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What is N-Scale?

Although it may be mistakenly called N-Gauge, derived from some of the earliest mass produced 1:152 "OOO" or "Treble-O" scale models manufactured by the British firm, Lone Star, in 1961, 9 mm wide (i.e., a track gauge of 0.354 inches, as measured between the inner sides of the rail) contemporary N-Scale model production was initiated by the German firm, Arnold Rapido, in 1962.

While a rail gauge of 9 mm remains constant for standard gauge (as opposed to narrow gauge) N-Scale locomotives and rolling-stock, depending upon the place of manufacture and/or the specific market that a model is targeted to be sold in, its size in proportion to its prototype (i.e., "scale") may be 1:148 (British Outline), 1:150 (for Japanese 3 foot 6 inch /1,067 mm or 4 foot 6 inch / 1,372 mm gauge trains), or 1:160 (for North American, Japanese 1,435 mm high-speed trains, and Continental European) scale. Read more here.

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First Image Brand Stock Number Road/Company Name Reporting Marks Road/Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
Faller 212110 Railway Station Feuerbach Station Railroad Station 24.90€ E:$26.51 2017-05-01 128666
Faller 212111 Railway Station Schwarburg Station Railroad Station 94.99€ H:$99.99 2017-05-01 128665
Faller 212113 Railway Station Bonn Station Railroad Station 116.00€ E:$88.95 2017-05-01 128667
Faller 222168 Industrial Structures Brick Footbridge Brick Footbridge $34.99 E:$21.96 H:$31.95 126159
Faller 222181 Industrial Structures Sawmill Structure, Small $46.99 E:$29.92 H:$47.17 121833
Faller 222185 Industrial Structures Iron Foundry Foundry 75.99€ E:$71.81 H:$51.53 121834
Faller 222187 Industrial Structures Wooden Hut On site office at construction site $19.46 E:$14.90 121855
Faller 222190 Industrial Structures Königsgrube Hauling plant Mine Shaft Head House $64.89 E:$48.92 121843
Faller 222196 Commercial Structures DHL Logistic Centre DHL terminal $67.25 E:$49.92 H:$79.79 121848
Faller 222197 Industrial Structures Old Stone Crushing Plant Stone Crushing Plant $24.77 E:$18.91 121836
Faller 222201 Industrial Structures Machine Factory Kolb & Co. Factory Building $27.13 E:$32.14 H:$27.81 121842
Faller 222202 Industrial Structures Boiler House Boiler House $27.13 E:$29.76 H:$23.35 121835
Faller 222203 Industrial Structures Factory Halls Factory Building $28.31 E:$28.76 H:$28.24 121837
Faller 222205 Industrial Structures Old Coal Mine Old Wood coal mine $33.03 H:$29.99 121851
Faller 222206 Industrial Structures Old Gravel Plant Old wood gravel plant $24.77 E:$25.49 121852
Faller 222207 Industrial Structures 3 Industrial Silos Modern Industrial Silos $21.23 E:$18.49 H:$25.03 121853
Faller 222208 Painted/Unlettered Engine House Fire Brigade 2 Grain Silos $27.99 E:$23.07 2017-04-01 126668
Faller 222216 Farm Structures Grain Silos (2) 2 Grain Silos $34.99 2016-10-01 114838
Faller 222220 Industrial Structures Schmidt Shoe Factory Shoe Factory $64.89 E:$47.75 121844
Faller 222540 Industrial Structures Bridge Track Bed Bridge Track Bed 18.99€ E:$23.49 H:$19.99 115644
Faller 222578 Industrial Structures Box Girder Bridge Box Girder Bridge E:$26.95 H:$26.95 115645
Faller 222580 Industrial Structures Bietschtal Bridge Viaduct Bridge E:$80.09 H:$57.36 115642
Faller 222581 Industrial Structures Arch Deck Bridge Single Track Steel Arch Deck Bridge H:$34.70 115643
Faller 232204 Commercial Structures Aldi Supermarket Aldi Supermarket $40.11 E:$29.92 H:$23.24 121845
Faller 232205 Commercial Structures Edeka local mini market Produce market $47.19 E:$34.92 121858
Faller 232213 Commercial Structures Administrative building Old office building $29.49 121859
Faller 232217 Commercial Structures Service Station Shell Gas Station $30.67 E:$22.41 121846
Faller 232219 Commercial Structures BP Petrol Station BP Gas Station $30.67 E:$36.90 121847
Faller 232225 Commercial Structures Small market garden Green Houses $21.82 E:$16.41 H:$21.25 121856
Faller 232233 Farm Structures Alpine Barn Barn $29.99 E:$19.41 2016-10-01 117616
Faller 232247 Industrial Structures Wood Plant Wood Plant E:$23.18 H:$31.27 114840
Faller 232248 Industrial Structures Sawmill Sawmill E:$59.83 H:$59.99 114841
Faller 232251 Industrial Structures Wind Turbine Nordex Wind Turbine E:$33.30 H:$28.49 114839
Faller 232342 Commercial Structures Used Car Dealer Used Car Dealer E:$14.90 114842
Faller 232369 Commercial Structures Produce Stand Used Car Dealer E:$21.82 H:$26.95 114843
Faller 232502 Commercial Structures Shell Oil Commercial Structure E:$14.09 H:$15.99 114844