406 mm) guns. Only two ships were laid down before World War II began in September 1939 and a third was ordered during the war, but their construction was suspended shortly afterwards. Their design changed several times in response to the removal of treaty restrictions on size and in light of war experience. None of the other ships planned were laid down, although there was a proposal to modify one of the suspended ships into a hybrid battleship/aircraft carrier with two 16-inch gun turrets and a flight deck. The two ships already begun were scrapped after the end of the war.

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