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Companies and other entities involved in Transportation

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A List of Companies and other Entities involved in the Transportation Sector. This list includes companies whose primary business is transportation such as airlines, railroads and shipping. It also includes manufacturers of equipment for these industries. Lastly, companies who have an involvement in transportation as a secondary line of business are also listed. This would include business involved in food distribution or power production that own or lease fleets of vehicles.

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Company Logo Company Name Country Category ID
Alfred Talke Germany Logistics 147096
Anhalt Germany Trucking 147395
Aral Germany Energy 135317
Audi Germany Automobiles 148996
AZ-Kempen Germany Food Products 147077
Baden State Railway Germany Railroad 141663
Bermes Germany Logistics 147410
Bitburger Germany Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 147336
Brunner Kühltransporte Germany Logistics 147199
CCNI Germany Shipping 148644
Dachser Germany Logistics 147398
DB Schenker Germany Logistics 147413
Degussa Germany Chemicals 137915
Deutsche Bundesbahn Germany Railroad 135550
Deutsche Bundespost Germany Government 135551
DHL Germany Logistics 147093
Dortmunder Union Germany Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 141447
DrachenGas Germany Energy 149194
DSR-Senator Germany 136796
Elbtainer Storage Germany Container Logistics 147021
Emons Germany Logistics 147443
Fischinger Germany Logistics 147406
German Army (Deutsches Heer) Germany Government 136318
German Army (Wehrmacht) Germany Government 141666
Gerolsteiner Germany Food Products 149391
Hamburg Süd Germany Logistics 147085
Hapag-Lloyd Germany Container Logistics 135713
Haribo Germany Food Products 149388
Hochtief Germany Construction 149024
Höcketstaller Germany Trucking 147383
Hoechst Germany Chemicals 135296
Hoyer Germany Trucking 147452
Junkers Germany Aircraft Manufacturer 141630
Jürgen Schmid Transporte Germany Logistics 147089
Kaje Germany Container Logistics 147709
Krupp Germany Machinery 144833
Lemke Germany Model Railroad Mfg 135818
Linde Group Germany Chemicals 141544
Locomotives Pool Germany Railroad Equipment 135826
Lokomotion Germany Railroad 144233
LTH Germany Railroad 146631
Lufthansa Germany Airline 135836
MACS Germany Container Logistics 148962
MAN SE Germany Machinery 149383
Manfred Brand Germany Trucking 147376
Maoam Germany Food Products 149387
Maschinenfabrik Esslingen Germany Railroad Equipment 144462
Mercedes Benz Germany Automobiles 148998
N-Bahn-Freunde München Germany Model Railroad Club 147465
Nottelmann Transporte Germany Trucking 147432
OHE Germany Railroad 146630
PacLease Germany Trucking 147391
Röhlich Germany Trucking 147393
Schumacher Germany Logistics 147084
Seifert Logistics Group Germany Logistics 147094
Siemens Germany Railroad Equipment 144867
Stelz Germany Logistics 147086
Stermann Germany Logistics 147456
Sturm Germany Logistics 147088
T-Online Germany Media 147183
Trio Trans Logistik Germany Logistics 147076
TX Logistik Germany Railroad 146632
Volkswagen Germany Automobiles 148997
Vossloh Germany Railroad Equipment 136308
VTG Germany Railroad Equipment 136309
Wandt Germany Logistics 147408
Warsteiner Germany Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 149392
Willi Betz Germany Logistics 147172