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Vehicles of all kinds

Vehicles of all kinds. This list includes planes, trains automobiles, ships and equipment related to transportation such as trailers and containers.

Total items in collection: 572. Total items on page 10

ImageGallery Name Manufacturer Region Era ID
Automobile, Porsche, 911 Porsche Europe Epoch III (1945-1970) 153051
Locomotive, Diesel, SNCF A1A A1A 68000 Europe Epoch III (1945-1970) 144148
Locomotive, Diesel, SNCF BB 66000 Europe Epoch III (1945-1970) 144150
Locomotive, Diesel, SNCF BB 67000 Europe Epoch III (1945-1970) 144149
Locomotive, Electric, Ae 6/6 Various Europe Epoch III (1945-1970) 145240
Locomotive, Electric, Re 4/4 Various Europe Epoch III (1945-1970) 144846
Mixed Freight Consist, Europe Epoch III Various Europe Epoch III (1945-1970) 144232
Passenger Train, Diesel, RAm TEE I - NS DE4 Various Europe Epoch III (1945-1970) 146390
Tank Car, No Dome, 2-Axle Various Europe Epoch III (1945-1970) 144349
Locomotive, Diesel, Alco DL-500 Alco Global Epoch III (1945-1970) 141621