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What is N-Scale?

Although it may be mistakenly called N-Gauge, derived from some of the earliest mass produced 1:152 "OOO" or "Treble-O" scale models manufactured by the British firm, Lone Star, in 1961, 9 mm wide (i.e., a track gauge of 0.354 inches, as measured between the inner sides of the rail) contemporary N-Scale model production was initiated by the German firm, Arnold Rapido, in 1962.

While a rail gauge of 9 mm remains constant for standard gauge (as opposed to narrow gauge) N-Scale locomotives and rolling-stock, depending upon the place of manufacture and/or the specific market that a model is targeted to be sold in, its size in proportion to its prototype (i.e., "scale") may be 1:148 (British Outline), 1:150 (for Japanese 3 foot 6 inch /1,067 mm or 4 foot 6 inch / 1,372 mm gauge trains), or 1:160 (for North American, Japanese 1,435 mm high-speed trains, and Continental European) scale. Read more here.

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First Image Brand Stock Number Road/Company Name Reporting Marks Road/Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
Atlas 2790 Turntable $32.95 E:$23.73 H:$22.49 99094
Atlas 2791 Turntable $28.95 E:$4.99 H:$21.09 104893
Bachmann 46799 Structure, Turntable, Motorized $169.00 E:$113.28 H:$96.45 118490
Fleischmann 9152 Painted/Unlettered Structure, Turntable, Motorized 329.00€ E:$21.95 H:$116.05 118510
Kato USA 20-283 Structure, Turntable, Motorized $299.00 H:$225.43 118493
Peco 40 002 552 Structure, Turntable, Manual $32.99 118496
Tomix 1633 Structure, Turntable, Motorized $329.98 E:$159.03 H:$162.93 118509
Walthers 933-2618 Turntable $349.98 E:$317.00 H:$298.71 2016-11-01 118414