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N-Scale Model Trains

N-Scale Train Modeling is a hobby concerned with the recreation, display and operation of railway equipment in miniature. N-Scale is sometimes also referred to as N-Gauge.

N-Scale is a group of similar dimensional relationships including (but not limited to) 1/160, 1/150 and 1/148. All share in common a railroad gauge of 9mm (0.354 in). The earliest model trains to use this scale were made by Lone Star in the United Kingdom in their OOO (Treble-O) line. Interestingly, the Lone Star models use a dimensional relationship of 1/152. The first models to use a 1/160 scale were made by Arnold of Germany in the 1960s. The most common dimensional relationship in the United States and Europe is 1/160. Japanese manufacturers make a mix of 1/150 and 1/160 products but for the most part use 1/150. Model manufacturers in the United Kingdom prefer 1/148.

When it comes to track, N Scale always uses a 9mm distance between the two rails. The track height, however, can vary by manufacturer. Common heights are 0.08 inches high (Code 80) and 0.055 inches (Code 55). For narrow gauge modelers, track is 6.5mm between the rails (Z-Scale), but the dimensional ratio of the models is still typically 1/160, 1/150 or 1/148.

Worldwide, N Scale is the second most popular model railroading Scale after HO, but in certain geographical regions (Japan in particular) it exceeds even HO in sales.

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First Image Brand Stock Number Road/Company Name Reporting Marks Road/Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
Bachmann 7104 Painted/Unlettered Steam Loco Water Tank $2.00 H:$6.52 1969-01-01 122620
Bachmann 7106 Painted/Unlettered Coaling Station Steam Loco Coaling Station $2.00 E:$13.59 H:$11.31 2069-01-01 122621
Blair Line 77 Undecorated Wooden Truck Dump $19.95 E:$18.07 H:$18.07 1998-01-01 128440
BLMA 505 Painted/Unlettered Equipment Shed Equipment Shed $8.45 E:$5.97 H:$7.90 125148
Broadway Limited 6130 Steam Loco Water Tank $99.00 E:$88.81 H:$64.52 2016-07-01 104264
Broadway Limited 6131 Steam Loco Water Tank $99.00 E:$88.81 H:$77.79 2016-07-01 104262
Broadway Limited 6132 Santa Fe Steam Loco Water Tank $99.00 E:$88.81 H:$63.89 2016-07-01 104261
Broadway Limited 6133 Great Northern Steam Loco Water Tank $99.00 E:$88.81 H:$87.07 2016-07-01 104259
Broadway Limited 6134 New York Central Steam Loco Water Tank $99.00 E:$56.88 2016-07-01 104258
Broadway Limited 6135 Pennsylvania Steam Loco Water Tank $99.00 E:$88.81 H:$66.82 2016-07-01 104257
Broadway Limited 6136 Union Pacific Steam Loco Water Tank $99.00 E:$88.81 H:$80.35 2016-07-01 104256
Broadway Limited 6137 Western Pacific Steam Loco Water Tank $99.00 E:$88.81 2016-07-01 104253
Kato 23514 Japan Freight Railway Company Forklift E:$21.80 H:$25.75 2017-03-01 126039
Kato 23516 Japan Freight Railway Company Container Lift E:$18.80 2017-03-01 126041
Kato 23517 Painted/Unlettered Container Lift E:$13.50 H:$15.75 2017-03-01 126042
Model Power 1570 Painted/Unlettered Tank Filling Station Tank Filling Station $17.98 128422
Model Power 1571 Painted/Unlettered Oil Facility Office Oil Facility Office $22.98 E:$22.98 H:$13.00 128430
Model Power 1579 Painted/Unlettered Railroad Union Office Rail Road Union Building $15.98 E:$10.99 128805
Model Power 1584 Painted/Unlettered Railroad Maintenance Complex $36.98 E:$2.31 128814
Model Power 1585 Painted/Unlettered Yard Tower $15.98 E:$24.47 128815
Model Power 1586 Painted/Unlettered 3 Trackside Buildings $21.98 E:$18.95 H:$18.77 128816
Piko 60021 Painted/Unlettered Tank Filling Station Tank Filling Station 0.00€ 128420
Piko 60022 Painted/Unlettered Filling Station Office Filling Station Office 19.75€ E:$22.94 2012-01-01 128386
Yesteryear Creations 160SB02 Undecorated Sawdust Burner Various $32.50 H:$27.99 1998-01-01 124285