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Strategy & Tactics Magazine

A Wargaming Magazine published by Decision Games

Strategy & Tactics got its start in January 1967 under the auspices of its original editor, Chris Wagner, offering what he saw as a better alternative to Avalon Hill's gaming magazine, The General. Strategy & Tactics began life as a wargaming fanzine published by Wagner (then a staff sergeant with the US Air Force in Japan), at first in Japan, then moving to the United States with Wagner.

Graphic designer Redmond Simonsen was hired to improve the quality of the 'zine. When subscribership stagnated, debts began to accrue. Jim Dunnigan created SPI in order to save Strategy & Tactics. Dunnigan had been a contributor to the magazine since Strategy & Tactics #2 (February 1967), and when Wagner was having financial difficulties with the magazine he sold Dunnigan the rights for $1. After SPI's demise publishing passed first to TSR, then later 3W and finally Decision Games, who is still publishing it.

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ImageURL Issue Title Publisher PubDate Game Name MSRP Editor Price ID
81 Tito and his Partisan Army Strategic Publications Inc. 1980-08-01 Tito Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$6.10 26151
129 Harvest of Death 3W 1989-10-01 Harvest of Death Chris Perello H:$13.92 26224
154 The Russo-Turkish War, 1877-78 Decision Games 1992-09-01 Russo-Turkish War Chris Perello E:$10.00 H:$8.65 26255
282 The War of the Pacific Decision Games 2013-10-01 War of the Pacific Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$16.76 26595
283 Fail Safe Decision Games 2013-12-01 Fail Safe Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$23.85 26596
284 Shenandoah Decision Games 2014-02-01 Jackson's Shenandoah Valley Campaign Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$17.51 26597
285 Duel on the Steppe Decision Games 2014-04-01 Duel on the Steppe Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$18.41 26598
286 Sparta vs. Athens Decision Games 2014-06-01 Sparta vs. Athens Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$19.55 26599
287 Goeben 1914 Decision Games 2014-08-01 Goeben 1914 Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$43.67 26600
288 Hindenburg's War Decision Games 2014-10-01 Hindenburg's War $49.99 Chris Perello E:$9.95 H:$27.41 26601
289 War of the Austrian Succession Decision Games 2014-12-01 War of the Austrian Succession Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$16.43 26602
290 Angola Decision Games 2015-02-01 Angola Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$16.06 26603
291 Warpath Decision Games 2015-04-01 Warpath Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$16.40 26604
292 North Cape Decision Games 2015-06-01 North Cape Chris Perello E:$29.95 H:$24.76 26605
293 1066 Decision Games 2015-08-01 1066: The Year of Three Battles Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$24.99 26606
294 World War I Decision Games 2015-10-01 World War I $34.99 Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$46.29 26834
295 To the Gates of Vienna Decision Games 2015-12-01 Gates of Vienna, 1683 $34.99 Chris Perello E:$139.50 H:$17.50 32613