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Companies and other entities involved in Transportation

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A List of Companies and other Entities involved in the Transportation Sector. This list includes companies whose primary business is transportation such as airlines, railroads and shipping. It also includes manufacturers of equipment for these industries. Lastly, companies who have an involvement in transportation as a secondary line of business are also listed. This would include business involved in food distribution or power production that own or lease fleets of vehicles.

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Company Logo Company Name Country Category ID
Abengoa Bioenergy Energy 135258
Allegheny Refining United States Energy 141634
Alliant Energy United States Energy 135282
American Electric Power United States Energy 136630
American Pacific Whaling United States Energy 136437
Amoco Oil Energy 135302
Anchor Petroleum Energy 136635
Aral Germany Energy 135317
ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company) United States Energy 149934
Arctic Oil Works Energy 136640
Associated Electric Cooperative United States Energy 137879
Beacon Petroleum Energy 135357
Beacon Petroleum Corporation Energy 136370
Belcher Oil Energy 136444
Blue Flame Energy Energy 135380
Bottled Gas Energy 135386
British Petroleum United Kingdom Energy 135389
Cal Gas Energy 136702
Central Illinois Power United States Energy 144593
Champion Oils Energy 136454
Chevron Energy 136723
Chickasaw Refining Energy 135460
Chief Ethanol Fuels Energy 136731
Citgo Energy 135468
Citirail Energy 136734
Clark Oil Energy 135475
Colorado Springs Department of Utilities Energy 135487
Conoco United States Energy 135499
ConocoPhillips Energy 135500
Deep Rock Refining Energy 136774
Delta Gas Energy 136775
Diamond Shamrock United States Energy 136785
DrachenGas Germany Energy 149194
Empire Fuel Energy 136470
Esso Energy 136827
Exxon United States Energy 135615
Exxon Mobil United States Energy 135617
Fidelity Oil Company Energy 135634
Frontenac Oil Canada Energy 141638
Gulf Energy 135701
Gustafson Brothers Energy 135704
HOMGAS Energy 136914
Imperial Oil Energy 135751
Indianapolis Power & Light Energy 136926
Kanotex Refining Energy 136489
Kansas City Power & Light Energy 135791
Kansas City Public Service Co. Energy 135792
Lower Colorado River Authority United States Energy 150757
MacIntyre Fuels Energy 136501
Marland Oils Energy 135844
Mobil Oil United States Energy 135884
Mutual Oil Energy 135902
National Cylinder Gas Energy 135917
OMV Group Austria Energy 144362
Owenwood United States Energy 141640
Oxford District Gas Energy 135980
Pan-Am Oils Energy 136527
PBS Coals United States Energy 142969
Peabody Coal Company Energy 137087
Pemex Energy 136001
Pennsylvania Gas Coal Energy 136529
Pennsylvania Power & Light United States Energy 136530
Phillips 66 United States Energy 137103
Portland General Electric United States Energy 137113
Portland Railway Light & Power United States Energy 141035
Potomac Bottled Gas Company Energy 137119
Pyrofax Gas Energy 137129
Quaker State United States Energy 136058
REG United States Energy 137203
Richfield Oil Energy 136539
Ryan Ruralgas Energy 136110
Shell Oil United States Energy 136412
Sunoco Energy 136559
Superior Propane Energy 136194
System Fuels United States Energy 150456
Tank Gas United States Energy 137233
Texaco Energy 136205
Texas Natural Gasoline Energy 137241
The Fuelgas Corporation Energy 136214
Tidewater Oil Energy 136566
Transcontinental Oil Energy 136236
Union 76 Energy 136267
Union Texas Petroleum Energy 137275
United Bio Energy Energy 137276
Unitrain Servies-Iowa Power & Light Energy 136286
Utility Fuels Energy 137285
Virginia Power Energy 136303
Virginian Petroleum Energy 137292
Wanda Petroleum Energy 137296
Warren Petroleum United States Energy 136581
Wheelabrator Coal Services Energy 137308
White Star Refining United States Energy 136589
Wisconsin Electric Energy 136336
Wisconsin Power and Light Energy 138029
Wisconsin Public Service Energy 136337