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What is N-Scale?

Although it may be mistakenly called N-Gauge, derived from some of the earliest mass produced 1:152 "OOO" or "Treble-O" scale models manufactured by the British firm, Lone Star, in 1961, 9 mm wide (i.e., a track gauge of 0.354 inches, as measured between the inner sides of the rail) contemporary N-Scale model production was initiated by the German firm, Arnold Rapido, in 1962.

While a rail gauge of 9 mm remains constant for standard gauge (as opposed to narrow gauge) N-Scale locomotives and rolling-stock, depending upon the place of manufacture and/or the specific market that a model is targeted to be sold in, its size in proportion to its prototype (i.e., "scale") may be 1:148 (British Outline), 1:150 (for Japanese 3 foot 6 inch /1,067 mm or 4 foot 6 inch / 1,372 mm gauge trains), or 1:160 (for North American, Japanese 1,435 mm high-speed trains, and Continental European) scale. Read more here.

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First Image Brand Stock Number Road/Company Name Reporting Marks Road/Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
Lima 220271 Pennsylvania 21 Locomotive, Diesel, Plymouth, MDT 124217
Lima 220272 Baltimore & Ohio 5006 Locomotive, Diesel, Plymouth, MDT 124214
Lima 220273 Santa Fe 332 Locomotive, Diesel, Plymouth, MDT H:$24.95 124216
Lima 220274 Union Pacific 720 Locomotive, Diesel, Plymouth, MDT 124215
Lima 220275 Reading 13 Locomotive, Diesel, Plymouth, MDT 124218
Lima 220276 Rock Island 534813 Locomotive, Diesel, Plymouth, MDT 124219
Lima 303 Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits 3360 Trains 123590
Lima 320436 Canadian Pacific CP 339234 Gondola, 50 Foot, Rib Side 118858
Lima 454 British Petroleum BP Tank Car, Oil, 2-Axle 123456
Lima 484 Freightliner None None Trains 123457
Lima 4XX Mobil Oil Tank Car, Oil, 2-Axle 123462
Lima N/A Great Northern Great Northern 41536 H:$3.99 123566