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Companies and other entities involved in Transportation

A typical Company HQ
A List of Companies and other Entities involved in the Transportation Sector

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Company Logo Country Successor/Parent Company Name Category ID
AC Transit Trucking 135260
Alamo Trucking 135276
Alliance Shippers Trucking 135281
No Image Allied Van Lines Trucking 135284
United States Alpha Beta Trucking 136623
America's Roadside Assistance Trucking 136626
Armour Transportation Trucking 135326
United States Associated Truck Lines Trucking 138930
Atlas Van Lines Trucking 135341
United States Clipper Trucking 135479
Consolidated Freightways Trucking 135503
FedEx Freight Trucking 135624
FedEx Ground Trucking 135625
United States Lee Way Motor Freight Trucking 138932
United States Maso-Dixon Trucking 138934
Mayflower Trucking 135852
Movie Trucks Trucking 135897
PODS Trucking 136032
United Parcel Service Trucking 136276
United Van Lines Trucking 136285
United States XTRA Lease Trucking 136341
No Image United States Yellow Transit Trucking 137333