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Companies and other entities involved in Transportation

A typical Company HQ
A List of Companies and other Entities involved in the Transportation Sector

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Company Logo Country Successor/Parent Company Name Category ID
Alberta Government Government 135278
Atomic Energy Commission Government 135342
British Army Government 136686
Canada Government 135406
Canada Canadian Army Government 135410
Department of Defense Government 135541
Department of Mines Government 136780
Department of Transportation Government 136466
Deutsche Bundespost Government 135551
Deutsches Heer Government 135554
Imperial Japanese Navy Government 136924
United States N/A NASA Government 135913
National Park Service Government 135919
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Government 135959
Post Office Government 136038
Railway Express Agency Government 136072
United Kingdom Royal Air Force Government 138698
Royal Dutch Army Government 137166
United States Air Force Government 136575
United States Army Government 136277
United States Army Air Corps Government 136278
United States Army Medical Department Government 137278
United States Coast Guard Government 136279
United States Department of Agriculture Government 136280
United States Marine Corps Government 136281
United States Navy Government 136282
United States Postal Service Government 136283
United States United States Treasury Department Government 138549
Ventura County Government 136297
Washington State Dept. of Trans. Government 136582
West German Army Government 136318