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Companies and other entities involved in Transportation

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A List of Companies and other Entities involved in the Transportation Sector. This list includes companies whose primary business is transportation such as airlines, railroads and shipping. It also includes manufacturers of equipment for these industries. Lastly, companies who have an involvement in transportation as a secondary line of business are also listed. This would include business involved in food distribution or power production that own or lease fleets of vehicles.

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Company Logo Company Name Country Category ID
Barnum & Bailey United States Circus 142375
Circus Circus 135466
Clancy's Colossal Circus United States Circus 136377
Colonel Barnum Shows United States Circus 135484
Great American Circus United States Circus 135688
J and J's Famous Baltimore Circus United States Circus 136932
PT Barnum United States Circus 137126
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey United States Circus 142374
Ringling Brothers United States Circus 136092
Royal American Shows United States Circus 136107
Sells-Floto Circus United States Circus 143511
World's Largest Shows Circus 136420