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N Scale - Micro-Trains - 098 00 092 - Covered Hopper, 2-Bay, 50 Foot Airslide - Santa Fe - 310679

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N Scale - Micro-Trains - 098 00 092 - Covered Hopper, 2-Bay, 50 Foot Airslide - Santa Fe - 310679 Image Courtesy of Micro-Trains Line

N Scale - Micro-Trains - 098 00 092 - Covered Hopper, 2-Bay, 50 Foot Airslide - Santa Fe - 310679 An image of the prototype.

Brand Micro-Trains
Stock Number 098 00 092
Secondary Stock Number 098 00 092
Original Retail Price $29.95
Manufacturer Micro-Trains Line
Image Credit Link
Body Style Micro Trains Covered Hopper 2-Bay 50 Foot Airslide
Road or Company Name Santa Fe (Details)
Road or Reporting Number 310679
Paint Color(s) Light Gray
Print Color(s) Black
Body Construction Plastic
Coupler Type MT Magne-Matic Knuckle
Wheel Type Injection Molded Plastic
Wheel Profile Standard
Announcement Date 2017-11-01
Release Date 2017-11-01
Item Category Rolling Stock
Model Type Covered Hopper
Model Subtype 2-Bay
Model Variety 50 Foot Airslide
Prototype Covered Hopper, 2-Bay, 50 Foot Airslide
Region North America
Era/Epoch Era IV: 1958 - 1978

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Specific Item Information: These 50’ airslide hoppers are grey with black lettering and run on 100-Ton Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Built in 1976 as part of series 310580-310699, these cars had a special epoxy lining that was specifically designed for use with fine-grained commodities, like powdered sugar, that could settle en-route making unloading difficult.

Prototype Information: The Airslide hopper was first patented in 1953. What made the car unique was a set of fabric membranes in the hopper bays. Made of tightly woven cotton and treated with silicone, the Airslide B membranes were moisture-proof, but allowed air to pass through. Compressed air was supplied at the unloading site and passed through the membrane up into the load. This aerated the load, allowing it to flow easily through the hoppers. Tests showed that the Airslide hoppers Could be unloaded as much as twice as fast as Conventional hoppers.

GATX produced the 4180 cf Airslide covered hoppers between 1963 and 1980 providing customers with an innovative way to load and unload product quickly via air pressure. The unusual box car style design for this hopper allowed for more interior volume than standard hoppers of equal size. Three variations of the body were built, this GACX car represents the post 1973 design and proved rugged enough to be in service today.

Road/Company Information:
The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (reporting mark ATSF), often abbreviated as Santa Fe or AT&SF, was one of the larger railroads in the United States. Chartered in February 1859, the railroad reached the Kansas-Colorado border in 1873 and Pueblo, Colorado, in 1876. To create a demand for its services, the railroad set up real estate offices and sold farm land from the land grants that it was awarded by Congress. Despite the name, its main line never served Santa Fe, New Mexico, as the terrain was too difficult; the town ultimately was reached by a branch line from Lamy.

The Santa Fe was a pioneer in intermodal freight transport, an enterprise that (at one time or another) included a tugboat fleet and an airline (the short-lived Santa Fe Skyway). Its bus line extended passenger transportation to areas not accessible by rail, and ferryboats on the San Francisco Bay allowed travelers to complete their westward journeys to the Pacific Ocean. The ATSF was the subject of a popular song, Harry Warren & Johnny Mercer's "On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe", written for the film, The Harvey Girls (1946).

The railroad officially ceased operations on December 31, 1996, when it merged with the Burlington Northern Railroad to form the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway.

Read more on Wikipedia.

Brand/Importer Information: Micro-Trains is the brand name used by both Kadee Quality Products and Micro-Trains Line. For a history of the relationship between the brand and the two companies, please consult our Micro-Trains Collector's Guide.

Manufacturer Information:
Kadee Quality Products originally got involved in N-Scale by producing a scaled-down version of their successful HO Magne-Matic knuckle coupler system. This coupler was superior to the ubiquitous 'Rapido' style coupler due to two primary factors: superior realistic appearance and the ability to automatically uncouple when stopped over a magnet embedded in a section of track. The success of these couplers in N-Scale quickly translated to the production of trucks, wheels and in 1972 a release of ready-to-run box cars.

Micro-Trains Line Co. split off from Kadee in 1990 to form a completely independent company. For this reason, products from this company can appear with labels from both enterprises. Due to the nature of production idiosyncrasies and various random factors, the rolling stock from Micro-Trains can have all sorts of interesting variations in both their packaging as well as the products themselves. When acquiring an MTL product it is very important to understand these important production variations that can greatly enhance (or decrease) the value of your purchase.

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