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Axis & Allies War at Sea - HMAS Sydney

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Bad Item ID
General Type Ship
Unit Type Cruiser
Cost 14
Set Base
Manufacturer Hasbro
Country Australia (Details)
Available 1939
Set ID 2
Rarity U
Class Name Perth
Armor 4
Vital 9
Hull Points 3
Speed 139
Primary 7/7/6/5
Torpedoes 2/2/1/0
AA 6/0/-/-
Special Ability Raider Hunter
Bad Item ID Ant_s

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Class/Manufacturer History:

The Leander class was a class of eight light cruisers built for the Royal Navy in the early 1930s that saw service in World War II. They were named after mythological figures, and all ships were commissioned between 1933 and 1936. The three ships of the second group were sold to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) before World War II and renamed after Australian cities. These three ships are known as the Perth class.

The Perth class had their machinery and propulsion equipment organised in two self-contained units (separated fore and aft), allowing the ship to continue operating if one set was damaged. The two exhaust funnels, one for each machinery space, gave the modified ships a different profile from the early Leanders, which had a single funnel. To cover the separate machinery spaces, the side armour was extended from 84 to 141 feet (26 to 43 m), negating the weight reduction created by the separation. During design, it was planned to modify the forward-most and aft-most 6-inch turrets to be fitted with three guns instead of two, but the plan was cancelled when it was determined that the required alterations would cause several negative side effects, including reducing the ship's top speed and causing problems with effective fire control. All three ships were sold to the RAN, Sydney while under construction and Perth and Hobart after a few years of British service.

Australia is a country and continent surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Its major cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide – are coastal. Its capital, Canberra, is inland. The country is known for its Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, a vast interior desert wilderness called the Outback, and unique animal species like kangaroos and duck-billed platypuses.

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