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Companies and other entities involved in Transportation

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A List of Companies and other Entities involved in the Transportation Sector

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Company Logo Company Name Country Category ID
Alberta Government Canada Government 135278
Algoma Central Canada Railroad 135279
Axsun Canada Container Logistics 136649
Bison Canada Trucking 142795
Bombardier Canada Railroad Equipment 143498
British Columbia Railway Canada Railroad 135388
Canada Canada Government 135406
Canada Maritime Canada Container Logistics 139605
Canadian Army Canada Government 135410
Canadian Car & Foundry Canada Railroad Equipment 144957
Canadian Forest Products Canada Lumber & Forestry 135412
Canadian General Transportation Canada Railroad Equipment 136711
Canadian Locomotive Company Canada Railroad Equipment 145641
Canadian National Canada Railroad 135414
Canadian Pacific Canada Railroad 135416
Canadian Tire Canada Consumer Products 135417
Chemcell Canada 135444
Cornwall Street Railway Canada Railroad 142948
CP Ships Canada Container Logistics 135517
Diesel Electric Services Canada Railroad Equipment 135555
Dominion Refrigerator Express Canada 143432
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Canada Railroad 141756
Finlay Forest Industries Canada Lumber & Forestry 136841
Frontenac Oil Canada Energy 141638
General American Refrigerator Canada 135665
General Motors Diesel Canada Railroad Equipment 143988
Go Buses Canada Bus 141470
Go Transit Canada Railroad 135679
Goderich–Exeter Railway Canada Railroad 141228
Great Slave Lake Canada Railroad 142266
Hawker Siddeley Canada Canada Railroad Equipment 142181
J.E. Seagram & Sons Canada Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 137731
Kleysen Group Canada Trucking 135795
Manitoba Government Canada Government 142388
Mattagami Canada Railroad 141338
McCain Food Canada Food Products 137810
Metrolinx Canada Government 141471
Montreal Locomotive Works Canada Railroad Equipment 144795
National Steel Car Canada Railroad Equipment 142533
New Brunswick East Coast Canada Railroad 142950
Ontario Northland Canada Railroad 135973
Ottawa Central Canada Railroad 136403
Pacific Great Eastern Canada Railroad 135989
Procor Canada Railroad Equipment 136044
Puddington Valley Canada Railroad (Fictional) 144989
Quebec Gatineau Railway Canada Railroad 136408
Railink Canada Canada Railroad 141757
Roberval Saguenay Canada Railroad 136096
Saskatchewan Government Canada Government 141472
Saskatchewan Grain Car Canada Railroad Equipment 136120
Société de transport de Montréal Canada Railroad 136153
Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Canada Railroad 136230
United Grain Growers Canada Food Products 142391
Via Rail Canada Canada Railroad 136301
West Coast Express Canada Railroad 142949